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  1. found linus through "good enough gaming pc" on ncix when i was thinking about building my first pc..then watched his intel vs amd/amd vs nvidia explanation videos ( a precursor to techquickie)..i became a fan after the first Live stream/Wan show with slick...the unveiling of slick..too bad no more after party on the youtube archives..doing my work while you guys played snes in the background was awesome..
  2. i was wondering if i could use a standard xbox 360 controller that came with my xbox on my pc,its a wireless controller but came with a cable to play as a wired controller as well...i dont hv a wreless dongle..i was just wondering if its possible to use the controller with the included cable and use it as a wired controller on pc
  3. For a Gaming and HTPC oriented builds,should i even bother switching to windows 8 from windows 7?i dont like the UI,i have no use for the touch interface,i really dont like metro..has anybody that did make the switch has any increase in performence or benefits that they notice after the switch?
  4. my apologies for not answering your question, with all these people arguing,it kinda scared me off. it seemed ike i might have started something.as far as budget goes,i'd say mid to low $600,so in my area thats enough either for a haswell i3 or a 6800k with enough for r9 270 or gtx 750,the r9 270 is a bit expensive though..i myself am leaning towards intel after looking through everyones contribution for better future upgradibility and and my from experince,less driver issue, and to answer your question,i do plan to go 1080p,so i will probably upgrade to an i5/i7 by christmas..no overclocking though,my case of choice at the moment is elite 130..n mobo is h87-n wifi
  5. Fxds

    GPU choices

    currently im stuck Between gtx 750 ti and r9 270,which would you choose?
  6. as the title states,i was wondering if a i3 4130 when paired with r7 260x with 8gb 1600mhhz ram will be good enough for gaming at 720p/single monitor setup...any suggestions/comments? budget on this system is very restricted,and will only use intel cpu..if not,i would hv thrown in an apu and call it a day..
  7. Fxds

    htpc/mid gaming pc

    at the moment,fx chips are hard to find in my area..mostly athalons..but in any case,my budget and usage is between the 5800k for an amd build and a i3 - 3220 for an intel build..if i do pair it wih the r9 270 (not x) i'd probably lean more towards the intel i3..
  8. Fxds

    htpc/mid gaming pc

    thanks,the more i think about it,the more the i3 make sense,dual core with hyper threading.i narrowed it down between it and the apu bcz the apu is a quad core...i'd still go with an ivy bridge 1 though because its in the same price bracket with the apu in my area.
  9. Fxds

    htpc/mid gaming pc

    would an apu paired with 270 not in crossfire be enough to game at 720p and play 1080p movies?
  10. Fxds

    htpc/mid gaming pc

    if i were go to for an i3,i'd get an 3220 as i already have a psu on hand,if i were to go haswell,it would be a waste if not paired with a haswell compliant psu
  11. im planing a build for a family room htpc,maybe with a little gaming horse power i've already decided on building a system around a r9 270 and 550w psu + 4gb ram i have sitting around from a previous build as of right now,im considering 2 types of build for this system. im hoping to run nba 2k13 on 720p...im leaning towards the apu bcz its a quad core and i could run it in crossfire with the r9 270 AMD: 5800k +FM2 mobo Intel: i3 3220+gigabyte h77/z87 wifi mobo any suggestions are appreciated,thanks
  12. hi guys,im currently still running 2600k/p8z68v-pro/4gb-1333 ram....its great for my work n gaming needs,i was wondering if i should upgrade to a 4770k?i did my pro/cons but couldnt find any good enough reason for me to fork out the cash to upgrade the cpu and mobo..and if i want to take fll advantage of the hardware,i'd have to upgrade my psu to a haswell compliant one..can anyone see any benefits in real world usage,bechmark wise is not important to me..
  13. final fantasy 9 & 10, because it was such a great game. wish there was a HD Remake for PC
  14. through personal experience,i much rather use an intel on this build as it wont cause me much headache down the line. personal preference asside,i havent had much luck running amd cpu's..random driver problems..incompatible hardware..so for this build i would much prefer using and i3,i was just throwing the apu out there because i was wondering if paired wit a 7870,if i could play 1080p on high settings game like crysis 3 and metro 2033 plus its a cheap alternative for a quad core and runs open cl great as far as benchmarks goes. my goal is to make this a better than average gaming pc,no overclocking..no watercooling necessary..just 1080p/high setting gaming..htpc..n mayb triple monitor support for working