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  1. Hey thanks for the help. I have tested it out a little and so far it seems to have worked. For future reference, how would you go about installing the newest drivers? Do you use DDU every time you want to go to a new version or just download the drivers and let nvidia do it? Or do you not install new drivers at all?
  2. Just an update, fixed the temperature issue by resetting bios back to default and making sure the cooler was set right... think it was just in moving the machine so much it came loose i guess. Its the stock cooler. Just used ddu and seeing if it helped.
  3. Just got back into BIOS and it said CPU was running at 100C, so that was why it was not booting into windows/bios, but I dont know why it is that hot. All the fans are working and it isn't that dusty.
  4. I went into bios to turn on secure boot and it briefly gave me this message that said I need to use some user mode or something, and then it shut down. Now I am having trouble booting into bios or loading windows.
  5. i5-4460, msi h97 pc mate, 8gb ram, rosewill psu 550w runescape & minecraft, but I was also watching videos and noticed it there I just uninstalled using the OS
  6. I monitored the CPU usage while playing and it didn't get close to being at 100%. Max I saw was maybe 50%. I'll probably try giving it a clean install.
  7. Hey, I really need some help on this guys. Previously I had a 750ti and just now bought a 1060. The card came in the mail and I uninstalled my drivers, put the 1060 in, and reinstalled the drivers. I was playing a game and noticed that my FPS was dropping / the game was stuttering a little bit. Not too bad, but noticeable. Looked at some troubleshooting guides and put the prerendered frames to 1, and put shadow cache to off. I then told my bios to use gen3 instead of auto picking. None of that helped. So now I switched back to my 750ti and it is having the same stuttering issues as the 1060 had, but it did not have this problem before i tried installing the 1060. Could I have messed up the pcie slot or something? It could maybe be the drivers, but I was already using the newest one out before I got my 1060.
  8. Howdy folks, So I have been looking into buying a GTX 1060, and I have noticed the prices have gone up in the last month or so. I think I remember hearing something about the prices of GPUs going up because of bit mining, but do y'all think this is just a temporary thing that will calm down soon, or drag on for months?
  9. Assuming you have the monitor plugged into the GPU, have you tried plugging it into the motherboard?
  10. Epic_Nex

    headset splitter

    I think there should be a save option, it will look like a floppy disk and you have to save your own equalizer setting.
  11. Can you give like.. a model name or numbers for the drive, or a link to where you bought it.
  12. Epic_Nex

    headset splitter

    Find an equalizer settings for the motherboard and turn up the bass Edit: Maybe even try looking at the playback devices and looking through the settings for that device