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  1. scottiegfftv


    I don't get to play often but when I do I love dayz on steam user names are the same
  2. scottiegfftv

    Thinking about upgrading laptop CPU.

    back up you data, buy some good thermal paste, a can or two of compressed air, set realistic expectations and do it already! but really what are you waiting for?
  3. scottiegfftv

    How much do you pay for Internet connection?

    50 down 5 up for $120 with a phone line
  4. "fucking amazing" :D I said it out loud at the same time you did in the video! I can't wait to see this thing finished up
  5. scottiegfftv

    A Quiet Micro ATX Case From Scratch

    amazing build! by far one of my favorite I have seen so far
  6. scottiegfftv

    so I bought a D-Frame

    posted some photos of the back side just for you :D side note I have 18 inch sata cables and they are stretched to the max to reach the board
  7. scottiegfftv

    age tester

    at 3 fps!
  8. scottiegfftv

    age tester

    when was the last time you seen one of these bad boys?
  9. scottiegfftv

    so I bought a D-Frame

    for that price anything is really possible, and yes
  10. scottiegfftv

    so I bought a D-Frame

    newegg.com has them listed at 399(usd)---- what I paid I'll never tell
  11. scottiegfftv

    so I bought a D-Frame

    in the right situation open air might help, my temps are about the same as when it was in my cooler master case, if your friend is seeing a 5-8 degree difference I would suggest playing around with different fans and different configurations. In my cooler master I had one intake up front and one in the bottom, an exhaust at the top rear the power supply flipped so it was sucking from the case and off my graphics card and my cpu cooler turned 90 sucking air in from the top......not the best way for air flow but it worked better that way
  12. scottiegfftv


    in a way I kinda miss ide cables :wacko:
  13. scottiegfftv

    so I bought a D-Frame

    I'm really happy with his cables I'll most likely just have him do all of mine from now on until he starts charging more ;)
  14. scottiegfftv

    so I bought a D-Frame

    not this time I cheated and used "ensourced custom sleeved cables" didn't have the time and I was able to get the complete set for what I would have spent on just the sleeving