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  1. could be using a ps2 input?, also didn't ducky make a keyboard sorta like this?
  2. the biggest gripe I have about the current NBN plan is the mass roll out of fixed wireless
  3. I have a feeling oculus will be exclusive since its shipping with specific games. palmer has also said the sdk for the comsumer version wont be made available until oculus release date
  4. I had a crank generator when i had my old nokia, used to use it when i go camping. sat around the fire cranked it for abit and it was fine for the next day
  5. friends of mine have offered to buy me the division, but with the requirement of needing uplay as well as ubi putting micro transactions in it I wont be playing it. I also agree with @Snadzies with his comments I dont know if it was confirmed but there where reports that Rainbow Six: Siege was on 15 tick servers, which is just crazy
  6. I wonder how much Australia tax will be on this, I was hoping that it would be in the 400 - 600 AUD since it's going to be close to a grand I think I am going to wait
  7. i would say guild wars 2 also since its free to start off with, plus no monthly sub
  8. maybe look at switching to a ssd if you dont have one? if you still have a mechanical hard drive it will be using more power
  9. sprite (lemonade) is refreshing during hot days, I never turned to "soda" for a pick me up.
  10. biggest issue is task manager sometimes crashes - something abit wrong if ctrl alt del stops working ?
  11. because it does have 4gb, but 500mb is just shitty memory
  12. being still powerful, but compact. I would use this in the work shop to run the cnc and as well as an easy computer to store diagnostic manuals. just have to have a little screen on a swivel arm. also since its small it wont need huge fans sucking in dust so it will be easier to look after
  13. what if Microsoft removed something you paid for? I have a few niche programs that I paid for and would be very pissed off if they where removed without my consent
  14. I was hoping that they where going to be sold by pc case gear , from my search PLE ? is the only computer store that stock them in australia - never heard of em. also there $36, so a dollar more then industrial. - as a side note since I havn't looked at fans for awhile, when did normal Nf-f12's go over $30? I think i paid 25ish for mine