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  1. Performance wise 780Ti will beat the crap out of any GTX 970 when both overclocked.

    But then again 970 got 4GB VRAM and possibility to use MFAA, which will eventually make it perform better compared to 780Ti using MSAA.


    It's a tough call.


    There are very misleading info on Youtube channels, people just watch a video and see that 970 managed to beat 780Ti in 1 game and then suddenly decides to sell his GPU to get a new one. Anyone with enough knowledge wouldn't sell his 780Ti to get a 970. Maybe 980 and that's a maybe. But if you're so addicted to always having the best components on market, then maybe. But those kind of people don't give a shit about money anyway.

  2. I think It looks better compared to G10. It's not the best, but still better.


    But it still sucks that we only have 2 options. Wish there was more brackets.


    It's really too expensive to watercool GPUs if you're not interested in buying these crappy ones.

  3. Really not a good idea for us.


    You can't just remove your Haswell CPU and mount another one based on different architecture like Haswell-E or AMD FX but that is okay because CPU is not something that you would want to replace every 6 months.


    But this is not the same for GPUs. What happens when you want to upgrade from Kepler to Maxwell? What happens when you don't like Maxwell and want to try new AMD GPUs? Are you gonna change motherboard everytime? You can now build a system based on 5960X and use it for many years with many different GPUs. This wouldn't be possible if we didn't have what we have now on consumer level. And we didn't even talk about SLI-CF capabilities yet.


    It's really not that practical for people like us.

  4. We had to wait for a 780ti it stands to reason we will have to wait for the 980ti . Although with all the problems maybe they will shake up the normal release pattern.

    You're saying it like we always get a Ti version of the top GPU. Did they release 680Ti, 580Ti or a 480Ti? No.


    Maybe we will only have 960Ti and something like 985 or 990? How can you assume that waiting will result in 980Ti being released. I just don't understand that.

  5. What are you talking about? Maxwell has less power and more performance. OFC it beats the 700 series. They even proved it.

    I said efficient already. That doesn't make it magically better than 700 series.


    980 is roughly equal to 780Ti and 970 is roughly equal to 780. Go check some benchmarks, you don't have to take my word for it.


    Here let me help you;










    Do you honestly believe that they beat 700 series GPUs in every game by a noticeable margin? Especially when you look high resolution benchmarks there is not even a difference... 900 series might be scoring better at 1080P gaming in some situations but honestly they fall quickly when you increase the resolution. I would say at best there maybe only overall %10 difference, and that's a maybe.

  6. Ofc AMD 300 series will beat 980 and 970. Those cards almost have identical performance results with 780-780Ti. Current 900 cards are just efficient that's all, they don't outperform 700 series yet.


    It is expected from the new AMD card to outperform 980 by %30-35 margin. Then NVIDIA will crush that card with 980Ti. Prices will get lower and everyone will be happy.

  7. If we're talking about GPUs, I don't think there is a huge difference between AMD and NVIDIA. Both R9 200 and GTX 700 series were good. I first bought 2GB GTX 770 but then I needed more VRAM and couldn't find a 4GB version of 770 so I traded my GPU with a 280X. I pretty much get the same performance in games, which is fine by me, and I have more VRAM just like I wanted. Yes, CCC makes me crazy from time to time. But I honestly I'm not unhappy that I use an AMD GPU.


    But if we're talking about CPUs I think Intel is one step ahead. I don't think that FX 8320-50 is a bad CPU it's just that it runs hotter and draws much more power and it's not that great on older games that doesn't really utilize more cores. I think these CPUs are in the same category with i5s and I don't think that AMD has managed to come with an answer to i7 at all.


    This is just my honest opinion, if I had only 1000USD for a PC I would consider an AMD CPU, if I had more like 2K or 3K I would definitely go for Intel. This is just how it is for me. If I had more money, even though it's ridiculously overpriced I would still buy something like 5960X. If AMD had something on that price range I would consider that too. I don't choose brands.

  8. Ugridstoload 11 makes it so beautiful to look at the landscape


    I wouldn't advise going above uGrids7. There are mods that change LOD distance with a single ESP. Once you install those mods, uGrids7 will look much better than unmodded uGrids11. Plus I'm pretty sure you will gain some FPS.


    Everything comes at a price of course, if you don't have a powerful GPU I wouldn't advise using an ENB.

    GTX770 or R9 280X is a bare minimum for a heavily modded Skyrim + High Quality ENB at 1080P.