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  1. Poco has better camera than pixel 2?
  2. You make some valid points. The thing is that when I start reading, there are issues everywhere... The poco f1 with LineageOS can be buggy because it is a custom non official rom. I go to the xda thread and of course many issues there. The Pixel camera port can also be hit and miss and can have issues with buffer, lag and such. But then, the Pixel can also have bugs. There are numerous reports of slowdowns and bugs on pie updates. Then the poco can also have latency issues with the touch... I just don't know. An iPhone 8 plus is dam expensive at 575 euros, but those seem to work and have a great software experience.
  3. Why do you say that?. Because the issues said online of blue tint at angles and risk of burn in?
  4. Hello, how are you? I am looking to get a new phone before Christmas. I am hearing a lot of buzz about the Pocophone f1. I can get the 64gb version for 265 euros here. I really like stock android so if I get the poco I would flash LineageOS to it. On the other hand, I can also get a pixel 2 xl for 420. It is a difference in price, so I am wondering what is the best option. From what I can tell, the pixel has the better camera and is the official Google phone, so it has perfectly integrated stock Android. But it also has issues and reading about it online is scary as there seems to be multiple issues with the display, with the speakers and with the phone loosing performance after a while. The poco has a better and faster soc, more ram and a bigger battery. But I would have to flash lineage os, then the bsg pixel camera port and the gapps from open gapps to have it perform like stock android and that could go wrong in many ways. So, based on this, what do you consider the better option and why? Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the replies. Even in regard to smooth frametimes and good minimums? Can ryzen deliver that smooth 60 fps lock at 16.6ms frametime?
  6. Hello, how are you? Working on a build. The goal is 4k gaming at 60hz. Mostly 2160p, but migh also go for custom resolutions of 1800p or 1620p when 4k cannot be used at 60fps. Anyway, I was looking at using a Ryzen 2600 as the cpu for two reasons. Number one is the price. Since currenlty there seems to be a shortage on intel CPU's, the 2600 is 60 euros cheaper than an i5 8400 and costs almost half as much as an 8700. The other is thermal. Since this is a SFF build on a Dan Case A4, I think the soldered heatspreader on the Ryzen can deliver better thermals than the TIM on the intel cpus. Anyway, for the use with a 1080ti on 4k or sub 4k at 60fps, is there any difference in the 2600 vs the intel solutions? Thanks. Cheers!
  7. Thank you for your replies. Use case is small form factor, so that's why I ask because single drive is better for cable management.
  8. Hello, how are you? I am wondering if for a gaming machine is better to have a separate smaller ssd for windows install and a bigger drive for the steam and uplay libraries? Or if it is OK to just have a single larger drive for everything. I always heard that two separate drives was better because that way the os drive wouldn't be filled and could have free space to allow the system to breathe and not choke up. Any truth to that? Cheers
  9. Hello, how are you? Looking at upgrading my sound. My TV is a Sony Xe90 and while the image is great, I find the sound to be lacking. Specially is dialog. I like to game without subtitles for the added immersion but sometimes the dialog can be really muddy and difficult to understand. I really have to crank up the volume, but then I find the audio gets too compressed and details start to go away. So I am looking at a simple solution to improve my gaming experience and immersion and also provide better sound quality for the rare occasions I watch some Netflix. I am torn between either getting a soundbar like the Samsung ms650 that is a 3.0 system so with its dedicated centre drivers should do a good job at dialog. And also is supposed to sound good with its individual amped drivers. Or go with a 2.1 system like the edifier s350db. I think it can provide better stereo separation and wider Soundstage. Also, real speakers in speaker enclosures should sound better than speakers tucked in a slim bar. Or the laws of physics should so dictate. Or another option is forget the assle of setting that up and just get some Sony platinum headsets to game and call it a day. Anyway, what's your input in this? Any experience in this matter? Thank you. Cheers
  10. On this list: https://www.gamesradar.com/ps4-pro-confirmed-games-list/ There are lots of games the PS4 Pro renders at 1440p and some even at odd resolutions like 1620p. So these games on a 4k tv are not running at the native resolution of the TV. So how come they don't look like crap like a PC does outside the native resolution of the monitor? PS4 has some secret sauce here?
  11. Hello, Trying to understand this. I always heard, since the first lcd monitors appeard on PC, that it should always run at the native resolution or it would look like crap. So if a screen is 1080p in resolution, a game should be run at 1920x1080 and if a screen is 4k, then the game should be run at 3840x2160. But most games on the PS4 pro dont run at 3840x2160. There are plenty that on the Pro run at 1440p resolution. Is the result the same if I run my pc at 1440p resolution connected to a 4k tv? Or does the PS4 somehow makes non native resolution look better? I am not talking about games like uncharted or horizon that use checkerboarding to output at 4k resolution. I am talking about games like crash bandicoot for example that run at a fixed 1440p on the PS4 pro. Cheers!
  12. Hello, I am looking for a new headset for gaming. There are many, many options out there, but so far I am between these two. The centurion is a true 7.1 headset with 5 individual drivers on each ear cup. The arctis is a classic stereo headset with 40mm drivers but the included dac and amp combo has virtual dts:x surround. With this in mind, is the true 7.1 worth it? Anyone has the centurion? What are your thoughts? Cheers!
  13. Hello, how are you? I currently have a build with a Z370n wifi. The board has a 1220 audio codec and also an on-board headphone amp. But for convenience I would like to game with headphones but plug them to my Xbox one controller. I have the Xbox one controller version 2 with the USB wireless adapter, also the second version, the smaller one. If I plug the headphones to the controller, how does that work? Is the sound still processed by the 1220 chip? That is the dac even if the headphones are plugged to the controller? But the headphone amp is bypassed? Is there a loss in audio quality? Thank you. Best regards
  14. HI, I am from Portugal, so EU prices. I am looking to spend around 200 euros and 300 is my top budget at the moment. Cheers
  15. Hello, how are you? I finished my new build and setup. Built an itx pc on a Ml08 and got a 55 inch 4k tv. So far I am loving it and gaming at native 4k at 60fps on a 55 inch screen is really something. But now I am debating with sound. At the moment I just have the pc connected by HDMI to the TV and I am using the TV speakers. The TV is a Sony Xe90. While it doesn't have terrible sound, it is not good either, so I am looking at improving it. I don't want to break the bank and I don't want to get a complicated system with a receiver and lots of speakers. So I am looking at either getting a 2.1 or 3.1 soundbar or getting a pair of studio monitors to have a 2.0 setup with each speaker on the side of the TV. The final option is to get a 2.1 pc system like the logitech z625. But I don't know what would be better. The usage would be 70% gaming and 30% movies and Netflix shows. I am a complete newbie in audio setups, so I am looking for some help. Thank you. Cheers