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About slitherin96

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  • Birthday 1997-07-28

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    aleks topchev

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    pc/old console gaming, pc tinkering, parkour, playing guitar/violin/piano/drums, poetry, prose, songwriting, woodcrafting
  • Occupation
    bartender/manual labor worker


  • CPU
    fx 8320@ 3.9ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte 78lmt-s2p
  • RAM
    2x4 GB Patriot 1600
  • GPU
    r9 290
  • Case
    Segotep Baymini
  • Storage
    2TB wd purple
  • PSU
    fsp hyper 700
  • Display(s)
    Acer p241w
  • Keyboard
    some old no-brand russian one
  • Mouse
    sharkoon sharkforce
  • Sound
    sades sa-708
  • Operating System
    windows 8.1 x64

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  1. slitherin96

    flat desktop keyboard?

    thanks I'll look into them
  2. slitherin96

    flat desktop keyboard?

    aiming for under 30bgn (15eur)
  3. slitherin96

    flat desktop keyboard?

    look man, It costs 60bgn(30eur) and I get minimum wage at a part time job so it's slightly pricey for me
  4. slitherin96

    flat desktop keyboard?

    hey all, one of my favorite feelings is coding on my lenovo e330 edge because the keyboard is soooo good. So as my cheap desktop keyboard is slowly dying, I've been trying to find a desktop keyboard like my lenovo one. so far the only decent one I've found is the Logitech K280e, but I find it a tad too expensive for my college lifestyle. Is there anything you can recommend me? or should I just add more to the debt and get that logitech?
  5. slitherin96

    homework help

    thing is the lecture was only about bitwise operations and they wanted the result as a boolean statement
  6. slitherin96

    homework help

    jee do they make us do this just to torment us
  7. slitherin96

    homework help

    hey guys I kinda missed a lecture and wasn't able to quite understand it, but I have to make a program in c# that checks if the third digit in a number (right to left) is 5. I wanted to go a bit above the original assignment and added a ReadLine to enter the number. my real problem is that I apparently can't do && to int/byte values. here's what I have so far, please tell me where im going wrong using System; namespace ConsoleApp2 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("please enter a number"); int num = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine()); num = (byte)(num >> 2); byte check = 5; bool result = (byte)(check && num); Console.WriteLine(result); } } }
  8. slitherin96

    Another laptop recommendation thread

    no newegg around these parts, sadly. And shipping will make any laptop out of budget
  9. slitherin96

    Another laptop recommendation thread

    sadly, the used market here in bulgaria isn't all that great
  10. Good day to you all, lovely people, I recently moved out of my parent's house to study and found myself a low paying job. Starting life good... I'm gonna be studying software engineering, and while I have a trusty tower for my serious computational needs (mostly games tbh) I am in need of a laptop for lectures. It needs to have the bare minimum and nothing more. Just need to be able to pull up dev-c++ for now. I have one currently, but it's the dreadful toshiba satellite a350d-ba3. I'll be selling that to help my budget. Im aiming at things lower than $400. I thank everybody for their suggestions in advance.
  11. slitherin96

    DEB to RPM conversion in windows?

    i'll look in to it. thanks!
  12. I need to convert a DEB install package to run on a Fedora equipped system. meaning I have to use a converter to RPM such as alien. problem is, I want to do the converting on my own windows based system, because the former is somebody else's, who doesn't want anything else installed but the DEB thing. Is it possible?
  13. slitherin96

    cheap cpu cooler showdown

    щеше ми се да е с 120мм вентилатор. също така намерих че е по-зле от залмана. но на различни сайтове- различни резултати
  14. slitherin96

    cheap cpu cooler showdown

    damn... not worth it then
  15. slitherin96

    cheap cpu cooler showdown

    mersi, brat. a da znae6 kolko 6te izleze?