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    Oh cock- James May
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    My beloved Bulgaria
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    Gaming,Sports(mostly football)
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    Ryzen 5 5600x
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    Gigabyte B550
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    16 DDR4 3200 mhz Kingston
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    Nvidia 2070s
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    Random rgb tempered glass case
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    2TB HDD + intel ssd
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    27" 1440p 144hz
    25" 1080p 60hz both IPS
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    AliExpress free cooler
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    Chinese mechanical keyboard, blue switches
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    Logitech pro
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. yeah i saw your rigs, you do not need a heater when it gets cold outside
  2. Alright, then im just being paranoid, but if i buy 2 metal fans (cuz this cooler has good heat pipes, but awfully looking fans), will i get better thermals?
  3. I used a 6 month old thermal paste that i had left over, should i try to reapply?
  4. I am really used to keeping my rigs under 60 C, im guessing that this cpu has been a big upgrade for me. Never have i ever seen something bump up so much, last time i saw something work with such degrees was an r9 290 back in the day.
  5. Hey guys, im a bit worried that i am frying my cpu. Here is the cooler that i am using - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32993609816.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.1ae26ed3D0OAS3&algo_pvid=051ec7c1-05ae-4ad1-a663-63ab6cf3f42a&algo_expid=051ec7c1-05ae-4ad1-a663-63ab6cf3f42a-2&btsid=0b0a556416104664247514911e4816&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ (I got it for free so yeah). I used to get 55°C max under load with this cooler on my old cpu (ryzen 5 2600). Should i upgrade the fans or get a new cooler? I am thinking of getting t
  6. I did the q flash as requested. Had to take everything out, but it works now. Thank you for your support guys.
  7. Will check comparability and will put a new bios on the flash, fingers crossed. Thanks in advance.
  8. It turns on without the rgb lights, then the rgb lights turn on and the fans go max speed after that it goes to phase one, slow spinning and no lighting
  9. Have not touched the bios as it is a b550 and I thought it will run, should I q flash it?
  10. I am currently on my phone and I can not see the video, can you guys see it?
  11. Everything turns on wierdly. I just bought a new motherboard(Gigabyte B550) and cpu (5600x), and it will not post. Please help me VID_20210108_154212.mp4
  12. Hey there I posted this a while ago but to no avail nothing helped, so sorry for posting this again but I am desperate. I am running a ryzen 2600 with a 370x asrock motherboard(updated to AGESA Combo and when I install ryzen master it does not install on my pc at all. I have tried clearing regedit and cleaning my pc but that does not work at all. Thanks in advance.
  13. No, it just doesn't open. Also can not be found on my pc after the install.
  14. So i installed the ryzen master and after clicking on the launch option( on the installer) nothing opens and i can not find ryzen master anywhere. I tried to delete ryzen master from the registry editor but that did not work. I even flashed my bios to AGESA My cpu is a ryzen 2600 paired with an asrock x370m motherboard.