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  1. it almost exist, something call Boox poke pro 6 minus the external microsd slot
  2. - well i found something called Boox Poke Pro 6 under 200$, it has most function i need but the external sd card slot isn't a thing so yeah, guess i keep looking - the light phone is a overprice indiegogo TOY - and the K1 just a phone with E-ink screen, and i want an E-book, not a phone
  3. - I mainly read Manga on my Amazon HD 8 tablet but i want something lighter! - I want to find something that the size of Entry Kindle 6 inch, but can run Android app so I can sideload some custom application - A better screen to body ratio, Bluetooth, headphone jack, waterproof is welcome but optional - What i need is external micro sd slot and backlight/yellow light enable, yeah, 6 inch at max! - Pricing isn't a problem as long as it reasonable
  4. I think my country "mugger" will took a cheap but big canon DSLR instead of compact one with Leica logo what decide not to mug or not is the silhouette of the camera
  5. - yeah easy put in and took out convinience aside... i don't want to get mug! so i want a good camera but for nomal people, it look like some chinese 100$ compact camera, i don't want to give people the idea of: "look at his camera, that thing look expensive!", instead i want something like: "poor dude don't have a good smart phone must use his aunt outdated compact camera with no filter and blurry AI black ground" - i once lose my wallet when i was a kid, even though i never get into "face to face" or "taken from my barehand" situation in my life... i don't want to give any chances!
  6. - Is there any dock station out there have function as a baterry bank, a 4g wireless router (can be a secure vpn), a file sharing device via usd and micro SD, a bluetooth speaker! - i found some what of the combo like file sharing and battery bank or battery bank with a speaker but not all in one combine! - as small as your palm, just plop down the station at plublic places or at work and support your phone for better connectivity!
  7. it's a good recomment but... it kind'a too big for my taste and i rather have a sony 6300 or Lumix GX85 but nah interchange able lens is no good for my need, they are still too big!
  8. but does it have good bokeh perfomance with that baby quail sensor?
  9. well when i mean a compact, point and shoot or mirrorless i dont care, just have 1 camera and 1 lens! but pancake lense isn't that good, and good one doesn't come at compact size! but some point and shoot have those magical lens that have good compact size and quality compare to interchangable lens, because the camera was build for that specific lens
  10. what's the best all round semi-pro compact camera? - I shoot landscape, product and food (small object), street, macro. long exposer. low light good iso performance! - video: time-lapse, and optical or body video stabilization! and decent bokeh + autofocus when filming slow moving object! - feature: rechargeable through USB cable without pulling out the battery, - size: not bigger than my sandal! - budget: 1200$ but as slow as possible!
  11. -I have no idea what are all those fancy words for electronic music, but I found my interesting in it - I just want some device that can teach me something to making some "music loop", the device will not have a too advanced feature that makes me confused but just enough! - something that small and portable... like the Korg kaossilator, I just concern is that device is good for a beginner? is it fun? or are there any alternative? and why such a neat device goes extinct! and goes big and bulky and lean more to a professional one?
  12. - I like ITX they are smoll and cute! here I put an 8 core CPU and a beefy graphics card and boom! mini workstation Wait there's more! lemme just add my 10-gigabit LAN card... uhm where's the other PCIe? and I have to sell my 2x8gb ram and buy new 2x16gb for the upgrade? what a pain! - Ok I need a matx no biggy now I have my GPU and my 10gig LAN card in place... put it in a smoll case... wait what's all these space for? - you see the problem here? where's nano-ATX where you have 2x PCIex16 and 4 Slot of ram and 2x m.2! like that would be the best compact size! - the case will be 15-20% bigger than HTPC or ITX tower! why can't we have that?
  13. my budget: as much as i can get with my money that spends on things
  14. hmm, the in pxc series the 250 II looks nice and small but no detachable cable!