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About DyGr00339

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    The HighSchool Life
  • Birthday 1999-10-24

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    NB Canada
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    High School


  • CPU
    AMD A10-5800K
  • Motherboard
    Hi-Fi A85W
  • RAM
    8GB G.Skill
  • GPU
    ASUS 7870
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    240GB SSD, 2TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    Cooler Master 500W
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    LG 27EA33

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  1. DyGr00339

    Need help with VESA monitor stand

    Looking for a good monitor stand to put an ultrawide monitor in the middle with two 24 inch monitors on the sides of it. This will more than likely be the ultrawide if that helps http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/benq-benq-35-144hz-4ms-gtg-curved-lcd-gaming-monitor-xr3501-black-xr3501/10383278.aspx?path=ea7206bc944dc325a3123cbe2e309724en02
  2. DyGr00339

    What phone should I get? Canada

    Only thing for the Moto X Force is I am having a hard time finding it unlocked, I am from Canada. I'll keep looking
  3. DyGr00339

    What phone should I get? Canada

    Hmm, looks like a good phone. Will add this to the list
  4. Hey guys, my HTC M8 just had the mic fail, and I do not want to get it replaced again. Not a fan of this phone for how delicate it is. So, what phone should I get? It needs to be unlocked, I have no limit on my budget if the price is justified. All are up for consideration (Apple, Samsung, Oneplus, ect.)
  5. DyGr00339

    Racing Gear

    I extremely want the clutch, the only vehicle I will drive is manual so would like to stick with it in a video game as well
  6. DyGr00339

    Racing Gear

    I will probably do the G27, thank you. I have never had the whole "Racing" experience before and just used keyboard. If I love it I will upgrade
  7. DyGr00339


    Something this under powered is no longer a good idea
  8. DyGr00339

    Racing Gear

    Looking for a racing wheel, pedals, and shift box for PC. I play games ranging from GTA - Dirt Rally - Nascar Any suggestions appriciated
  9. DyGr00339

    Cloud Mining

    Not looking to make enough profit to sustain a job from this, sorry to disappoint. On a $100 investment I would be happy with $105
  10. Is cloud mining still a thing? And if so how much and where should I invest to make a profit (can take a while)
  11. All I know, Is I am going to see one large performance gain.
  12. Especially since the majority of games I play are Skylines, Europia, ect. All very CPU intensive and the 5800K craps out late in game when A lot of stuff is processed
  13. I'm so excited, yes I have to wait for Christmas for it to get here, but finally a chip that is not bottlenecking my 7870!
  14. DyGr00339

    Wireless Charging With HTC ONE M8

    Well I typically can get a full charge in a run of a day, and would be overnight I would need it
  15. DyGr00339

    Wireless Charging With HTC ONE M8

    Slower, right?