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    Mumbai, India
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    I got started into the tech world after a debate between choosing a XBOX or a PC. Deciding to go with better graphics and cheaper games, I found myself understanding all there is to computers for around 6 months before actually buying and assembling my own computer.

    I currently play Battlefield 3 as well as some GTA. I generally like first person shooters, sandbox games, as well as puzzle games..


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    Ryzen 7
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    ASRock Fatal1ty AB350
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Founders Edition
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    Node 202
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    Seagate 2TB HDD
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    Corsair SF450
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    Dell P2715Q
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    CoolerMaster Masterkeys M
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I just purchased a brand new external HDD (WD_Black D10) and am in the midst of running H2testw which fills the drive with data and checks whether what was written was correct (traditionally used for checking counterfeit SD cards). However- I bought the drive directly from WD- so doubt the storage is being misreported, but am running it anyways to test whether the drive has any problems holding data (assumption is if there as an issue with the drive- what's written may be messed up). My question is- is this line of thinking incorrect, and am I better off using an error scan from HDTune? If not; is there anything I should do to ensure the drive is working correctly?
  2. Does iFixit offer student discounts? My friend owns the essentials toolkit and swears by you them; he helped me repair my Macbook last week, saving me quite some money, and I wanted to apply that towards getting him a gift for his upcoming birthday next week. I wanted to upgrade his toolkit to the Manta Kit and get him some swag alongside it (t-shirts, pins, posters). I was wondering whether I would be eligible for a student discounts/promos to that I can apply towards that end? I tried the LTT link, but I think the discounts associated with it are long gone I emailed iFixit about this, and they told me they unfortunately had no running promos from their end; I tried Honey- and it wasn't pulling anything either. Does anyone know of any coupons I could apply?
  3. As someone who has just moved into his own apartment and has set up their own gaming station, I guess all I want to say is good job on the cabling. Between my lighting, speakers, VR headset, networking, and printers, I have over 40 cables to route, and while my desk itself is clean, the space where my computer + peripherals live is probably going to leave many of you gasping. I had initially planned to go for the Ikea desk, but realistically, I didn't have the space (my apartment is laid out really weirdly- so if I didn't place a desk in this corner, it would just be a weird cutout in the dining room), so settled on my current desk. Still, glad to see a video dedicated on the Ikea table; as mentioned- I was planning on getting that very same countertop for a while, and had to pixel peep each frame on Paul's and Kyle's setup to understand what they had done/ the tabletops they were using, so yeah- this video is definitely going to help a lot of people. Edit- probably not helping myself as I get an external harddrive in a couple of weeks, haha. https://photos.app.goo.gl/YZbDpy7cpM1TQdey7
  4. Just sent them an email, thanks! @RGB_SilvaThanks for letting me know; I've contacted the Vancouver Convention Center, but if anything shows up on Dreamhacks side, please let me know! It was connected on the back of one of the (admin?) computers on the side nearest to the main stage (got their consent prior to doing so) Edit- Vancouver Convention Center got back to me; nothing matching that powerbank has been turned in
  5. Actually, working on the US from here on out; came by early for LTX. I'd try contacting Dreamhack, but they don't have a contact us button on their website
  6. Unsure if anything will come of this, but I forgot my 20,000 mAh powerbank + red Anker cable connected to one of the dreamhack admin computers for charging (it had run dry, got approval for someone to use the computers USB port to charge it). In a rush to get to the station Midway through the event today, I forgot to get it back in time for my train back to Seattle. Welp, guess it's goodbye for it, right? I mean, LTX is over and I'm now in another country. Unsure why I'm even posting this other than to tell you all that I'm an idiot
  7. Left LTX a couple minutes back; wish I didn't have to leave right when giveaways were starting- but it's either that or miss out on my train Ah well, at least LTX was really nice looking forward to next year!
  8. I'm currently scheduled for the last Amtrak if the day which leaves at 6:00PM, which means I need to leave LTX at 4:45PM. I was wondering if anyone would be open to giving me a ride back at AFTER LTX so I don't have to leave before the giveaway/ending ceremony? I really want to stay for the giveaway; if I win an 2080Ti, I'll give you my GTX1080 back in Seattle that I'm replacing it out with for free, haha but yeah, please let me know, if nothing else, I really want to at least stay till the ending ceremony even if not for a prize. Thanks!
  9. Do you know how much will it cost approximately per head? I was checking it out earlier and it was nearly an hour drive; and I think in total it will probably be >US$50. If it comes to <US$20/head, I'm down! I reach Vancouver at about 2:15PM at the Pacific Central Station. If we can coordinate something, that'd be sweet! Edit- messaged you with my phone number.
  10. I wouldn't mind going that much earlier but no one has replied there yet
  11. Final bump; I really don't want to take a two hour ride over 3 connecting buses if at all possible; would really appreciate getting a ride to the HQ if at all possible!
  12. Are you looking for someone who can take both off your hand? Or just waiting for more people to lottery it off? Don't get me wrong,I really appreciate you doing this; it's just knowing whether I'm going to get one or not would probably change my Vancouver plans quite a bit, haha.
  13. I found an AirBNB right next to the Vancouver Convention Center; and am staying there in my time up there for LTX. I land tomorrow, and part of what I want to do around the area is go to all the nerdy/geeky places like Free Geek (possibly score a nice deal on a graphics cad), memoryexpress, and a few others alongside trying some cool food. If anyone is down to join me, let me know!
  14. Planning to go to free geek and that Italian Indian place Linus was talking about several streams back on Saturday