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  • Birthday August 18

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    computer scientist / student


  • CPU
    Amd athlon II x2 245 @3.4 ghz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • GPU
    MSI R9 290
  • Case
    9 year old cheepo case
  • Storage
    1GB 7200 RPM SEAGATE / 1.5 GB 5400 RPM WD GREEN
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VS248H
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    logitech something
  • Mouse
    logitech G602
  • Sound
    logitech G230
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 x64
  1. the ugly d15 is pretty good as long as you don't have to see it lol in a silent optimized case like a r5 hopefully the black wouldn't be that annoying ( have you looked at the define s? should be comparable and cheaper) this build should be more up to the task of quiet and powerful remember the tax with your budget . edit: spelling.
  2. win 10 beta is also a legit free option +1 on forgoing the 960 for the 970 edit: my wd black is noisy as hell get a wd green they are slower but much more quiet( also cheaper) as u already have a ssd
  3. i already got a 24 inch 1080 monitor( asus vs248h-p) , considering if i should get two more( possibly 2 cheaper monitors/ one better monitor for primary and vs248h/ three vs248h) and go for evefinity or get a 21:9 monitor and running the 24 i have as an auxiliary (rotated 90 degrees for code)? currently i have a 290, getting a 390 to crossfire ( cheapest and most sensible upgrade path for me atm hoping my 750w psu wont die lol) i like racing games, shooters, real time and turn based strategy...... what do u guys think 21:9 or tripple? and any suggestions on monitors ? ps: shipping rates to my country is atrocious it can cost more than the item at times :blink: so price is a limiting factor, going to buy bit by bit as i save up cash.
  4. since seems your ok on the contact with the cpu, so its seated right and the thermal paste is good. have u tried adjusting the fan speed setting in the bios? have u tried different fans? use different fan headers on the motherboard? hell power them from a molex adapter if u need to(last resort)
  5. do u have on overclock on the cpu?: if so take it off is the cooler getting hot? if it is not then there's a problem getting the heat out of the chip do you have any other thermal compound other than the one you are using? maybe the thermal paste has gone bad? try another tube? its possible u may have nerfed something when it overheated..... any one think the internal tim is damaged? (the one under the heat spreader can this even happen?)
  6. pushing them back in with a flat head fixed it, i kinda left it all bent open, meh as long as it works now =D
  7. HELL YES , i had to open up a guard on the back of the hdmi port to get to the upper pins, here's what i did. i noticed that some upper pins were pushed in as well, to fix them i would have to move a piece of metal blocking access to the pins: upper pins metal on back of hdmi i pryed it up with a small flat head screwdriver ( the bit ion the red box) i then pushed all the pins in WITH a hdmi cable in the port, made sure none of the pins contacted each other crossed my toes and put it back into the system .... and *edit * for some reason that picture always ends up upside down =( i have not tested audio yet but im finishing this post on it now , hope this helps somebody. for reference this is a msi r9 290 twin frozr....... in case any one wants to know, they have crappy hdmi ports.....
  8. I have owned this card for quite a while now and only recently needed to use the hdmi out on it, to my surprise it did not work. I dont live in the USA and i shipped this card from there so no rma for me. i decided to tinker whit it , i looked into the hdmi port and noticed some contacts were 'shorter than the others' meaning they were further back into the port, i looked at the back side of the port an they were prodding out. ( the 5 shiny bits) i used a jewelers screwdriver to presuade them back into the port but they still aren't all the way up. Im thinking of further dis assembly of the card. will post more if i manage to fix it(or brick it). sorry for potato pictures using cellphone ...... i'm also not sure if this falls under trouble shooting(move if you see fit mods)
  9. 1.6 GHZ Athlon socket 462 chip with a nvidia geforce 4 card cant remember which one , had a glorious 64 mb of vram (AGP LOL) mother board was a champ k7n2 Delta2 later upgrades include a 128 mb ati gpu and a 1.8 athlon
  10. nice rig man, sure it plays more or less everything imma give u a 7 lol get a ssd Specs: cpu : 8320@ 4.3ghz (1.32 v) gpu : r9 290 ssd : 850 evo ram :8 gb corsair vengence 1866 case : motherboard box keyboard / mouse : logitech g710+ , g602 @sgtcool i give u an 7.5 man sorry i skipped u
  11. man roadkill is the best, wish i had the time (and money) to do some of the thing they do...... cars even old ones are expensive where i live
  12. i would rma , but im outside of the us and shipping back would be a bitch, shipping is always a bitch for me =/
  13. the problem: occasionally i would get static of feedback when shutting down, today i got a slightly different sounding static an when i booted up poof, motherboard not detecting my connected headphones..... tried uninstalling, re-installing and using default windows drivers, no luck . system: MB: asus m5a99fx pro r2 GPU: r9 290 Cpu: fx 8320 Bios version on mb: 2301, had 2501 but reverted to an older one to see if bios was the issue i think i can use the hdmi audio to my monitor and use the 3.5 on my monitor to get audio, butttt i don't have a hdmi cable (using dvi)
  14. so just picked up this cheep router because i got tired of unplugging and plugging back in my Ethernet cables. initially connection to the internet would drop then reconnect. so i updated the firmware and that "seemed" to fix the problem but it persists, occasionally the internet would drop to almost nothing, im at a bit of a loss. any one else got these kinda problems ?