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  1. lookoutworld11

    Computer on and no signal

    just started working, I didn't even do anything this time. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. lookoutworld11

    Computer on and no signal

    It turned on for a second with some sort of info on the screen, it went away before I could read, I will try again to see if I can get a photo.
  3. lookoutworld11

    Computer on and no signal

    how could I reset the bios to get rid of the overclock?
  4. lookoutworld11

    Computer on and no signal

    I have had this problem before but this time I can't seem to fix it. When I turn on my computer everything seems to be working properly but there is no signal, the caps lock and scroll lock are on, on my keyboard. I have unplugged it and held the power button for 30 seconds, but it still does the same thing. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. lookoutworld11

    workstation pc help

    So my dad needs a workstation pc for his business. It is going to mostly be running blue beam and other architectural programs like CAD. He wants to have a large monitor for viewing blue prints. I offered to build the computer but he wants it prebuilt. What would be the best pre built computer for this task? Thanks in advance
  6. lookoutworld11

    PC won't wake up

    It happened again, except a little different this time. I woke up my computer this morning and it went to the windows did not shut down correctly screen. I clicked sleep not shut down. and then it happened again where there wasn't any signal. What else could it be?
  7. lookoutworld11

    PC won't wake up

    Thanks, that's much better.
  8. lookoutworld11

    PC won't wake up

    So I recently installed windows updates and now my computer has trouble waking up. before I installed the updates it would wake up easily and quickly. Now it will say resuming windows and take a long time to load, sometimes it doesn't even wake up and I have to turn it off. Once awake it works 100% normal. What is the problem?
  9. lookoutworld11

    Intel PAX Prime Maingear System GIVEAWAY!

    This is awesome, just leave it to intel and linus to arrange such a beast giveaway I look for intel cpu's in my preferred system.
  10. lookoutworld11

    GTA IV Mod help

    I did buy the game, but no asi loaders worked
  11. lookoutworld11

    GTA IV Mod help

    So I just downloaded native trainer and it worked with xlive, the problem is with xlive I can't play online in freemode. Non of the asi loaders I have tried worked even when I launch the game as admin. What is the best asi loader or the best way to fix this problem? Thanks for your help
  12. lookoutworld11

    Is a MacBook a good Choice?

    I hate to say it on a pc enthusiast website but I really like my macbook pro, a pc with the same specs would be cheaper. I enjoy macs for their design and os.
  13. lookoutworld11

    The Mean Green Machine

    My friend over with his computer, Lots of pretty colors :P
  14. lookoutworld11


  15. So I tried a wired connection and I get 60 down, I really wish I had a wired connection in my room :(. I filed a RMA with Asus, Hopefully they will replace it.