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  1. Not really but if you were to upgrade the graphics card later on it would, as opposed to the i5 which will still be able to handle a better GPU. I'd still go with the i5 if he's going to keep the PC for a while and upgrade it in the future.
  2. Is the amp powering on? If so, it's the RCAs to the deck or the wires to the sub. If not, it's not getting power from the battery and/or the remote turn-on wire. Pretty easy to diagnose with a multimeter - the positive should be reading 12V any time, while the remote should be reading 12V whenever the radio is on.
  3. Only because it's one of their crappy models. I have a Dual too, but it's the higher end XDM460 model (looks identical though, so he probably didn't know when he bought his). Puts out 22W RMS per channel which is obviously lot more than the 260 and actually more than most brand name decks. Just by ear I notice the improvement compared to my old Pioneer deck as well. But come on, FIVE watts per channel? Most small portable Bluetooth speakers put out more.
  4. When my friend asks me why the aftermarket stereo he put in sounds like crap, then I look up the specs
  5. I've been using Motorcraft for a while but since I got my Dart I've been using good ol' Mopar
  6. Welp, switched my family over to just using OEM oil filters... no more Fram around here
  7. When I wake up and see that my idol tweeted this


  8. Considering the MSRP of the two are only $20 apart anyways, there will rarely be a time when it's not worth it to step up to the 480. Not to mention the 1060 is a similar price as well.
  9. Nexus 5 on Swappa goes for within that price range
  10. Sure why not, as long as everything is tightened down properly. I just drove mine to a LAN party and back yesterday in the trunk and it was fine.
  11. An Rx 480 system has pretty much the same power consumption as a GTX 970 system, which is quite little. 520W will be more than fine considering that the S12 is a quality PSU.
  12. Considering nominal is 600W you're perfectly fine. Basically consider it a CX600.
  13. If they are accurate about definitions, processing should mean that they are currently working on getting your order shipped (filling out info, getting the item from warehouse, packing it, etc.) while pending means that there's nothing being done on it because it's delayed for some reason (oos, backorder, etc.).
  14. Processing and Pending are different things
  15. VERY little people actually need 1000w. There's not that big of a difference. Consider other options too like EVGA.
  16. I'd like to actually if only it didn't get horrible gas mileage (compared to my CRV, but it's actually not that bad at all for a V8). It's super comfortable and smooth, drives like you're sitting on a sofa that's floating on a cloud. And considering its massive weight, it can still put you back in your seat when you floor it. It's surprisingly not a slow car.
  17. There's probably a car from mercury you're thinking of that looks similar. Since Lincoln and Mercury are both made by Ford.
  18. This is the first time I've actually seen any towncar in a while... There actually aren't many on the road anymore and I wonder what happens to the old ones as well. The guy who traded in this one bought a newer Sierra.
  19. So my friend's dad owns a car dealership. Whenever they get trade ins that aren't worth their time to resell profitably, they either get sent to auction or we get to sell them privately. Usually I just get normal small stuff like Corollas, Accents, etc. that I can easily pass off as selling for myself. I usually don't question what they give me as long as I'm getting paid, but I'm definitely having a hard time coming up for an excuse to tell people as to why I'm selling the next one, so I thought I'd ask for ideas on here, cause why not What's an excuse for a teenage scene girl like me, selling a Lincoln Town Car? uhh @terrytek @techswede @Speedyv