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  1. I already did that though. Its in the OP.
  2. It started even when I was on build 1703 and yes I’ve updated to the latest. And yes again the “triangle !” which gives a code 43 when installing anything higher than 385.69. Other than that cards work fine. I lost desktop overlay because it requires 387.92 and higher on 1709.
  3. Specs: Win 10 64bit (V. 1709 build 16299.64) i7-4820k 16gb ram x79 Rampage IV Gene SLI Titan X (Maxwell) So I've tried updating to 388.31 drivers from 385.69 the other day and it installs fine then after the restart when I right click on the desktop I cant see the Nvidia Control panel. When I go to Geforce Exp it tells me to install 388.31 which I just installed. When I go to the CP and click the NvCp it doesn't open. When I click programs and features everything is installed. When i go to device manager I get a Code 43! So I used DDU for uninstalling the old drivers. I thought windows was the problem at first because I was on V. 1703 so I updated. I tried 387.92, 388, 388.13 (which was the first culprit) Nope, Nada. Downgrading works though. Now I'm stuck on 385.69! Which has no real issues aside from losing desktop overlay from GFExp! I can play fine for hours with no issues though so I was just wondering if: Anybody else has this issue? Are drivers borked? Any Ideas or fixes?
  4. Got a friend who finally wants a gaming pc, nothing too fancy just @ 1080p Budget is around $1500-1600 AUD including monitor and perripherals (he wants a gaming keyboard that's easy to set up, mouse not required) Also maybe future SLI or upgradability but for now we just want one built and working. On 1151 I guess? Can anyone help us out? Please and thank you.
  5. Any of you guys experiencing dips in fps on the SE? I tried it. DDU'ed and latest drivers. Nope. AB overlay states 2nd GPU is only at 4% while SLI is on. Getting 75-89 then dipping to 10-12FPS. Did a quick search and it seems I'm not alone. Damn looks like I missed out lol.
  6. Wonder how long till they can get SKSE support? Also there is that Skyblivion thing. Might take a while though.
  7. Hi guys so yeah ever since the release of the new drivers my GPU's (SLI Titan X Maxwell) have been stuck at 1303mhz and wouldn't boost. Memory OC's just fine but core stays the same at 1303. GPU-Z states that power is not the problem ad that gpu load is at 99% Temps are also not a problem because I'm using custom water cooling and top card is only at 52c max during hours of gaming. Tested it on WoW, Skyrim,Witcher 3 and RoTR. All the same results with a loss of about 10-15 fps. Already did DDU, fresh installs of the drivers and used Precision X and also afterburner same result. Any ideas?
  8. Hmm but what if you already have a great job but support only the ones you like?
  9. You do know that she is holding the sword wrong and parts of the skirt go under the base right?
  10. This thing: Now I'm no expert and is still running some tests but this thing is trying to spit out more internet than we currently have lol. Did a few tests vs cable and got 80/36 (wireless) and 78/36 (cable) within margin of error. Sucks that our 100/40 NBN has on and off peaks though, but there will always be someone slower than me so cant really complain! Over all I'm a happy camper. I even get a signal two floors down lol. Gonna test it out again when its off peak.......then again I might be playing during that time so fcuk it!
  11. I'm looking for help on building a gaming pc with mouse, keyboard and a 23-24 inch 1080p monitor for a friend costing about $1500 aud. Pheripherals dont need to be gaming ones as long as they work right and are worth it. Could anybody help up out? Budget could be stretched a bit as well but would prefer 1.5k
  12. Doesnt really matter if true or false. Just think about it. Even if most people wont go over two cards why limit it to just two? From a business point of view that is killing potential income (extreme enthusiasts). Less cards sold. It will also make a statement that they have the best product. So unless its physically impossible why sell your own product short? Personally waiting for after NDA and the next big thing. Or DP 1.4 lol
  13. Well these guys are a business. Not our friends. They pull off all kinds of dick moves because they can and will to stay afloat. Sad thing is they are the only one I turn to even after all their shit (880m, that samsung panel thing which is still unsolved, disabling OC). As long as they keep churning out good products I suppose I'll still be in green. Anyways moving on......
  14. I think I've seen this trend before..... NV releases cut down card as flagship to pressure the competition. When the other guy releases their beast. NV counters with the full expensive version and then keeps the slightly cut down cheaper version to be the final nail on the other guys coffin. Standard market tactic. Make the desperate ones upgrade then release the biggest and baddest to make the big boys bite. Then give the "poor man's" version to the public to conquer the market. Well this is assuming the competition has nothing big up their sleeve and that NV plays their cards right. But if I got my history right, well...........you guys should know what happens right? As for me waiting for the next one or maybe something with DP 1.4?