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  1. shadowblitz3

    Can't update Poco F1 to MIUI 10

    You can't receive ota updates from the updater?
  2. shadowblitz3

    New Huawei Nova 3i or Old Samsung S8+?

    You might want to get the honor 8x stead of the 3i, basically the same phone but cheaper
  3. shadowblitz3

    Best phone for 350 ish dollars?

    Pocophone F1
  4. shadowblitz3

    Xiaomi A2 Lite?

    I was also considering this phone but the older sd 625 cpu, which also about 30 other xiaomi phones has, new and old made me pass, since the newer sd 636 which is a lot more powerful can be found on phones for about the same price. You might want to consider the redmi note 5 ai/pro or note 6 pro, if you don't mind miui, want faster cpu, and don't want a notch. But if you really want stock android, which is the a2 lite's main selling point and don't mind less performance which you may or may not notice depending on how you use it anyway. Other phones you might consider that has sd 636 which is the cpu I recommend for within the price range of the a2 lite: Nokia X6 - android one, usb type c port, looks a lot better than other phones in its price range imo, has a smaller 3060 mah battery Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 - not android one but very stock-ish and promised to have updates, has a bigger 5000mah battery
  5. shadowblitz3

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Huarache Drifts
  6. shadowblitz3

    Help required for school assignment

    just my phone and laptop, maybe 12 and 6 hours daily.
  7. shadowblitz3

    Should I get a custom ROM?

    It changes your home screen and app drawer and yeah will recommend getting one instead of a custom rom, will recommend nova prime
  8. Redmi Note 4 Mediatek version, 32gb internal storage + expandable storage, got a 32gb sd card, enough for all my games, videos, music and even custom roms
  9. what would be more interesting is if he can make a custom phone from mixed parts from different phones
  10. shadowblitz3

    New phone, could use some advice

    just bought a xiaomi redmi note 4 for 140 usd, 5.5" 1080p screen, deca-core cpu, 3gb ram, 32 gb storage, 13mp camera, 4100mah battery
  11. shadowblitz3

    laptop power draw from wall outlet or battery

    Been wondering about this too. I thought maybe once the battery is charged 100%, power supply to the battery is cut off. Is there a way to use a laptop in ac power supply mode without removing the battery? mine is built in
  12. shadowblitz3

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    can't decide which to buy with my remaining money: agarest complete saga or trails in the sky + disgaea?
  13. shadowblitz3

    Jaybird x2?? or not!?

    if you really want to go wireless and if you can find a good deal then go for it
  14. shadowblitz3

    Show off your latest purchase!

    cheaped out version of the cheaped out version of the rival 100 1050php/22usd
  15. shadowblitz3

    Recommendations on IEMs