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  1. I will order a new rig soon and I am planning to get an EVGA gpu (gtx 980) and I was wondering if it is possible and if it is easy to change the led to make it light up red instead of blue. I tried googling to see if anyone did it, and I didn't see anything related to what I was looking for. Also, will this void my warranty? I heard EVGA has phenomenal support but I'm modding the cooler so I'm not sure.
  2. Actually I would've gone with a convertible laptop or a MacBook Pro if the XPS 13 didn't exist, the Surface was one of my options, but there was the XPS 13 and all of her beauty, I mean, look at those bezels :wub:
  3. Alright. Thanks, that's what I thought too. I also googled and saw another guy got a replacement. I also wanted to see if it was a common problem, but looking at the amount of unrelated stuff google shows when looking it up, I am pretty sure I got a lemon.
  4. I think it would fit both forums, but I'm not asking how to fix it (which is what troubleshooting means) so I thought here would be better
  5. So I got an XPS 13 about 3 weeks ago (I'm depressed, got refreshed right after I got it) and the hinge started making this cracking sound when opening and closing the lid. Can anyone who owns an XPS 13 tell me if this is normal? Do I have a lemon? If I do have a lemon, is it a common problem?
  6. My guess is that it shorted something and killed the GPU.
  7. I know right? There was also antenna gate with the iPhone 4, however, Android phone have problems too sometimes: https://www.reddit.com/r/MotoX/comments/2wrkwk/power_button_stuck/
  8. I didn't sent it in, I just followed Nvidia's instructions and I should receive a replacement tablet soon
  9. If you bought an iPhone 6 Plus between September 2014 and January 2015 and your photos look blurry, you're not alone, Apple is aware of the problem and will replace the camera with no charge. If you think your iPhone is affected, here is how to get your camera replaced: https://www.apple.com/support/iphone6plus-isightcamera/ Note that Apple won't replace the phone, they will just change the camera. Mine is affected. My Shield Tablet with the battery problem, now this. Oh well. Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/8/21/9189893/apple-iphone-6-plus-camera-defect
  10. Yep, just watched it. But why did they deleted it wtf
  11. I am stable @ 4.6 at 1.23v, but as soon as I raised it to 4.7, the uefi just started shitting all over the place and started displaying wierd things and restarted every few seconds. After a few attemps, I managed to be quick enough to reset the settings before it restarted, then I realised I could've just removed the battery lol