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  1. No it isn't a raspberry pie it is a citrus fruit with a custom board on top... And knowing the guy who made the electronics it will be a awesome little thing... It doesn't come with a headphone jack it needs a cinch dongle for that.
  2. Sir you are a nice person, for apologizing something that is completely out of your realm of influence
  3. So I basically spend two thirds of my balance now on a new Vega / Ryzen rig + freesync Monitor. But did I saved the promised bucks like advertised? Nope... of course not, since I found the small print way later You are only getting those benefits if your retailer offers the whole package and those can vary if available at all. I don't regret my purchase, since that was planned way before they announced "the deal" but to say I'm a bit pissed about those unclear announcements would be a grave understatement. Money doesn't grow on trees so clear instructions would've been nice...
  4. This is a really impressive device for its size. But I need some advice, they sell it as 3D. But no mention about that technology. Framerate isn't quoted either, so Linus, enlighten me, our tech adviser. -------------------------------------------------------- Yes I was bored......
  5. I double checked the settings again. All hardware stuff like multitasking and acceleration is marked. And it is a 64bit version this caused already some printer problems.
  6. I'd would love a system like that but that wouldn't help at all. MS Office is one of those programs who doesn't scale at all, or least in a very wired and unpredictable way. The first system you suggested has plenty of horse power already and would be more than enough if it would be utilized properly. And maybe I haven't stated my goal for this topic clear enough. I want to identify the bottleneck which keeps MS Office from using those resources. Once those are identified, picking suitable hardware is easy. Brute forcing is very expensive and isn't the best method at all ;-)
  7. Those "spread sheets" replace an entire ERP System they are way beyond anything I would call a spread sheet :-D (To name a few things: Database management/maintenance, Calculations, administrative Tasks, User interfaces etc.) And yes your suggestion seems to be obvious but unfortunately that's not enough. (Already tried :-) I'm really searching for hardcore experts with experience in this matter. But thanks, any input is welcome.
  8. OK so for various reasons my uncle runs a self written "2GB Excel Macro Monster" as company software. (The main reason is that the unix based custom ERP, which was awesome for 20 years, disintegrated into thin air because it was still the original hard drive.... yeah backup your stuff accessible, 20 year old rotten tapes don't help you nowadays....) Honestly what he does is sheer amazing and I never though you would be able to archive this kind of complexity with just Excel, VBA and a few Word Templates for printing. (Even some certified MS Office experts bow before him) Now he starts to create UIs for employees and has one major concern: speed. He already managed to get most tasks (and those are mostly the "idiot prove, mega safety check" type of functions because Office is a bitch) under 8 sec. (which is faster than any ERP I have encountered so far) but he still complaints that they need to be under 3 sec. for a feasible workflow. So his next step is to build a "MS Office Mega Server" but he has no clue about hardware. He asked me for advice so I thought lets try beefier hardware which worked to some extend but still doesn't make a noticeable improvement because it isn't properly utilized. We also tried a RAM disk and a shitload of office settings but we are unable to find the bottleneck. It seems MS Office is really picky about hardware and you need compatible hardware to get any gains. (This includes graphic cards and printer interfaces too) So if anybody has experience with this topic please share it with me. P.S. I don't have the current system specs at hand right now. I will post those when they are available.
  9. Well thanks a lot for the vessel offer. That alone is awesome, but your give away is pretty nuts too. So to enter here is my name: MrFaul and the first video: https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj and the second video: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy
  10. The tec in the new 900 series is awesome and I would love to have one.... but my current system wouldn't be able to do those cards justice....
  11. Congrats to 1 Million Subscribers But it's no wonder. You guys create fun and "educational" content. I'm freaking loving you guys. <- I mean in a fan boy way...... Oh and about the food, that would be meat btw. signing in through steam is awesome!