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  1. The Syba is really bad. It's worse than most onboard stuff. SMSL is OK.
  2. Yes, just make sure the side are you plugging in, it the same side as the extension. Unless you live in a radio/cell tower, you won't have any degrading sound quality or noise.
  3. So we have some "beta" ASIO drivers for the ODAC Rev B. Currently it's only known working program is foobar, but I need some people to download the driver and test on any program they use (mainly looking for adobe premier and similar type programs). Here's the link for the drivers - bit.ly/1EVs0u0 Oh and Windows only. Please send me a message on here or email me if any bugs/good or bad news.
  4. Assuming you live in the US, this one will work pretty well for what you need - http://www.amazon.com/CAD-U37-Condenser-Recording-Microphone/dp/B001AIQGUO/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1458315456&sr=8-23&keywords=desktop+mic
  5. Thanks! I used to be on here a lot, the forum went to poop kind of, and everyone left. I also got a lot busier with the company so it's hard to be on here a lot.
  6. Noticed you had ?? marks on the EU distribution for the O2/ODAC's. We shipped some models up with Tek Syndicate to the Amazon.UK website - http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=tek+syndicate+odac If the demand is there we'll ship down other models that are cheaper.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'll send this thread over to the developer. I'll be back in a few days with a new thread and we'll see what else needs to be tweaked. This is version 1.0 so a lot needs to be worked on
  8. That's actually the old contact page, here's the new one - https://www.mayflowerelectronics.com/contact/ Yeah that's being worked on as well.
  9. Hey guys - Not sure if this the correct place to put this thread, so mods, please feel free to move this. This is NOT I repeat NOT and advertisement or anything like that, I just need some feedback on our new website. www.MayflowerElectronics.com Here's a few list of the things I know need to be fixed - The top Logo and bottom logo Price Ranges Some of the text on the bottom bar, you guys know what facebook and twitter are Review Page Speed - Working on compressing images and speeding up the site There's probably some other stuff we're working on as well. What are your opinions on the font of the website? I personally like it but it's up to others. Thanks for your time guys'.
  10. Sorry about that, it is up. I'll put a banner on the website shortly.
  11. The ASIO drivers for win 10 are not available which is why it's not working anymore. USB 2.0/3.0 has no effect on latency.
  12. Of course, it will drive any headphone on the market. I have the DT 990 600 ohm version at home and it drives it plenty loud with low gain.
  13. Yeah, but you'll need a lot more money. HE-500/560 or LCD-2.
  14. The 2500 will be the best bet, but you'll have to go over budget and buy a mic stand. Should be about $15 for a cheap one.
  15. It's a grounding issue with one of the cables on the front panel. You'll need to take it apart and fix the wiring on the port side or motherboard side.
  16. No, grab logitechs for that price range.
  17. Bass and gaming don't really go together for that price range. The best you'll get for compromise is the DT 990 and the AKG K612 pro's. The DT 990's have more treble and thumpier bass, but the K612's have less treble and have a more punchier bass.
  18. The desktop version has a 6.5mm output and an aluminium knob along with rear power options. The standard O2 has front power, 3.5mm output and a standard rubber knob.
  19. Upgrade your headphones/speakers first.
  20. If you're actually recording and making music you need to get the 7506 from Sony, that's the unofficial official recording headphone. If you must get something from audio technica don't pay for the name and get the M40x, it's almost identical to the 50's.
  21. It's a head amp only, you'll need to plug it in elsewhere.