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    Aviation, military, nerding out, etc
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    Intel i7 930 @ 4GHz
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    Asus Rampage III Formula
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    24GB G skill Sniper
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    AMD R9 290
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    Heavily Modded Dell XPS 9100 Chassis
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    128GB Corsair SSD & 3TB RAID 5 of Seagate HDD's
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    Cougar 1000W
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    Asus VS247
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    Air :(
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    Not Mechanical :(
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    5.1 Logitech Z506
  1. Assuming you're running with stock clocks and voltages, start with Memtest86+ testing each DIMM one by one. If the same problem is occurring with every module then it may be an issue with your memory controller.
  2. Thanks for the info everyone! Performance-PC indicated they could add a few of these fittings onto an order they have in with bitspower right now, and have them in about a week. They really have some exceptional customer service over there! Much better solution than ordering from Italy with an estimated shipping time of two months!
  3. I agree that Apple gave a pretty weak show. I'd be very dissapointed if I had been waiting for their next big thing with baited breath like the other half of the planet wait- didnt Steve Jobs declare the stylus to be evil??
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! I see that frozencpu has them in stock, but there is no checkout button that I can see.. If I could place an order with them Id be willing to try it. I'm too much of a perfectionist to mix and match fittings I might just have to launch a night time raid against the first person I can find with a custom loop in their system
  5. It depends on how much current you are actually drawing from the wall, rather than the theoretical maximum power of the PSU's. If you happen to be drawing a freakish ton of power, it may be a good idea to put the different machines on different breakers to distribute that power draw more evenly, but if you're not having any problems, don't fix what isn't broken. If you really love your machine focus on buying a UPS for all that fancy gear. This will condition the power going into your system, smoothing out voltage spikes and compensating for brown/blackouts with an internal battery. If that's too rich for your blood, you can buy standalone line conditioners as well. Personally I run all of my systems behind their own UPS.
  6. An unlocked processor on an ROG series mobo leads me to believe you'll be overclocking, and in that case you should typically go for an AiO with a nice beefy radiator so you can get the best possible temps and therefore the best possible clocks. This extra headroom also helps keep the system quiet as the cooler doesn't need to spin the fans up to higher RPMs just to keep up with the heat output. If you aren't planning on pushing the chip very hard or at all, the decision really just comes down to aesthetics and personal preference. You certainly don't NEED to spend the extra money, since you can get some very capable air coolers for under $30 these days.
  7. Ive been busily putting together a plan for my first custom loop, but I cant seem to find one of my chosen fittings anywhere. Im looking for a Bitspower G1/4" Black Sparkle Enhance Multi-Link compression fitting for 12mm tube (part code BP-BSEML) Performance PC's is all sold out atm as are the few obscure sites I was able to find. There are a few on eBay that are shipping from Italy, but I would really like to find them for sale in the US. The wonderful world of water cooling is still pretty new to me so I don't know where else to look! Does anyone know where I can find these little suckers? Thanks for your help, or at least taking the time to read through this!
  8. Coming from the iPhone line, the M8's amazing build quality makes it the only android phone I would ever seriously consider.
  9. Sorry miss but your legs are out of warranty. Now if you'd like to buy an Applecare protection plan... :rolleyes:
  10. Am I the only one seeing the cutout of the old 30-pin connector in the bottom of that chassis? That circuit board looks pretty low quality as well, even for a prototype board.. I cast my vote for BS.
  11. If you post the contents of your batch file we could better diagnose any problems you may be having username/pass not required
  12. Hmm, some program that's starting up at login time is trying to pass a Jscript file that either got moved/deleted to Windows script host.. By selectively turning off startup programs one by one, and rebooting, then checking for the error, you could determine the exact program trying to execute the script. If its just bloatware an uninstall should correct your problem, if its something you want, a reinstall should restore the script file and kill your error. ..Probably
  13. Is there an older or beta version of the driver available from the manufactures website?
  14. The flesh is willing but the wallet is weak.. Depending on how much Mantle actually matters and how we see game devs leverage the shit ton of cores that are suddenly in freakin everyting right down to consoles and cell phones, this could be an amazing little chip for gaming and the first time an enthusiast-class intel platform had much of anything to offer to gamers in a longg time. I better start saving up now..