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  1. Thx all, issue was probably poor quality hdmi cable, i found premium hdmi cable and the issue was gone Sony giving some poor quality cable with ps4 pro
  2. in tv has option HDMI ULTRA HD DEEP COLOR and also ps4 pro, when turning off so hdr is disabled then?
  3. How fix or what causes this issue, when i turn in tv HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color on then screen start randomly flicering not so often but randomly, very anoyng have anyone some idea?
  4. Hi there, i have been huge movie's enthusiast and love to watch good quality movies and tv show's. My favorite movie director is Peter Jackson. Have been in cinema watching movies ca 15 years now! So i own huge collections movies by oldschool VHS-'s, DVD's, Blu-ray's and 4K Blu-ray's and online digital purchases also. Wanted always list movies what i have been watched and owned, so i have been working my website some time. Bassicaly i have no skill in coding website, but managed build in time my website. Love to get some feedback about it, website is more like to me rather than online public!
  5. Anyone have tested that with nviea g-sync?
  6. Have a question about freesyng, i have LG 27UD68 and it has freesync, can i use freesync on nvidia gtx 1080 gpu like it would be a G-syng?
  7. Roccat Kiro, my old mouse is very bad, like in early age of mankind, new would be nice.
  8. This game isint so bad, but the old one was way better. Understand that its runs new gen well but isint so good optimized to every video card! And in game cars, you want drive some of them but you need money to buy, this is just ridiculous from ea, runes game tottaly!