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    AMD FX-8350
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    990FX Sabertooth R2.0
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    2 X 4GB ADATA Basic RAM
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    Gigabyte Windforce GTX 780
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    NZXT H230
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    OCZ Vertex 450 128GB & WD RE4 2TB
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    Seasonic G 550W Modular PSU
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    BenQ XL2420Z
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    CM 212X
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    CM Storm QuickFire Stealth
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    Logitech G502
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    Corsair Vengeance 1500

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  1. To those that do MMA, how do I verify if an instructor is legit? And what I can expect to learn from the class?
  2. This is a weird place to ask about this, but I'm interested in picking up martial arts. I have learnt about avoiding McDojos etc but I'm in a dilemma of choosing which one. ITF Tae-Kwon-Do: I was trained in WTF Tae-Kwan-Do when I was 7 and I reached Taegeuk 5 at the age of 10 (10 years ago). I had to stop practice it due to excessive homework (A very common scene in Asia). MMA at that time was completely unheard of to my parents. This is one of my choices because it is what I'm most familiar with and unfinished dream? (For those who don't know about it: I was 4 sections away from the 1st Dan, except that I will remain at Taegeuk 8 until 18). MMA: There's all the rage about MMA and it is easy to understand why. It's applicable to almost everywhere, however, there is almost no way to verify if the instructor is legit. The big names (Evolve MMA School) also have very hefty fees. Jeet Kune Do: It's pretty much the same as MMA, but the only problem is that the amount of school is very limited and travelling to the school is very difficult. My main goal of learning martial arts is for self-defense. Hope there are actually martial arts practitioners here, do hop in and discuss!
  3. Remember before 2010 where each brand of phones have different types of charging port and charger? I heard EU was responsible in unifying them into the Micro USB standard we have today.
  4. While I like the fact that Asrock is being an ass to Intel, but I'm kinda worried that Intel would not allow Asrock to make any board when their next gen releases.
  5. I had a choice between GTX 780 and a R9 290 (during the Bitcoin mining craze, stocks were heavily affected, not the price), if only I waited another week for the R9 290...
  6. Unfortunately, it won't be able to capture drones that are capable of flying much higher. MOAR research need to be done in countering drones.
  7. The fact that they had to program it to be more human like and it took so long for this to happen, I really look forward of the self-driving car due to how safe it is.
  8. Don't worry, there are probably thousands of neckbeards working on this now. #opensource
  9. Wait, there is DLC??? I only tried a few times in the beta and went back to CSGO right afterwards. This game has so much potential to compete, the idea is right, just when I thought there is finally something that can compete with CS and there is DLC.
  10. Which part of the game you are being let down? I feel Siege has the right idea/direction for a competitive shooter if they fix the netcode and hitboxes.
  11. Valve don't have office in my country. The only game devs here are Ubisoft and EA, the rest are mobile game devs. I would strongly prefer Bethesda or Square Enix though.
  12. WHAT. THE. FUCK? I started to feel ashamed to have considered Ubisoft for internship, I have no choice but to go EA then.
  13. XiaoMi power bank sure is cheap and has big capacity, but their quality is shit. My friends and I have quite a few of them broke in less than 6 months. I went with the PowerAdd Pilot S for better quality now. If you are buying XiaoMi's power bank please remember that you are trading quality with cost effectiveness. If you want something that is cheap and very effective, this is the best you can get. If you want something that can lasts longer, this is not the thing you want.