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  1. pc just broke forced to use 2007 macbook send help!
  2. thanks ill get one of the pci based asus ones and im getting my full 80 mbps next to my router
  3. I've been having some issues with the internet at my desk. My router is downstairs which i think might be the problem. im running off my desktop on a fairly cheap USB 2.0 wireless adapter. the difference between what im getting and what im supposed to get (80 Mbps) and what im getting (5 Mbps) i was wondering what i should upgrade my router which is the router they give you when they set up your internet . i was wondering what i should upgrade my wireless adapter, my router or if theirs anything else i can do to do. thanks
  4. id say go with a 770 acx unless your running small form factor than try a blower design cooler like the reference (as you refer to as the titan) cooler. With a blower style cooler you get higher gpu temps but are not blowing hot air into your case so if you have a huge case definitely get the acx but if your running something like a mini itx buil than you should get a blower but if your running atx+ or in some cases matx get the acx it should get you much better performance but i think instead of the 770 get the 970 it will run cooler use much less power run faster overclock better and you can use mfaa to take even more advantage of the card. And the 970 also comes with all the different coolers including some hybrid blower/fan coolers that look like they'd be awesome for matx builds.
  5. wow thanks for such quick answer ill upgrade my case and psu
  6. hi i was thinking of upgrading my acer aspire with a xfx radeon r7 250 4gb ddr3 low profile card my psu is just 220w (compact case) i was wondering if it would be fine in my system coolermasters power supply calculator says i need 256W but if i disconnect the optical drive it take quite a bit less i was wondering if it would would work here is the specs of my computer -amd a8-3820with radeon hd 6550D graphics -8gb ddr3 memory 2tb wd green drive -dvd supermulti drive (i can live without) -220W power supply also i was wondering if theres any way i can get another power supply that would fit my case (psu dementions 4inches wide 2.5 inches tall 8 inches long Thanks
  7. if your running a smaller case that could be the problem the 280x is a very powerful card and the 650 will run much cooler try to get more airflow to the card but other than that 50c isnt that bad the card should be fine just watch out if it gets up to or close to 90 under load and the score for the valley benchmark seems kinda low do you know what temps you were running at you card could be throttling
  8. it looks like there a bit close together one could be choking the other a bit of possible you should use a pci slot thats a bit farther away from the other but realy 80 degrees isnt that bad watch out if they get hotter though because they can start to throttle
  9. i just made my account and i think its going to be fun id like to congratulate Linus and all the Linus Media Group team on reaching 1 million subscriber can you imagine 1 million that's more than the population of the city i live in! ive been watching Linus tech tips for like 2 years now love it! One of the funnest things was when slick walked in on Linus eating the chocolate bunny in the NFC Easter egg hunt, i literally ROFL'd. you know at the same time i kinda hate you Linus because you make me waist ALL my money. if i were to win the surface or the gaming rig i would probably use it to replace my old un-upgradeable acer desktop or my old hp mini notebook. and on the off-chance i win the asus ROG gaming notebook ill use it to replace both. Anyways again congratulations on 1 million subs and i think ill go have some fun with this new account.