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  1. windows 10 or 8.1 i guess, I am not sure how the iGPU will handle them but give it a try as a side note this would be an amazing time to try out light linux distros like lubuntu :D, I know that is not what you are necessarily asking but I am positive it would perform much better
  2. Being able to have a camera that nice, that can capture 4k and STILL have battery left over at the end of the day. all that is just too good
  3. heres a base that u can customize off if you want more http://pcpartpicker.com/p/C4t9pg current price is at $131 without psu since u have one. you can also add an HDD for as much storage as you need the ssd is more for a boot drive to make it really fast if anything isnt to your liking i can change it for you. also if its LITERALLY just for those things a linux distro may be the way to go but its up to you
  4. not really minimalistic, nor is that canadian, and has an unstable driver for linux not a fond of the design but seems like possible choice. linux compatibility seems iffy based on what ive read I just dont like the way it looks + it having the g keys which ill never use. seems like a waste for me but thanks anyways as i'll keep it in mind this is something i can get behind not perfect but pretty damn near thanks for this
  5. 1. Canadian retailer 2. under$150 if possible 3. has to work with mac linux 100% and windows would be a bonus 4. preferable cherry MX browns or something similar 5. 87-key design or something similar 6. minimalistic design is a must 7. no stealth designs, must have keys etched ontop
  6. you cant even use a soundcard for that headset anyways
  7. https://www.getsync.com/ Bittorrent sync works pretty well assuming all 3 folders are cross device. you didnt specify.
  8. http://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/4953/can-propeller-driven-aircraft-sustain-speeds-at-or-above-mach-1 is this what you are asking? TLDR: no
  9. if you link the exact card we can tell you. you would need Displayport though for that reolution or dual dvi if your monitor supports that tech
  10. I have about $150 to spend on dedktop monitors. I previously had the corsair sp2500 and they did ok for my listening needs but now i need new speakers something from ncix or canadacomputers would be nice but not mandatory. i have a fiio e10 that can be used if needed otherwise id rather hook it up to my onboard audio Thanks for the help
  11. Well i know that if you have 2 seprate cards and dont run them in SLI that u can use each card seperatly for your cuda needs. meaning one card does something and another card can be used somewhere else. as for embedded sli goes try using this to figure out how many cuda cores you really have http://cuda-z.sourceforge.net/
  12. Hi im looking for a capture card that can take multiple HDMI inputs for 2 or more hdmi devices. it has to be compatible with OBS or xsplit as well. Sothat it can be livestreamed as well Thanks
  13. if you dont want any whine a case with noise dampening foam will help. like an r4/5 or other silent based cases. Also if i may make a suggestion on your build, since you are putting a lot of money into this build a 256GB/128gb SSD would go a long way as the boot drive.