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    PC-Gaming, Coding, pumping iron in the gym
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    I made a terrible mistake by purchasing a pre-build pc in 2010 :(
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    i5 6400 OC'd to 4.5GHz
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    MSI Z170 Gaming M§
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    8GB DDR4 2600Hz
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    XFX R9 390x
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    Fractal Design Define S
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    Samsung 250GB 850 EVO SSD; 1GB WDD HDD
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    XFX XTR 650W
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    LG 29UM58-P Ultrawide
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    Alpenföhn Himayala 2
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    Roccat ISKU FX
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    Zowie EC1 EVO
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M50
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    Windows 10

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  1. Probably got some tips from Blizzard that their customers are dumb as shit
  2. Once I upload my mixtape it will go up to 2 billion
  3. I guess I phrased that weirdly. I meant the production behind JB. I'm aware he doesn't produce him self. And yeah, his vocals are the weakest part of the album but it still give the song a nice touch and I like that because it's Biebs album we got a Travis Scott feature so Im happy
  4. So you are basically someone that hates on everything that's popular? Well 1 billion sold units is OBJECTIVELY GOOD. The products that Apple ships are also objectivity good. Their specs are good, their tech is good, the included features are good and if you personally don't like the aesthetic of the product and it's UI doesn't mean that it isn't objectively good. And the same for music. JB's production is very good and his singing is good as well, and you just dislike it like an edgy teen. Sorry for guessing your age wrong, but the PCMR picture + the "WRONG GENERATION"-vibes were just so strong. Maybe appreciate what gives joy to other people than hating on everything and being THAT guy. Other than that I hope you still have or had a nice day, because we are still just a bunch of twats on the internet arguing about basically useless shit. Oh and good luck on finding a job
  5. Holy shit I'm getting edgy teen vibes here. Beyoncé and Justin Bieber are amazing artist to some, hell I even enjoyed Justin Biebers latest album and some Beyoncé tracks. It's just very subjective. But who am I to judge. I was like that as well when I was younger.
  6. Holy mother of god. I pay 30€ for 16 Mbs because in my town there is no faster internet than that
  7. Never denied that. I just pulled Samsung into it because he refereed to them. Apple overprices, completely true.
  8. We don't even have comparable plans here in Germany lol
  9. Because parts truly aren't everything? I get that you despise Apple, but come on man there is so much more to selling a product. First off all designing the damn thing is something that has to be paid, because the company invested money into it, next you need to build the thing ,then advertising comes in and of course the profit margin of the retailer and the manufacturer. Yeah the profit margin is high for Apple products, but Samsung is on the same level and I just want you to get that part prices aren't everything. Ever bought shoes for more than 50 bucks? They probably still just cost $5 in material cost, but advertising, manufacturing, design and some profit margin pushes them over it.
  10. I don't get it either. Some people just like to hate on everything, even on charity events.
  11. One of the biggest Twitch-Streamers Lirik held a 24 hour charity-stream, because he achieved a 1000 "subscriber-train" on last sunday. He later let his community vote for the charity organisation the community would donate to. The clear winner was "Doctors without Borders". The initial goal was set at "only" $20.000 USD, to which he jokingly said, if it wasn't reached, he would stop streaming for ever. In the first hour, his stream already raised more than $5.000 USD and the goal was reached in just under 12 hours. The end amount was at $43.406 USD(42.406 from the community + 1.000 from Lirik), but if you wish you can still donate HERE until monday, where he will then donate the money to Doctors without Borders on stream. I, for the most part, really did enjoy the event and donated myself. It's awesome to see big personalities, like Lirik, use their position for a good cause.
  12. Did everybody expect AMD to release a flagship card, that outperforms the Titan X, has HBM memory and cost $500 ?! Please people realize, that AMD is trying to please enthusiasts again and we will still have very good priced consumer cards as the 380x or 380 in the 3xx series.
  13. Guys chill about the price! Look : This is the R9 295x2 8GB version and it shows a value of around $1.500. The card is at about $700-$1000 atm. So this value says nothing. Maybe that the 390x is a single GPU card (which should be no surprise). EDIT: If you want to be real sneaky about this you can say that the 390x is about 16000 INR (~$250) cheaper than the 295x2 8GB. Which means the 390x should, theoretically, be priced at around $450 - $750. My guess is about $500.
  14. I love the fact, that the BenQ one is IPS! I will probably will get the monitor with my new pc.