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    i7 8700k @5GHz
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    Asus Prime Z370-A
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    2x8Go DDR4 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance
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    Asus GTX 1080 Ti STRIX @2000MHz
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    NZXT S340
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    1To SSD + 3 To HDD
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    Cooler Master V850
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    Acer Predator XB271HU 27" IPS 1440p 165Hz Gsync
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    NZXT Kraken x62
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    Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent
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    Steelseries Sensei RAW
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    Sennheiser PC350 SE Headphones + Philips SPA5300 2.1 Speakers
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bits

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  1. You should also verify that the voltage is within reasonable limits (mainly below 1.35v) before moving on. Sometimes, auto voltage can be quite generous on the value. But if you didn't overclock, this shouldn't be an issue. But yes, if you can be absolutely sure that no settings in the bios can cause the issue, if you can trust your cooler, your mounting, and your thermal paste application, I think you can try to RMA the CPU, or at the very least contact Intel. If I'm not mistaken, the store won't be dealing with the exchange process, this falls in Intel's warranty and you will ne
  2. If you already reapplied the thermal paste/cooler correctly, multiple times, your next move would be to investigate the AIO like it was suggested above. Mainly, is the pump working correctly? If you can't find anything wrong with the cooler, it can be the CPU and its crappy TIM. I've had to RMA my first i7 4790k because it was going up to 100°C at 4.6GHz with a Dark Rock 3 during load... Intel sent me a new one, never had the problem again even if the CPU was pretty toasty (around 80C during load).
  3. To some extent, yes. But if that's your argument, don't say "you're not missing much", because that's incredibly misleading and can still be quite subjective! I'd be enjoying a lot of games with my old 660ti at 720p, but that doesn't make the experience good compared to other affordable options. Enjoying a crappy experience doesn't make said experience much better unfortunately
  4. When trying out something new and getting used to it makes your previous experience quite terrible and sluggish in some cases, it means the older situation wasn't that great to begin with. Following your logic, console players that are used to play a lot of AAA games at 30fps shouldn't see any reason to want 60fps because they're used to less, but we pretty much all agree that 30fps is a shitty experience. You never go forward with that logic.
  5. I re-read that to be sure I understood you correctly. Maxwell not a big leap in performance? Wut? Maxwell vs Kepler is a similar leap to Vega vs Fury X even though Vega is both a new architecture AND a node shrink. If Volta shows the "small leap" of Kepler to Maxwell, that means 1080ti performance at 1070 price. I think it's unlikely this time around, but who knows. And even if it's not that impressive, Volta should be enough of an upgrade to render Vega virtually useless at the announced MSRP. And this might happen too close to the Vega release date for AMD to make enough profit unfortunately
  6. I don't know where you live but in EU, used 980 Ti's go for around 350$/€... 980s can be found for less than 300 sometimes. New 1070s go for 450€ without rebate. I mean, you say you're on a budget and then tell us that you can only buy 1060/580 for 400+$, doesn't make sense ^^ If you really really have no other choice in your country, go for the 580 since it's a bit cheaper and will perform on par with a 1060 !
  7. Those prices are ridiculous. Search a bit more and I'm pretty sure you could find some new 1070 or used 980 Ti for less than that.
  8. To reply to your first question, I'm pretty sure they did this because they wanted to add value to a Vega purchase. I mean, With the price bump due to limited supplies at launch, the probable 1080ish performance in most games and the overall lateness of the cards compared to the competition, a Vega card alone isn't the best option. It is there for people who build a PC from scratch with their discount, or for people who already have a Freesync monitor.
  9. I know this might be an obvious thing to bring up, but did you verify in the Nvidia Control Panel that the right refresh rate was selected ? I know, if you disable Vsync everywhere, it shouldn't matter, the frames should be displayed even if 60Hz is selected, but I've seen so many weird stuff with this, it might be worth to just check.
  10. 980 Ti / 1070 for the more budget friendly option (but you'll need to lower some settings in some demanding games to hit 60fps). A 1080 would be ideal to avoid compromises, and a 1080 Ti would be overkill in a lot of games
  11. An overclockable i5 will potentially outperform a 1600 in gaming if you overclock it a lot, but it will still lose hard in every other scenarii. And since the R5 is usually cheaper than its Intel counterpart, it's usually the better choice. Regarding the locked i5, it's not even a viable choice imo, the R5 series killed those CPUs.
  12. So, since the Creator's Update, things went from bad to worse on my Windows installation. I started to see crashes in games I didn't have before so I naively fresh-installed nvidia drivers with ddu just to be sure. No change. Then, games weren't the problem anymore, the whole installation crashed randomly in the weirdest way possible : everything works fine and suddenly, some parts of the interface stops responding (a closing button on a window, the start menu, an entire program...) until everything stops responding. The mouse cursor still moves, but nothing is responding to right
  13. It's extremely easy, it comes with another pair of mounting brackets (at least it came with an extra pair when I bought mine a couple of years ago), and I've yet to found a fan that can't be mounted easily
  14. The thing is, 4k is quite the investment now because a 1080 Ti can barely maintain 60 fps in the most demanding games (you'll have to turn down some settings, but you seem fine with lower framerates). And it's a 700€ GPU ! A 700€ GPU that will struggle quite quickly with newer more demanding games. Plus, Vega is around the corner (maybe, lol) and Volta might come sooner than we expect, like before the end of the year, meaning 1080 Ti performance or more for 400-500€... I personally think it's a bad time to try and buy a GPU so expensive for 4k because it won't last and because viable 4k option
  15. I mean, a 1080 Ti is good for someone who ABSOLUTELY wants 100+fps ultra settings in every game at 1080p. But that still feels like a huge waste. You'd be far better off with a 1070 or even 1080. The 1080 Ti really shines at 1440p imo