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  1. So my question is what version of rtx 2060 should i get. What company should i go for? I have the choice between: Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2060 WINDFORCE OC, 6G GDDR6 which is 20$ more expensive PALIT GeForce RTX 2060 GamingPro OC Gainward GeForce RTX 2060 Phoenix GS
  2. Does the cards top backplate supposed to be hot to the touch when run a benchmark? Thank you very much for answering my stupid question so quickly.
  3. He said it was used for gaming and mining, but it was undervolted when mining. The unigine valley bench just turned off/ crashed on higher settings.
  4. My PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 3.30GHz Motherboard: ASUS H81m-d r2.0 PSU: Cooler master G650M 80plus bronze 650W RAM: DDR3 16gb HDD: 1TB 7200rpm SSD: crusial mx300 500gb I know the psu isn't that good, but i still think it should be enough for this setup. The unigine valley benchmark doesn't seem to stress the card as much and doesn't turn off/crash
  5. It isn't i just use it for temps and kombustor stress test. Could i have plugged in the graphics cards bad?
  6. The drivers are up to date. COD just froze up and heaven benchmark just turned off too like msi kombustor. So i guess they crashed, but neither of them displayed error message.
  7. I'm trying gaming right now. COD seems to work fine. What game would you suggest? By "they turn off after a while" i mean they just turn off . The computer lags a bit and they turn off. I guess they crash but there is no error message or anything.
  8. So i bought a used Asus Rog Strix OC GTX 1080 Ti and when i run furmark or msi kombustor the programs just turn off after a while. The card never even reaches 80c so it shouldn't thermal throttle. There are no artifacts or any of the like. in msi kombustor the GPU load is max only 60% but runs at almoust 2000MHz and in furmark it reaches 99%, but runs at a lower 1600MHz. I run it on a 650w bronze plus power supply witch it should be enough power for it. What should i do? Should i try and return it? When i tested it at the sellers house it was working fine.
  9. I would love to have a new keyboard, my current one is terrible, but its gets the job done.
  10. The headset looks gorgeous... it's just amazing!
  11. What version of the DT 990 are you using? 32ohms, 250ohms or 600ohms?
  12. I was looking for headphones and headsets for hours now, but the DT 990 PRO stood out for me for some reason. I was wondering if i get the 250 Ohm version will i need an amp or can i use them without one and get an amp in the next few months? Or should i get something different for the same price or lower like HyperX Cloud 2 and save the spare money? Maybe someone can suggest something different? Preferably with open design. I will be using them for music, movies, and games... basically everything.
  13. So i just build a new PC and i was trying to test my graphics card and i get this http://i.imgur.com/vb7gyUW.jpg with these settings http://i.imgur.com/IuXEHUW.png Is this bad or this should happen? Asus H81M-D Intel i5-4590 WD Blue 1TB HDD DDR3 Crusial Ballistix 8gb 1600MHz Cooler Master G650m r9 280
  14. Vessel: ForQpine https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 And if you're reading this could you tell someone at vessel to make it so your mouse cursor disappears after some time in full screen mode, thank you!