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    Intel i5-6500U
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    Kingston 8GB DDR3, 1333MHz
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    ProBook 430 G3
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    Samusng m.2 128GB
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    Some noisy brick.
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    macOS (it's a Hackintosh)

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  1. dzonidev

    90km Wireless link

    This looks like a serious microwave link. Thanks for showing this off! The CCR is set up for tunnelling over the link?
  2. You can get an HDMI (or VGA/DVI) splitter and from there you can send the signal to the projector and the monitor. Now, in this case, you'll want to have the same resolution display as the projector or at least a display that can handle a higher/lower resolution, as you're just duplicating the same signal.
  3. dzonidev


    As @Saksham mentioned, IPTV is basically a way to deliver live TV over the internet (IP network). In most cases just buying an IPTV box won't get you far, as they usually come without an IPTV subscription. Now you have forums where you can dig up "illegal" IPTV lists, and basically, those channels are either being rebroadcasted by someone privately or some ISP forgot to filter who has access to their IPTV streams... Those aren't usually very reliable. And there's also the ability to buy a subscription, which is legal (when you're concerned), as you are paying and for that receiving a service. If you look on AliExpress you'll also come across some IPTV boxes that come with free 1/2 year subscriptions for some IPTV service.
  4. dzonidev

    How many of you have your own IP space?

    Here in Serbia, I just don't see an adoption of IPv6 in the next 4-5 years, simply because ISPs buy the cheapest CPE on the market which absolutely has no support for IPv6 and then keep them in service, until they are unusable or they die. The interesting thing is, that most of our core infrastructure is already running IPv6, but the ISP equipment is the bottleneck. Most of the ISPs started to do CG NAT, which is horrifying, honestly. I know one ISP, runs around 9000 clients on a /24..
  5. dzonidev

    A sub $500 build

    $100+ unfortunately. Here mainstream brands are extremely expensive. A 1060GTX on amazon is ~$200, here it's $350+ for entry level. A 4GB 1060 OC is around $470...
  6. dzonidev

    A sub $500 build

    Chieftec PPS-500S Cooler Master RS-500-PCAPI3-BU NJOY Ayrus 450 PWPS-045P02Y-BU01B Raidmax RX-500XT Thermaltake LitePower 450W These are some of the choices for $40 with the exception of CM which is $55. NJOY is some new Romanian brand as far as I understood, it has a mixed reviews but mostly positive.
  7. dzonidev

    A sub $500 build

    CPU: Intel Core i3 - 6100 = $133 MB: Asus H110M-R/C/SI = $62 RAM: Kingston HX421C14FB2/8 = $46 GPU: Asus MINI-GTX950-2G = $202 CASE: MS Industrial SIRIUS 2 = $12 PSU: LC Power LC500H-12 = $33 TOTAL: $488 A little over the initial $450 budget. We will reuse the HDD from the old PC, until he gathers some money for a new one. What do you guys/girls think?
  8. dzonidev

    Basic networking help

    No you don't need to use the internet port. If you have DSL, plug it into the DSL and configure the login details your ISP gave you. The WAN port is there if at some point you decide to switch to cable, then you would have a cable modem which you would have to plug into the WAN port.
  9. dzonidev

    A sub $500 build

    While I do see your point, it's not necessarily true. Used parts are not an option, as there is not warranty. You are right. I will try to find the best deal for the 950. The i5 is way out of range, I can't find even an older gen one for under $200. Maybe I can incorporate an i3-6300 if I can find it for a good price.
  10. dzonidev

    A sub $500 build

    thank you for the suggestion, RX470 is pretty expensive here ($350+). My GPU options boil down to 750Ti, 950 (entry level), R7 370 (OC) or RX460 2GB maybe 4GB.
  11. dzonidev

    A sub $500 build

    I've been tasked with building a PC config for my brother with a rather limited budget. There are a few requirements: - Needs to be bellow 50,000 RSD, which is $447USD. - Needs to be able to run games - Doesn't need any investments (performance wise) in the next 3-4 years There are a few limitations right at the beginning, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or any local online marketplace are not available to me. This needs to be a strictly store build because of the warranty and payment options. Let's be honest these are very unrealistic requirements, but I'm still going to try and fulfill them all What I am looking for is advice here, I have a few configurations already made but I need advice weather I can improve some of the choices or if I should get older more powerful hardware etc. My builds: - AMD + AMD: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/KXNCwV - Intel + nVidia: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/T3kMFd My brother plays games, a lot of them but he plays older games like Fallout 1,2 3, New Vegas, etc.. So, he's not going to play the latest CoD or FarCry or Crysis, but this PC needs to withstand the test of time. He might play Fallout 4.. What I am looking for is the best deal, I don't care if the hardware is 2-3 years old, if it performs better than newer price equivalents. The Case and PSU will be bought with what's left of the budget. I found LC-Power 500W 80+ for $30, and a decent mATX case for $15, so everything else goes on the hardware. The CPU cooler also is handled, I have a brand new LC Power laying around here somewhere. Lastly, the shops where I will buy hardware are: http://www.monitor.rs/ http://gigatron.rs/ http://emmi.rs/ Help me build a proper LTT powered PC for my brother
  12. dzonidev

    Basic networking help

    Something like a Nighthawk would be overkill right now, but would very well age. https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Nighthawk-AC1900-Non-cable-D7000-100NAS/dp/B0111MRL4S/ There is also a cheaper variant. https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-AC1600-WiFi-Modem-Router/dp/B01BG8AOH8/ The reason for choosing these models is that they support ADSL, ADSL 2, ADSL 2+, VDSL, VDSL 2. And if at any point you move to another service provider it has Ethernet WAN support. TP-Link has a few offerings, but they are either compatible with VDSL or ADSL. https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Archer-D7-Wireless-1300Mbps/dp/B00IU85YE6/ Either of these will work for you very well.
  13. dzonidev

    Atom 230 DIY Router?

    To put things into perspective, my Mikrotik gigabit router that can route 1gbps, runs on a 650Mhz single core processor and 128MB of ram. I think you won't have any issues, apart from the port that is at 100Mbps.
  14. dzonidev

    Long Distance WiFi

    https://airlink.ubnt.com/ This will give you an idea of what to expect. You need to have a clear line of sight and you need to carefully align the antennas. This is a serious distance to be honest, from my experience on paper and in practice are two different worlds when it comes to wireless. As for the mounting height, the higher the better. For the equipment, in total you need about $600 USD. Ubiquiti recommends Rocket 5AC + RocketDish LW for PtP links that go over 15km. And the speeds that you can expect are from 50 to 100Mbps if you have a decent setup. All in all, this is a big step to take and you should plan it very carefuly.
  15. dzonidev

    HELP! 34 Network Camera Installation

    Plus one on the Milestone. What is your plan for the network layout?