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  1. @SakuraChan What's the power consumption?
  2. Hello, it's been a couple of days since I can't reply to notification using the microphone, it's just opens and suddenly close. I've tried to reset the watch and it worked for a some minutes, I've updated the default apps then it stopped working again. Any ideas?
  3. Probably because many people started to saturate your ISP and by the contract couldn't guarantee 400Mbit
  4. If you mean other computers you need to monitor it from router or firewall. If you want to monitor your sever's bandwidth I use NetLimiter because I can see the IP, limit the bandwidth of softwares etc..
  5. I was thinking about doing so, but if I backup the entire phone, it will do for the settings too. I can try it but I'd prefer to avoid a long backup & restore
  6. Hello guys, I have a p8 lite 2017 and I have a sound playing everytime an icon pops up on the notification bar, even when turning on the phone (when phone asking for PIN) there's a sound playing or when the phone recieves signal after airplane mode or when it loses it even when it's on silent mode. I tried everything from the settings including disabling everything from the "sound" menu or advanced settings. What can it be?
  7. What's the power consumption of your server?
  8. Must be a a firewall issue. Try to disable it and let us know
  9. If your motherboard's LAN port died you have to buy a PCI NIC
  10. NO-IP is a DDNS service and if you are able to access your things by using your hostname means that you have used port forwarding or have some UPNP service on. When you connect to a VPN you have to pass your clients through it as well. A simply test that you can do is manually add a static route to your LAN network. E.g Client IP from VPN , your home LAN network: If you are using Windows you can connect to your VPN, run CMD as Administrator, run this command: "route add MASK Note the gate
  11. You mean you want to port forward an hyper-v VM Well, maybe first bridge the connection with your curren LAN segment, the you just port forward it from your router/firewall like any other normal device
  12. Maybe the ISP doesn't let you have 2 connections through PPPoE. If you have a modem and a router, try to connect directly into the modem and see what's happening. If it works maybe you have to disable NAT from the modem and let the router only managing it.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I managed somehow to boot it up after booting the Macbook from a windows hard drive. I saw that it was working fine so it couldn't be the GPU, so turned it off and did a PRAM reset and a internet recovery. After fixing the HDD with the Mac's tools it booted up, but it took like 5 minutes. The programs were so slow to open up so I thought it was something wrong with the HDD. After opening up Safari I had a blue screen and it shutted down. I took away the HDD and did a full sector scan and it had a damaged sector. I thought it had both GPU and HDD problems so I bought