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    i5 3570
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    Asrock H77 Pro/MVP
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    Sapphire RX 480 4GB Nitro+
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    Sharkoon S25-W
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    1TB Seagate, 500gb WDC Green, 120gb Hyperx SSD
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    Seasonic x650
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    Zowie XL2411
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    Filco Ninja (full size - browns)
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    Zowie FK2 + Zowie PTF Spawn edition
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    DT770 Pro 80 ohms + Fiio K1
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    Jakarta, and yes, I hate the daily commute here.
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    I have a sweet spot for Beyerdynamic products

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  1. Go for the HyperX clouds, they have great SQ for a gaming headset at their price point. Above it however, i would stick to a proper headphone.
  2. Just RMA it if you can, gaming products are like lottery, you never know, sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you get a defective one..
  3. Cloud core, because its an OEM of Pro 80, from Takstar, a well known Chinese audio brand. AFAIK pro 80 is based on Beyerdynamic 770 with slight lower quality. Stinger is made by kingston themselves iirc, so sound quality wise it would be below Core, but with that being said i never tried stinger on, so all of this is still my assumptions. Core or cloud 1 are the only gaming headsets i can recommend at their price point.
  4. Yes for Ryzen and also yes for Vega. But AFAIK Vega will come out as enthusiast GPUs (around $350++) first and the normal consumer market GPUs around end of the year.
  5. DT770, better than m50x, with controlled bass, better soundstage, sound sig wise they are kinda similar
  6. K7XX is great, but this tho.. Based on the 598 with little tweaks, at $120 its a steal deal imo..
  7. Personally i would go for the DT990, i got to demo them for some time, love them alot, still on my wishlist this year. Regarding sound leakage, yes there are, Will it pick up to a mic? i don't think so, i used shp9500 + vmoda boompro, no sound picked up by the mic, open back are not loud enough to be picked up by mics if used at a normal listening level. Once you pick up good headphones, no way you're going to go back to gaming headsets. But with that being said, DT990 is a no go for public use. Like above mentioned, COP would be good if you're going to use them in public.
  8. Please update me later on the info. Want to see the results
  9. Ah then, i will sit back and watch until someone comes up with a solution. This is new to me. Theory wise there shouldn't be a bottleneck unless he starts playing 1440p with ultra settings..
  10. I'm using i5 3570 + deepcool gammax 400 (max 55C on load) and rx480, there is no bottlenecks at all until now, even in doom/bf4/witcher playing in high-ultra at 1080p. Maybe its your processor heating up or something like that?
  11. Have a look here, don't need to change as the cooler is compatible with most mobo and socket
  12. Virtual is a way to emulate 7.1/5.1 channel whereas your headphone only have 2 channel or 2 speakers and is mostly software which you can download for free. Real 7.1/5.1 is when you have 7/5 speakers on each side which is ridiculous but there are people who make it, Razer, Gskill etc. They tried implementing it but when using the headset, the transition between speakers when you're moving in game is not smooth and feels lacking in some of the drivers. Using surround sound feels like using a tin can, soundstage expands but feels hollow and weird for me. A good headphone is the way to go. Open back headphones is like surround sound feeling more or less but no tin can hollowness or all of those stuff. ATH AD500x/700x are great below $100 for open back with great sound stage & positioning especially in FPS games. This headphone will destroy most gaming headsets and surround sound gimmick they come with.
  13. Yeah, living in SEA have its pros and cons. Will try to get them personally later tho, maybe the stack to make my desk look cool lol or just get fulla 2
  14. Ah yes, Schiit Fulla 2, get those OP. Fiio E10K was an example from my perspective cos i cannot get schiit products here.