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  1. Gaming headset: HyperX Cloud 1 (cloud 2 comes with a extra crappy usb dongle, the rest are the same, from sound to the accessories they come with). Headphone combo: SHP9500 (open back) + Vmoda Boompro (this is a superb combo, no gaming headsets can come close to it, especially in the price point). Open back headphone will provide better sound quality & soundstage which will help you play the game better BUT you will sacrifice sound leakage. Not that recommended if you're playing in a noisy environment. But I would still personally go for the SHP9500..
  2. Yeah they are pretty good on isolation and comfort is okay imo..
  3. Regarding Sennheiser Headsets, don't bash me yet, i heard positive things about the PC37X, yes its a Massdrop exclusive product. They use the HD598 drivers which sounds better than the Game one/zero (which are basically HD518 iirc).. At $120 its a nice deal if you ask me..
  4. From the choices provided, i would go for the Arctis, but only the Arctis 3, you can use the DTS engine too if you're into that kind of stuff. Arctis 5 and above are full of nonsense with their gaming gimmicks. HyperX cloud are better than any of the mentioned headsets.. But its still much better to stick with a proper headphones and a separate mic..
  5. There i fixed it for you. Can't go wrong with that one
  6. Have a look here: DT770 will do a better job than m50x and fits perfectly to your genre of music.
  7. They are good, the best SS headset out there (sounds like TAD300 but closed back version) but i would still pick the HyperX Cloud 1 or just go with a proper headphone + boompro/modmic...
  8. Yeah i knew i was missing something posting yesterday.. Oh well, here we are
  9. Cmiiw, amplification usually is hardware stuff which is mostly external hardware, soo software amps might be a gimmick too.. Unless you have the hardware amps thingy on the mobo like the gigabytes one where you need to manually pick the switches for amplifying the audio although i never tried this..
  10. I don't think any additional software is necessary as it can alter the sound of the headphone.. A good headphone can do wonders for you, in music, recording and even in games, you don't need that surround sound gimmick
  11. From my experience, K612 has a large soundstage and quite neutral too. Picking apart the details in music and also gaming is super easy. Bass is ok. Requires slightly more power than HD598 iirc, but you will be fine with the current setup. Would go with the K612 pro
  12. I think you should be fine as HD5xx series don't require an amp.. AKG 612 pro are more power consuming unit but its not very hard to drive these...
  13. If that's the case i would go for HD558/598.. But if you do have the time and place to test them out, please do test the AKG 612 pro too..
  14. Those are good enough for general overall use. HD558 to be a more budget friendly solution for the HD598. But if both are cheap just get the HD598.. For a little bit more neutral it would be AKG612 pro and audio whoring in games, or more v-shape sound DT990...
  15. By default everyone including me will suggest HD558, they are great for overall usage and sound almost similar to the HD598. Closedback would be DT770