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    R5 1600 @ 3.7 ghz
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    Gigabyte AB350 - Gaming 3
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    Patriot Viper 16GB @3066mhz
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    Zotac 1060 6GB Amp+ 9gbps
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    Sharkoon S25-W
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    1TB Seagate, 500gb WDC Green, 120gb Hyperx SSD
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    Seasonic x650
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    Zowie XL2411
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    Filco Ninja (full size - browns)
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    Zowie FK2 + Qck Hyperbeast
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    Jakarta, and yes, I hate the daily commute here.
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    I have a sweet spot for Beyerdynamic products

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  1. Sound Blaster g5 or Sennheiser gsx 1000

    Nope, not necessary, you can try the headphones first then fool around with the settings for surround, for example: in BF games you can toggle it to surround and CSGO to HRTF, to get the surround sound feel without the need to purchase any more external "gaming" soundcards, its mostly amp + dac cramped up together and sold as a package which is inferior in quality from a proper amp/dac in my experience. Good headphones will provide the absolute best audio that it can produce without the artificial gimmicks such as virtual surround sound. This gimmick is mostly to sell cheap headset at a higher price and makes it look premium whereas they are actually in most cases crap. AMP to Drive the headphones means, to provide enough power to turn on the headphone to your used listening level up to a point of discomfort listening levels. Nowadays motherboards are more than capable to drive most headphones with some few exceptions.
  2. Amp Recommendation for Sennheiser PC37X Headset

    Should you need an amp, Fiio K1 can be a cheap solution. But i feel there's something wrong from the pc side, cos that headset is quite easy to drive. Have you tried it with your phone just for the sake of trying it out?
  3. Sound Blaster g5 or Sennheiser gsx 1000

    ad700x itself are easy to drive, so getting an "amp" is not necessary.. You don't NEED G5 or GSX 1000, its a WANT actually from my prespective. For gaming, 700x gets the job easily done, virtual surround sound are mostly software and gimmicky they sound like hollow tin cans, you can download them free on the internet. Sound engines in games are getting better (ex: BF games) so you don't need any of those 2, unless or until your pc audio board is super duper crap or comes from the stone age.
  4. Need new headpones G4me ones broke

    I don't think amp is necessary, your phone can easily drive the headphone. But they do benefit from them. Sound wise i'm quite sure they are up to your liking, but like i said, try them on first in a local audio shop if possible, don't just blindly buy them. OR get Philips X2? Super fun headphone, with great bass, open back, good mids if you like em. Compatible with Vmoda boompro to make it a great gaming headset! Try having a sound demo from Z-reviews on youtube. Yes hes not the most reliable source of reviews, but his sound demo videos provides a general idea of what the sound sig of the headphone will be.
  5. Need new headpones G4me ones broke

    I think DT880 / DT990 might fancy you. But if possible, do try them out first at the local store before buying them..
  6. +1 on SHP9500 + Vmoda Boom pro, best "headset" in the price bracket, none from your list can match the sound provided by this combo. BUT if you don't like or can't get em, cloud alpha is a good solution. The rest are still inferior to alpha imo. Stay away from Razer especially in the Audio department, i have never heard any good audio stuff from them..
  7. Headset Choice

    Cloud 1 got extra velour cushion if you want to swap out the leather pads. On the other hand, like i said, seek out SHP9500 + boompro if you can, its an open back headphone, with great soundstage, sounds way better than any of the above mentioned headsets..
  8. Headset Choice

    HyperX Clouds are the headsets to go, you can choose from Cloud Core or Cloud 1 (if you need the extra accessories), they are a rebrand of Takstar Pro80 with slightly modified drivers. There are plenty of reviews regarding this headset. Arctis 3 can be an alternative for when you are not able to find HyperX Cloud / Core. I would not even touch razer headsets at all, just no, a big no. You know what i'm saying if you have tried their "gaming" headsets. However if you can find this combo: SHP9500 + vmoda boompro, it would beat any to almost all gaming headsets under $100 (amazon us price as a benchmark).
  9. HyperX Alpha with Cloud II soundcard

    Haven't tried the alpha's yet, but seems interesting. I read some changes here and there (physical wise) but nothing major in terms of sound. As for the sound card, you're better off not using them. Cos its so bad, it makes everything sounds like listening to a hollow can. CSGO HRTF sound engine is actually quite good, that should be more than enough "surround sound" for you. You don't need an extra useless sound card.
  10. Sennheiser Game one or HD559 + mic ?

    IIRC, 559 are a newer version of 558, and suppose you can get a good deal with 558 + modmic (or something similar), you should go for it. The difference between 558 & 598 are very minimal, and suggested above, you can do a simple mod (tutorials on youtube) and turn your 558 into almost identical to 598. But with that being said, i haven't tried the 559 personally, its just based on my observation about that product cos 559 haven't reached here at all. G4me series uses 558 drivers with slight modification, attach a boom mic and sold at a hefty price cos of the "gaming" tag.
  11. DT770/990 Difference

    770 - closed back. "The headphone that should be hyped instead of the ATH-M50X. Broadly similar V-shape to the M50X with more treble and less boosted bass. Excellent soundstage for a closed headphone. High comfort due to velour pads. Non removable 3.5mm cable." 990 - open back. "Similar to the DT880 Pro in sound, but with a more V-shaped sound signature, adding much more midbass in particular. Shares the same pad models with the DT880 Pro and the rest of the Beyerdynamic DT line. Non-removable 3.5mm cable." I personally vouch for 770 if you're going to be a casual gamer and doesn't want noise leakage, it also has superb sub-bass. One of my fav headphones for all around enjoyment.. Sauce:
  12. Sennheiser Game ZERO question

    I would like to add up my opinion, G4me series from my experience are using the HD558 with slight modification in terms of sound. The PC37X from massdrop are using the HD598 with slight modification..
  13. Looking for new Gaming headset!

    I would go for Cloud Core or Cloud 1 if you need the extra accessories. But if its possible, like the others may have already recommended, SHP9500 + vmoda boompro will the best gaming headset in the price bracket imo..
  14. Good Headset

    TH-X00 with modmic, super fun headphone to play games or watch movies with!
  15. logitech g633 or hyperx cloud 2 ?

    It should be fine. Great? nope. Enough? yes..