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    i5 3570
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    Asrock H77 Pro/MVP
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    Sapphire RX 480 4GB Nitro+
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    Sharkoon S25-W
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    1TB Seagate, 500gb WDC Green, 120gb Hyperx SSD
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    Seasonic x650
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    Zowie XL2411
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    Filco Ninja (full size - browns)
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    Zowie FK2 + Qck Hyperbeast
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    AKG Q701 + Fiio K1
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    Jakarta, and yes, I hate the daily commute here.
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    I have a sweet spot for Beyerdynamic products

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  1. +1 dt770, love the bass, soundstage (for a closed back) and imaging. You will love them
  2. Cmiiw, modmics are sold almost in every country in Europe. Have a look at amazon Europe. I'm quite sure there are plenty. There is only 1 modmic made by Antlion. You can ask him @AAJoe for further details.
  3. Games do have high audio quality, it depends on the games, for example, csgo have lower audio quality compared to bf4, cod aw, divinity original sins etc. Yes, a better headphone can produce better sounds, before using headphones, i was using SS v2 for sometime, sound signature was not to my liking and it feels a little muffled, i was lent a akg q701 from a buddy of mine that time, and it was way better, better details, larger sound stage, positioning, excellent bass, and so on. I do know they are priced differently, but my point is, having a better headphone will play a better role in your experience for listening to music or just playing games. It also depends on what headset and headphone do you have to be able to notice the difference, my younger brother just don't bother about sound and said all of my headphones sounds the same. lol
  4. Your choice is already good. Nowadays mobo can handle the dt990 250ohms easily as they are more sensitive compared to other headphones. Also the headphone fits your genre of music easily, although the treble can be little bit annoying for some people. Amp/dac is not a necessity, but like you said, you can get them later if you want to.
  5. Get a HyperX cloud core or 1 (if you need the extra accessories), core - 1 - 2 sounds the same with difference in the accessories they come with. Sounds better than what you have mentioned. Above the price of cloud 1 however, i would stick to a proper headphone + modmic/boompro.
  6. Openback: HD558, sounds quite similar to HD598, do a simple mod and you can turn them to hd598. Closedback: AKG 553/550 or DT770
  7. HyperX cloud core or cloud 1 (if you need the accessories) is the way to go. Cloud core - 1 - 2 sounds exactly the same with differences in accessories. Cloud 2 comes with a crappy usb dongle. Logitech are meh, generally speaking, gaming headset are expensive and not worth at all, you're paying for the marketing, average to decent sound quality and cheap plastic... Its better to go for proper audio brand headphone + boompro/modmic.
  8. Dackzy deserves the best answer btw, he basically gave the right answer
  9. Cant use the boom pro unless or until you do a detachable 3.5 mm mod. Modmic should be fine. Good combo
  10. They are exactly the same, waste of extra cash if you ask me. Game series are HD518 + boom mic, not really worthed if its near the dt990. As Dackzy mentioned, dt990 is a great choice. I would go for 250 ohms pro. Should be fine with nowadays mobos.
  11. Dota 2 is heavier than that one piece game. Ok what i get from all the information provided: 1. The PSU might is a cheapo one, the unit cant handle heavy load. Once the load hits, it crashes/restarts. Theory wise, a good psu with 400W +/- will handle the pc with ease, but a cheapo psu on the other hand will cause problems. Or, 2. The components are overheating due to cheap fans and no exhaust fans, the hot stuff is just laying there not pushed outside the case. Please manage your airflow. Try playing with the side panel opened up for once. Like i said check your temperatures during load, fire up the game, alt tab and look at the temps. Use Hardware Monitor if you want to check your temps. Or, 3. The most simple step which involves no hardwork at all, just re-install the drivers and games. If it doesn't work, revert to step 1 or 2.
  12. Seems to be a cheapo chinese oem brand, never the less, did the fans come with the case or? what about exhaust fans? you have any? Anyways, check your temperatures of the component. Try 1 game with the case side panel open.
  13. If you haven't made the rig, wait for ryzen. Worth the wait imo.
  14. Headset - HyperX cloud 1 or core if you don't need the accessories. They sound exactly the same with differences in the accesories. Headphones: Sennheiser HD558/Philips SHP9500 + vmoda boompro
  15. Are your temps good? i suspect overheating might be the problem. What case do you have and how many fans are there. Your build looks like an average office build which screams bad airflow (in majority of cases).