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    R7 1700
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    Gigabyte AB350 - Gaming 3
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    Patriot Viper 16GB @3200mhz
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    Sapphire RX 480 4GB Nitro+
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    Sharkoon S25-W
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    1TB Seagate, 500gb WDC Green, 120gb Hyperx SSD
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    Seasonic x650
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    Zowie XL2411
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    Filco Ninja (full size - browns)
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    Zowie FK2 + Qck Hyperbeast
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    Fostex TH-X00
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    Jakarta, and yes, I hate the daily commute here.
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  1. Don't break the bank might vary to different people, for me $100-150 doesn't break the bank sooo you get the idea. However, it's recommended to check out the pinned thread:
  2. Personally i'm not into the whole surround sound thingy from dolby or even creative cos its very gimmicky imo feels like you're listening through a tin can, vanilla 2 channel sound from headphones are the best, feels more natural both playing games and listening to music. Yes, zero are closed, people use it more for LANS and noisy environment. G4me one would be better if you don't mind leaking out sound, bass is less but feels more natural than the zero. I usually max out the windows and adjust the headset if needed, usually both at max shouldn't be a problem.
  3. They are massdrop made so you can purchase them anytime, but i just looked again, i think there's a time frame again now like before? its a hot commodity so it will come up in around a week maybe? I remember it going up very fast after finishing the very first drop.
  4. Ah ic, then if you really want a headset just go for the PC37X (massdrop only, pls have a look at this first) for $120 USD its a great option, using HD598 modified drivers with a boom mic, great value imo, sound wise its almost identical with HD598, but with more bass from my experience. Or if youre not willing to wait g4me one $229 AUD (open) is ok although kinda expensive with modified HD558 drivers (im using pccasegear Australia as source)
  5. Schiit Fulla 2 will get the job done imo..
  6. Since there's control box present there, it cannot be muted afaik.
  7. Have a listen to them. If i just research on the net without actually listening to the product first hand i might as well say HD800S suck balls lol.
  8. Cloud 2 is better, if you don't need the crappy usb dongle, then go for the Cloud core, its exactly the same thing without the usb dongle and other acc.
  9. From my personal pov, its not worthed to get a gaming headset, summ1t is sponsored thats why hes using it. And the headset he is using is basically ath700x + a mic which actually can be bought at a cheaper price, the only downside it there will be 2 separate cables. Whats your budget if i may ask.
  10. If i may ask, have you used/listened to the SHP9500? just out curiosity..
  11. I don't think you require an amp, cos new hardware (pc mobos) can power them up to good volumes. If you do need one, i would recommend to get Schiit Fulla 2..
  12. Massdrop has the PC37X they are basically modified 598 drivers with a boom mic at $120, which is a bargain imo for an all in one solution.
  13. Not at all. Just get the arctis 3. You can also use the surround sound software with the ss engine if you fancy that kind of stuff.
  14. Cmiiw, you're comparing a "gaming" headset with an audio headphone and closed back with a semi open one. There are bound to have differences, kinda like comparing apple with oranges. HyperX Cloud core/ 1 / 2 are actually ok having a little bit modified drivers of Takstar Pro 80, that's why its famous and they're quite comfy. Sound & comfort wise, i would recommend SHP9500 (openback) + vmoda boompro, cant beat that combo under $100 (when i bought them some time back).