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    R7 1700
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    Gigabyte AB350 - Gaming 3
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    Patriot Viper 16GB @3200mhz
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    Sapphire RX 480 4GB Nitro+
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    Sharkoon S25-W
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    1TB Seagate, 500gb WDC Green, 120gb Hyperx SSD
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    Seasonic x650
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    Zowie XL2411
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    Filco Ninja (full size - browns)
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    Zowie FK2 + Qck Hyperbeast
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    Fostex TH-X00
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    Jakarta, and yes, I hate the daily commute here.
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    Basketball, PC and learning about Audio stuff
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    I have a sweet spot for Beyerdynamic products

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  1. Amp for my DT770 80 ohm?

    Hmm.. Your mobo is actually capable to provide enough power for the headphone.. Is the mobo settings properly configured? Just curious.. BUT IF you really want to get an amp, Schiit fulla 2 is a great solution for $100.. Cheaper one is Fiio K1, its okay (not good nor bad), just to deliver that extra power when needed.
  2. For pure gaming especially fps gaming, ath-500x / 700x are great, but the wing design doesn't fit everyone. But for overall usage HD558 is a better choice imo..
  3. Hi dude, this will be a little bit off topic, but what nubajj said was right, Cloud (core, 1 & 2) has Takstar pro 80 internals with slight modification, both internally and externally and sold as a gaming headset in a lower price. I knew a guy who opened both and found out they're almost identical, Sound wise, the mids and highs are a little bit recessed on the clouds, the bass quantity is a tad more in the clouds. He mentioned that in better setups, the difference are more noticeable. I can search the post if you want me to From what i notice, since hyperx clouds released, takstar immediately discontinued the pro 80 in the same exact year, i assume kingston bought the rights for it? (just a wild guess).. With that being said, its a good gaming headset, the only gaming headset i can recommend, still inferior sound quality to audiophile headphones but you get your moneys worth imo. Note: just 2cents of mine, you may agree or disagree, its all up to you.. -------------------------------- Dear OP, HD280 will do you good, i tried them for a few weeks, its a good headphone!
  4. DT770 Pro's

    TH-X00 is mostly closed back, the open part is super small for the bass reflex iirc. It gets a good seal cos of the leather pads, but the sound leakage is super minimal, you wont even notice it when using the headphone. You can have a look at the open part if you're curious about it.. You see the gap between the wood and the black part? that is the gap which i'm talking about. Any who, good luck on the hunt for the headphones!
  5. DT770 Pro's

    I agree with Daniel. Great & fun headphone for casual gaming, music and movies. Love the bass! Its not mandatory but IF you have extra cash laying around, go for Massdrop x fostex TH-X00, its semi open (very minimal to no sound leakage tho), large soundstage, smooth vocals, awesome bass, i got both and love the TH-X00, just overall better headphone.
  6. Sennheiser HD 4.20s Vs HD 518

    Ah i see a man of culture as well.. I got the ZS3 & ZST, both are serving me good. I prefer the ZST, but will try 1More triple drivers, heard good things about it... Oh crap, i read it wrong then lol. (Sorry yesterday was a hectic day hehehe) Like i said, the sound engine on that game is already good. No need to change/upgrade imo. Just play and improve yourself, the game is not that hard
  7. Sennheiser HD 4.20s Vs HD 518

    Nah, HD518 is already good. I play that game while using KZ ZST and have no problem picking up sounds, name it gunshots (even silenced ones), footsteps and vehicles too. You just need to train your awareness in game, the game sound engine is quite good imo. BUT if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to purchase a better headphone for gaming, i would go for AD700X, that's just pure fun to play in. But not for me if i'm listening to music, just not my taste.
  8. best gaming headset 250$ US Budget

    It's a good setup, but i would prefer DT770 than the m50x.
  9. Headphone + amp for 600$

    Fidelio X2 are fun and doesn't need an amp. Another plus side it can use v-moda boompro if so you desire to game on it.. More headphones for reference please do have a look here:
  10. AD900X good for gaming?

    Around $100, HD558 is also a good choice, a small mod will help turn it into HD598.. Agree with @Tacanacy
  11. Good IEM's for $250

    But but but its a USA brand lol https://usa.1more.com/products/triple-driver-in-ear-headphones One of my friend recommended these cos i liked my th-x00 sound sig, maybe i will give them a shot later on...
  12. Good IEM's for $250

    Hi Kev, May i ask about 1more triple drivers? i've read good things about it, but haven't got the chance to listen to them myself. Maybe it could be a consideration for op?
  13. Weird brand ssd Would it be ok to get ?

    IIRC, Hynix is an old player in the memory department & many ram modules are made by their chips. Nowadays many Ram modules uses samsung chips. So getting that SSD should be fine if you want to save some cash.
  14. audiophile level headphones

    Don't break the bank might vary to different people, for me $100-150 doesn't break the bank sooo you get the idea. However, it's recommended to check out the pinned thread:
  15. Closed or Open Audio technica Headsets

    Personally i'm not into the whole surround sound thingy from dolby or even creative cos its very gimmicky imo feels like you're listening through a tin can, vanilla 2 channel sound from headphones are the best, feels more natural both playing games and listening to music. Yes, zero are closed, people use it more for LANS and noisy environment. G4me one would be better if you don't mind leaking out sound, bass is less but feels more natural than the zero. I usually max out the windows and adjust the headset if needed, usually both at max shouldn't be a problem.