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    I own a Raspberry Pi model B


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    AMD A8-6600k APU
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    something something Gigabyte
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    16 GB
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    the APU's Radeon HD 8570D
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    120 GB Samsung EVO SSD + HDD
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    530w BeQuiet!
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    Samsung 24" SyncMaster P2450
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    Logitech MX 518
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    Logitech 2.1 system. Aged but still very good!
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    Windows 7 / #! / elementary OS

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  1. I want to do the same, I run owncloud and a xmpp server on a raspi 3, which works fine, but I still would want some hdd's in there and run an i2p server and other stuff in the future on it aswell. I am currently waiting for the new AMD processors to be released, but think that this topic deserves a lot of discussion.
  2. Hello I would make a really good looking steam machine out of it, my tower is too big right now and I could use an upgrade
  3. I like the keyboard best, because its all black and really slick looking.
  4. Hey I never had a small keyboard, only numpad ones... Sometimes I use the numpad but that's not very often so I could easily do without it.
  5. HullZ


    Next time microwave it longer. But dont put any back into the microwave. It even says so on the bag I bet.
  6. what is aholes, I am not a native english speaker ]:-P
  7. So yeah I got a used Thinkpad for really cheap and just want to know how soon I should replace the hdd. I figured out that read speeds do not exceed 6mb/sec while copying, which is pretty bad, right? I wanted to get an SSD anyways I guess. EDIT: Yeah I added the screenshots for those of you who are not good at guessing
  8. I am studying computer science in the first semester atm. Its different than I thought it would be, but I had no idea what it would be. If have some programming skills, that would be kind of helpful, but not at all necessary. I did not know any programming language and I am currently learning Java as an example of what they can do, how they are. But keep in mind, that computer science is mostly theorie - maths and theoretical computer science. Thats what I am doing in first semester right now. One course Java, one course linear algebra and one course theoretical computer science. Its going to be the only programming course of my entire time at uni! So thats how much theoretical stuff computer science is. Theoretical computer science is very abstract and you will feel a lot like in a maths lesson. It took me a while to be able to understand the difference to maths. So yeah just google theoretical computer science and you'll know a little more if you have got what it takes to be a computer scientist EDIT: Wait, you where not asking about computer science? Damn it!
  9. Studying computer science in Berlin and I do everything but programming with pen and paper. Theres so much theory to learn and thats best learned with pen and paper. I think the days where we will have nearly no paper are still fairly far away. If you have highly complicated maths its easiest to have no distractions etc. Ever tried to write down math formulas with a keyboard? I know theres the "word" for mathematicians and computer scientists, which is tex, but its still more difficult then pen and paper. So yeah eLearning is a good thing as long as it has benefits over traditional ways to learn.
  10. Ah okay. Well, ok. Painfull death it is True, but like I said theres a fortunate ration of females to males once you become of retirement age.
  11. are you serious? I mean you dont even have to die painfully nowadays, theres morphine and so on. like thats going to be hot only because you are old
  12. a) I am not playing PC games all day at the moment. I am actually nearly not gaming at all. I mean I am 21 and I live in Berlin. b) You dont know my life plans at all c) I was talking about after retirement, so the job wont be a problem, but theres possibly a huge time gap to fill from a previous 9-5 job.