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  1. A nice suggestion and I appreciate it but for some of the programs I no longer have the .exe files
  2. Hi all, just installed a gtx1070 into my system and it has caused havoc with a lot of drivers, I have tried everything including DDU, reinstall drivers etc... but the long and the short of it is that my pc is unusable in this state so im going to reset windows and start from scratch, my only concern is I have a lot of programs that I use regularly that I have no way of reinstalling after the reset as I got most of them either using my University student email address when I was still studying, or from websites that no longer exist. now that I'm a graduate getting fresh copies is no longer possible and others I just simply can't find where I downloaded them from as the sites for them just don't exist anymore. Is there any way for me to effectively recreate or generate an installer exe file for these existing files so that I can reinstall them after I perform a reset? TLDR: My PC is screwed so Im resetting windows, any way for me to save my irreplaceable programs? thanks
  3. I would prefer to win the blade. As a student I need lightness and comfort for lectures and banging out assignments, as an event technician I need reliability to run Autocad, Chamsys MagicQ, L'Acoustics Soundvision, Resolume and Cast Wysiwyg for long periods of time without issue, as a producer I need a good selection of ports for my soundcard, external hard drive full of samples, midi keyboard and mouse and as a gamer I need power to run all of my favourite games on the go. As far as I can tell the blade ticks all of those boxes and more and would be a fantastic replacement for my current laptop which struggles with the most basic games, word, chrome and can't even run the programs i need for work. I am desperate for an upgrade
  4. i thought that as well but it seems they havent released a tkl version yet great keyboard but lacks rgb LEDs which is what im after
  5. thanks for the suggestions guys but it has to be RGB as the keyboard is going to be long lasting and i change my set up colour often and the shine 5 isn't tenkeyless I don't think and I'm also not sure if it has blue switches or not
  6. Thanks, I did look at the Ducky One and it looks fantastic but unfortunately they don't do the one in Cherry MX blue switches with a UK layout. Thank you so much for the /r/MechanicalKeyboards and DIY suggestions though, I will definitely have to check them out.
  7. thank you for the suggestion but the lack of a backlight at all let alone rgb backlighting and the greetech switches instead of genuine cherry switches are deal breakers for me thanks anyway
  8. Hi all Has anyone come across any tenkeyless mechanical keyboards with the UK layout, Cherry MX Blue switches, RGB lighting and a understated non "gamery" look (I consider the Ducky One TKL and the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S good examples of non "gamery" looking keyboards and are the sort of things I'm looking for) I've come across various combinations of these features but never one that has them all. I know there is a shortage of RGB MX blue switches but despite that I've seen exactly the kind of keyboards I want with blue switches just with the US layout: for example http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA9FT3ZU8009 can anyone help because I'm getting close to the point of sacrificing blue switches for browns which I really don't want to do being a big fan of blues thanks
  9. currently using an r9 280x but this would be nice as i plan to upgrade my entire rig and i would love to have a card that can power an ultrawide
  10. Awesome little projector, would be great for me to use in a home theatre or for me to use in work as an event technician, the portability and tiny footprint would make it ideal for corporate events and conferences and would save me a hell of a lot of money as I usually have to fork out a huge chunk of my given budget on a 10k lumen projector because the only place there's room for it is right at the back of the room so i need the extra power, but this i can leave at the front and save a lot of money which i can then spend on making the event even better for my clients and the optical audio s/pdif out will make playback through the PA even easier as I won't need to place a decoder between the HDMI source and the mixing desk. plus the LED bulb wont give me the same rediculous amounts of heat that usually comes from the 10k projectors (who needs a space heater when you've got a 10k projector) Awesome product, kudos LG, praying that i get one!
  11. thanks, I'll give Acronis a look its reassuring to hear that it will be fine and yes I'm cloning just my data drive, my OS is on my SSD
  12. I would like to avoid using linux for anything if I can help it, I have no experience with it and I really don't want to mess something as important as my data but thanks anyway
  13. Hi all, My current pc set up (running Windows) is typical HDD for mass storage/SSD for OS & Important programs, a few months ago my seagate 2TB hard drive started making the clicking noise of death and it didn't bother me too much because I knew that it was unlikely to fail straight away but it eventually got to the point where I didn't want to take the risk anymore so I bought a 3TB Toshiba drive, I know that I can't just copy and paste everything and expect it to work flawlessly so I looked into drive cloning. I've never attempted drive cloning before so I would like to know if all of the programs and games will work (I know the windows registry plays a big part in that) using the cloned drive or if I will need to reinstall everything (I would really like to avoid having to do that), also what cloning software would you guys recommend for this, I've heard Easeus a few times but I'm really a fish out of water here Many thanks
  14. Hi all My router is currently in its best position for coverage, it covers all of upstairs, the living room and the dinning room but unfortunately it doesn't cover the kitchen which is a shame because I like to stream my favourite series and music as I cook. If I move my router to a position that covers the kitchen I lose coverage for a lot of upstairs and some of the living room which is a big no for me. My shed outside is quite close to my kitchen (the furthest point of the shed is roughly 30ft away from the middle) and it would be ideal if my coverage could reach. My initial thought is to get a second router and if I do go for this option, what cheap AC routers would you recommend? and if I don't go for this option what other solutions can you recommend? also a lot of the devices I am using don't have LAN ports and I like to be able to move my devices about so a wired solution is not an option. I appreciate any help, advice and suggestion cheers.
  15. huh, seems strange that nvidia would alienate the lower end like that but i suppose nvidia restricting things is pretty typical these days. yeah they should support them but i have never seen anyone do it