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  1. thanks guys, the PC has been doing just fine, but recently I have 2x crashes while playing Valorant. I am trying to do an upgrade now because it is the end of financial year, but I guess I will hold out until later.
  2. Re-installing Windows means I need to get a new boot drive, or wipe clean the current one?
  3. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this questions but googling doesn't help much. I am planning to upgrade most of my system built in late 2014: From: Intel i& 4790K, GTX 980Ti, 16GB DDR3 RAM To: Ryzen 7 3700X, GTX 2080Ti, 16GB DDR4 RAM with a X570 chipset I will be keeping my Power Supply (750W from EVGA), Case (Phanteks Enthoo Luxe). What I am wondering, however, is the storage options, currently rocking a boot drive SSD and 2x HDD for storage & games. Is there anything I need to do/prepare before swapping out the CPU & Motherboard? Can I reuse the OS on my current boot drive? Can I just plug the old drives in the new motherboard and boot up the thing up? Thanks
  4. Again, I never said "nothing could beat the M50X" , what I meant was that it would be hard to find a pair of headphones at $125 that are so feature-rich: sound quality (albeit might not the best), build quality, portability (foldable!!!!), detachable cable. Of course, this only matters if the OP also intends to use his cans as a portable. For home use only, everything else is as you have said, and I should really stop now before I look like a jerk
  5. Well i never said "impossible" did I :). Sound quality and comfort wise, there ARE other headphones that are better than the m50x (the Phillips above are among them, IMHO at least) BUT, At $125 the M50x is still a pretty good deal, especially when they are very versatile with lots of features: good build quality, lightweight & fordable, detachable cable (and more than one are included), they can be used either as a portable or home use Please do, I am genuinely curious at this price range, since I only had previously ownes the M30x, M50x Sennheiser HD518, HD598, Philips SHP9500, Fidelio L1, Shure Se215 Th As others have said, the HD558 are pretty close to the HD598, but fire away if you can find a pair at discounted price
  6. First of all, please pardon me for misreading the OP as I thought the budget for the amp alone was $125 haha ...Ehem...the bass is definitely there in the M50x, but it can use a bit of boost or EQ change, of course this might only apply to me. In any cases, the Fiio E10k or the Q1 are great product for their price, you can have a bit more I often prefer to directly toggle the bass boost on the fly, rather than tinkering with EQ every time. But yeah, perhaps the OP should play with the EQ first before getting any amp, the M50x should run fine without additional amp. And for any headphones under $125, it's pretty hard to beat the M50x at that price, the only thing that comes to my mind is this http://www.amazon.com/Philips-SHP9500-Precision-Over-ear-Headphones/dp/B00ENMK1DW?ie=UTF8&keywords=philips headphones&qid=1461155179&ref_=sr_1_5&s=electronics&sr=1-5 here is the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aipXii-qWiQ I personally also own these and can voucher for their sound quality, BUT I'm not so sure if the bass suit your taste since they are quite neutral (and being open back has some drawback as well)
  7. The M50X indeed does NOT need an amp. HOWEVER, despite sounding pretty good in general, I find the Bass inn the M50X a bit lacking, so I paired them with a couple of Fiio DAC/Amp combos that have the bass boost options - the E10k and Q1 in particular, and it turns out better than I expected. Both the Fiio 10k and Q1 are under your budget so perhaps you should check them out? Also, the Q1 is an actually portable device with battery in it so you can use with with your phone, I think the 10k is only for destop/laptop use though
  8. The first thing that comes to mind when you mention "in ear headphones with BASS" are the Sennheiser IE-80, but those are pretty expensive, I got mine for ~220 AUD but that's still way above $80 Hm...I have heard good stuffs about the Sennheiser CX 300 II but never actually listened to them, perhaps you might keep an eye on them
  9. yeah, I know, it is a pretty schiity situation =))
  10. So I can just stick with the Magni/Modi 2 Uber?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm kinda in a pinch right now. The thing is I have already asked this over at head-fi, but no one has bothered to answer yet. Here is the rub, my current set up and daily drivers consist of the Schiit Modi/Magni Stack (both are 2 Uber) paired with the HD600, T50rp mk3, Beyerdynamic T90, Fostex TH-X00 ...and many more (mostly "mid-fi" gears, but ******* I'm such a hoarder LOL). Everything has been going just fine then BAAMMM!!! An acquaintance offered to sell his LCD-3 (pre-Fazor) for a real discount price, and...you guessed it, I could not resist (because the LCD-3 retails for FREAKIN' OVER $3000 AUD here in Australia). Okay, enough with my boring story, my main concern is that will my Schiit Stack be sufficient enough for the LCD-3 pre-Fazor, both in term of power and general performance? I have seen many recommend the Burson Soloist, will it still pair well with the pre-Fazor LCD-3? One last thing, I'm kinda a Schiit fan, and was planning to upgrade to the combo of Bifrost + Lyr 2 in a near future even if I had not got the LCD-3, should I still aim for this combo instead of the Soloist? The Soloist is currently on sale: http://www.addictedtoaudio.com.au/product/burson-soloist-headphone-amplifier-and-integrated-pre-amplifier Which direction should I go? I really don't want to end up hoarding as many amp as I currently am with so many headphones haha Pardon me for being so cumbersome, but I guess that's what happens when I "jumped the gun" so early (haha) I appreciate any comment or feedback, Thank You.
  12. Please allow me to put my 2 cents here (haha, that wasn't a pun ) IMO, the reason there have been quite a lot of criticisms about how the Scrapyard War (SYW) series has bee dragged out too much is because many feel their time spent watching ~15 mins each episode has not been worth it. Of course, it is FREE content at the end, but as LMG can get more money (presumably) when there are more views, perhaps we should viewers' time spent watching videos as some sort as currency as well (or something that has value) i.e instead of paying LMG directly with money, we "pay" them with our time watching their videos. And to be honest, the last few episodes of SYW3 have been somewhat...well lackluster I guess, there haven't been much going on, If I have to use an outside example, I would say SWY3 is very similar to The Hobbit Trilogy - a lot of hype, lots of production value, watchable and not a complete disaster (IMO at least), but utterly drawn out with lots of unnecessary content and detail. From what I have heard and read, I can understand that the workload and the sheer amount of footage are ENORMOUS, and making several parts is the only way to justify all the cost. HOWEVER, isn't this the slippery slope that the gaming industry has been going down for a while? Many want to make the biggest AAA hits and they spend way to much money and resources on developing and marketing the games, but in the end they have to make all those DLC, Season Pass, preorder bonuses in order to compensate for the cost - mismanagement is the keyword here I understand that it is impossible to produce high quality with interesting stuffs all the time (like when you guys were busy moving), but with a series like SYW, which I would consider to be shaping up to become a "flagship" series of Linus Tech Tips, there should be more thoughts put into planning. We all want to everyone be excited about the new SYW, you don't want anyone goes: "Nah, the new SYW is gonna be dragged on for months so I don't bother", right? TL;DR, I hope that Linus and the group are aware that as LMG grows and become more prominent as a company (Linus said so himself), the production value and quality have to be kept up as well, both the content itself and the management => keep your viewers feel that their time have been worth it P.S: my favorite things about Linus' videos are that they are concise, straightforward, entertaining but right to the point P.S.2: of course, Linus (being a troll at heart haha) may just decide to turn Scrapyard War into a parody of its own (like Call of Duty) where everyone just comes by to guess how many parts there will be instead of discussing the content itself (the pc building, the component buying, the winner...etc..) LOL
  13. Yes, I and a many of LMG's followers understand that, but NOT everyone does. This is just my suggestion, but perhaps in future videos, you should consider to make more clear, blunt and obvious disclosures, those that (IMO) would provide answers to these questions: 1. HOW you get the product: someone sends it over? You buy it yourself? 2. WHY you make a video about it: someone reaches out to you? You just think it is a cool product/thing? 3. ADDITIONAL PAYMENT/REWARDS: you receive any other payment for making the video? Or just the video alone is enough in the deal? 4. A disclaimer to emphasize that the above information are according to the law of.... so that you can avoid all the people who are annoyed because of such disclosure. The important thing is that these information should be treated like the intro/outro of every videos, tthese need to be IN THE FACE OF THE VIEWERS, YES IN THE FACE so that they won't be able to miss it, and that there won't be any unnecessary assumptions. If they chose not to believe a sponsored video, then it's on them, not on LMG. My university lecturer once said that when we needed to write an explanation in the exam, we MUST treat and see our examiners like an idiot/ignorant fool who required very explicit and clear details, otherwise they WOULD assume that we hadn't properly answer the question. yes it creates more work for the team, but you have already been making disclosures so why not take it a step further. I sincerely hope that my post helps. Keep up the good work Linus and the team!!!
  14. @LinusTech: the TL;DR at the end of the day is that from now on, in every video you should consider to explicitly say something like "This video is sponsored by...", or "this product is sent by...but we didn't receive any money", or "I reached out for this project because I think it's cool".... and lastly DO NOT make assumptions that the viewers know about this, you HAVE TO make it extremely EXPLICIT and OBVIOUS
  15. Yes, I completely agree with ya , Linus Tech Tips (the youtube channel) is for a mix of tech info + entertainment, NOT for serious and in-depth tear down of products some might find the extremely detailed review like from OC3D interesting then good for them, but many viewers of LTT are probably not interested in that, I myself have skipped quite a few of Linus' videos, but I do appreciate the fact that others may find those useful