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  1. I did take a look at them. For the price they are realy good. I think the RM750x is good enough
  2. But which card shoul i use as my main card. The r9 270x (2g) or the r7 370 (4gb)?
  3. You can test the RAM. Put 1 stick in diffrent slots. Repeat it with all the stick. If that isn't the problem you also can check if you power supply does have enough watt: http://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator
  4. If i look at benchmarks from diffrent games it the R9 370 better and does have more vram (4gb). So the 370 is the best choice? And if it is the best choice will it work?
  5. I have the Cooler Master Elite 130 and have a windforce card in it. The strix should be able to fit to. The looks aren't the best but it is a small case so you can easly put it anywhere you want
  6. I should go for a RM650 or a RM750. They aren't noisy and do a great job. The RM650 is fine but for more upgradability in the future you can go for the RM750
  7. I should go for the EVGA one because it has the best clock speeds. The cooling is also great and not so loud.
  8. So which card must i use as my main card the 370 or the 270x?
  9. I thinks you better can take it of and test it. If it works put in back on but keep a eye on it.
  10. Hello, I have a Sapphire r9 270x. I saw that the r7 370 does have the same chip as the r9 270x. So is Crossfire possible with these two card? Greets Marvin
  11. I LOVE THIS CARD!! It lokes very awesome. the specs are very nice. So i love this card!! If i dont win the card then i'm going to buy this card!