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  1. My only concern with the 3080 is the vram. 10gb simply isn't enough for 4k, especially when you start introducing mods. Nvidia also restricted its bandwidth to choke performance. For the moment I'm going to wait for AMD to show their hand, and for Nvidia to respond. There's no availability to upgrade right now anyway. Regarding the 3090 performance over the 3080, we already have benchmarks that show a 15-21% gain over the 3080 in games and synthetics at 4k. Only that initial chinese leak showed a 10% gain.
  2. I'm not formulating numbers out of thin air, you are welcome to watch any video online comparing sli performance against other generations, I have already posted examples in this thread. What graphics card do you have? I know from my own testing, and others that sli 980ti offers equal performance to a 2080ti. I know from my own testing and others that sli 1080ti offers equal performance to a 3080. lol, I appreciate the link, but I'm not going to watch a 5 hour video to find a comment on sli. Maybe you can give a rough timestamp.
  3. Yes, there is a physical SLI bridge on the 3090...... Honestly, the thing that has shocked me more than anything on this thread is the massive lack of knowledge regarding SLI. I feel like most of you don't use SLI, but heard some youtuber tell you SLI is dead and you just believed them. SLI is ABSOLUTELY alive and well, despite Nvidia trying to kill it so you can't use older gen cards for longer. 3 and 4 way SLI, yeah pretty dead, but 2 way, damn totally worth it. I literally play games right now, today in 2020, and get 100% scaling. If I can go from 40fps to 80fps that is not dead. Not even close. If you have a 1080ti right now, you shouldn't buy a 3080, you should buy another 1080ti. You will get the exact same performance in game, and will actually have more vram. Who ever cares about ray tracing, its still barely supported by any games. You want to talk about dead, ray tracing is dead, not SLI. And in the tiny handful of games that do support it, it kills your fps so much that you wont use it. Here's a video just to prove that its the same performance
  4. I supposed whether the 3090 is actually a Titan will come down to if it gets the pro drivers, if not then it's a gaming card. I think several good points were raised here, so thank you all for that. I'm by no means an Nvidia fanboy, so I will definitely wait to see what AMD offers, and how Nvidia then responds. I feel that a 20gb 3080 is still unlikely, as it would kill the 3090, but even if one does show itself, it certainly won't be at at $699 price point. Best case, AMD beats the 3080 and has more vram, causing Nvidia to drop price, or release a ti/super option to compete. That being said AMD hasn't beat Nvidia for the top seat in a very long time, and despite their recent improvements on the cpu side they still aren't beating intel either.
  5. hmmm. That is true, I didn't factor in reselling the 3080 with a subsequent upgrade. Which would help to offset cost. Out of curiosity, which assumptions do you take issue with?
  6. Game developers set their own sli profiles now, Nvidia has just been doing it as well. Since there isn't a need anymore Nvidia is stopping. Sli isn't stopping.
  7. Regarding the price, I'm assuming a purchase of a 3090 at launch for $1,500, and then the purchase of a used one at the 50 series launch for a boost in performace. Graphics cards typically sell for about 25% value after the 2nd launch. For example, a Pascal Titan X msrp was $1,200, but now that the 30 series is releasing you can purchase one for $290-350 used. While I do make projections, I believe they are very realistic given past launches and interations from Nvidia. The "leak" regarding a 20gb 3080 is from a single unreliable source, and several people have simply repeated it. It doesn't make sense for Nvidia to release a 20gb 3080 as it would make the 3090 obsolete immediately. Regarding SLI, do you run SLI. Because I always have, and I'm telling you all the major games launches do support it. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Ark, Mass Effect, Fallout, Anthem, Red Dead. I would in fact be interested if you could find any major release that doesn't support sli. I'm sure there's one out there, but the notion that "SLI is dead" is simply not true. Excellent scaling to, I'd say I average about 60-70% like I say previously, but I get 100% in several titles as well.
  8. I have an Acer Predator. Its 2k, 144hz, Gsync
  9. SLI isn't dead though. I keep hearing people repeat this line, but has someone who uses SLI I can tell you that basically every game still supports SLI, excluding 2D side scrollers.
  10. I'm planning on buying a 3090, I'll explain. If you think I'm making a poor move here please let me know. I am obviously making some assumptions, please recognize that I have been in the tech space for many years and are making these assumptions based on what I have seen in the past. I do not shy from criticism, so please let me know if you think I've missed something. I currently have sli 980ti, overclocked to 1400mhz (40% OC). While many people claim that "sli is dead" my experience is quite the opposite. Essentially every major game release supports sli. On average I get 60-70% scaling, but I do get 95-100% scaling on some games such as Ark Survival Evolved. While some titles don't support sli, my experience is those are games that are so basic that you wouldn't need the extra performance anyway. For reference, my sli 980ti slightly outperform a single 2080ti. Now that I've skipped the 10 and 20 series, I am ready to upgrade. I would like to purchase a graphics setup that will last me until the theoretical 50 series at a minimum, but really the 60 series. While the 3080 is a good purchase, I would argue that it's actually a mistake in the long run. In the last 2 years, games have begun to dramatically increase their demand for vram. It is quite common that games use 6-9gb. In 2 years when the 40 series drops the 3080 will probably still keep up, but by the 50 series you will be in need of an upgrade. (i assume most enthusiast are no longer using 1080p, if you are, please do not buy a 3090) Performance: If 3080= 1 point of performance, we'll say a 3090 is 1.15 (I'm expecting 15%, the 10% leak is questionable at best) At assumed 65% sli scaling, a 2nd 3090 yields total performance of 1.15+0.75 = 1.9 with 24gb of vram A typical gpu generation yields a performance improvement of 25%. (The 30 series appears to be higher yes, but the 20 series was also lower.) 3080=1.0 performance, 4080=1.25 performance, 5080=1.56, 6080=1.95 performance (with each generation yielding 25% improvement upon the previous) Video Memory: (I make assumptions here based on past product releases) gtx780=3gb vram, gtx980=4gb vram, gtx1080=8gb vram, rtx2080=8gb vram, rtx3080=10gb vram, rtx4080=16gb vram, rtx5080=16/18gb vram, rtx6080=20/24gb vram Price: (I make assumptions, given that most cards are AIBs selling at $100-200 above msrp already I think these are within reason.) gtx780=$650, gtx980=$550, gtx1080=$600, rtx2080FE=$700, rtx3080=$700, rtx4080=$700, rtx5080=$800, rtx6080=$800 Comparison at 50series release in 2024/2025: A) 3090 now, with sli upgrade: performance 1.9 with 24gb vram - -Total Cost: $1,900 (Better performance per dollar, still more vram) B) 3080 now, with 5080 upgrade: performance 1.56 with 16-18gb vram - -Total Cost: $1,500 Comparison at 60series release in 2026/2027: A) 3090 now, with sli upgrade: performance 1.9 with 24gb vram - -Total Cost: $1,900 (Better performance per dollar, more or equal amount of vram) B) 3080 now, with 4080or5080 upgrade, and then 6080 upgrade: performance 1.95 with 20/24gb vram - -Total Cost: $2,100-2,200 ----A 3080 stands no chance of lasting until the 60series on its own. A single of my 980ti certainly couldn't have lasted this long. I game at 2k, and will likely upgrade to 4k at some point in the next couple of years. sli 3090s could last until 2026, a 3080 could not, and you would need to upgrade in between. This is why Nvidia took sli away on the 3080 and limited the vram to 10gb. They know you will have to upgrade, rather than buying another of the same cards and simply sli when you need a bump in performance. Anyway these are my thoughts. A mouthful to be sure. Thanks for reading.
  11. Thanks. I installed both kits, and everything working properly.
  12. Hello Everyone. Hoping you can answer a question for me, not having much luck online. I currently run 16gb ddr4 3000 in 4x4 quad channel. I'm upgrading to 32gb ddr4 3000 in 4x8 quad channel. Can I continue to use both kits at the same time, giving me 48gb of addressable ram? The speed and timings are the same for both kits, I'm just unsure if the difference in capacity will cause an issue. Thank you in advance. CPU: 5820k (OC to 4.5ghz)
  13. I've been using my pc for around 2 years without issue. Now it is suddenly running extremely hot. Even just sitting at the desktop has it running at 85-90C. Cpu is a 5820k overclocked to 4.5ghz at 1.275volts. I tried removing my OC just to see if there was any difference, but even at 3.3ghz stock voltage its still hitting 90C Im using a corsair all in one cooler 280rad, and pc is dusted regularly. Could this be caused by a pump failure or something? My software monitoring shows fans and pump as operating normally. Any ideas are appreciated.
  14. Any help or input you have is appreciated, I no longer no what to try. So, when I turn my computer on it boots into Windows 10 just fine, then roughly 50% of the time it will freeze within 5 minutes of the boot. I will have to force shutdown and when it boots back up it will be totally fine. Can play games for hours and hours no issues. Then I'll shutdown for the night and when I turn it on the next day the same issue will occur. Boot, freeze, force shutdown, boot fine. If the freezing occurs it will always do it within 5minutes of booting windows and will do it regardless of what the pc is doing. Whether I'm playing a game, watching youtube, or just sitting at desktop. What I've tried so far. Different ram speeds, tried 2666, 2400, and 2133 (It feels like it happens less frequently at 2133, but definitely still happens) Heard Avast can causes freezes while using steam. So I tried exceptions, disabling Avast, and finally I uninstalled nothing changed. Riva Tuner in MSI Afterburner is known to cause freezing so I disabled that, still no change. I tried different OC on my cpu and gpu, even though it shouldn't be the OC since I can run stable maxed Since the issue occurs on Boot I disabled Windows 10 fast boot and hibernation no change. I used to have a 750watt psu and a MSI 970 and the same issue was present so I don't think it's a power issue. My Rig: Intel 5820K OC to (4.5ghz at 1.275v) Corsair H110i (280mm) MSI x99a sli plus MOBO 16gb DDr4 G Skill 3000mhz in quad channel (currently running at 2133) 2way SLI EVGA 980ti Classified 500gb 850 EVO SSD 2TB WD Red HDD x2 Corsair 1200watt psu OS=Windows 10 with Anniversary Update Should note that my bios and all drivers are up to date. I have been getting a failed to install Windows 10 update issue lately as well but unsure if that's related.