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  1. LG v30 is going to be expensive, I've seen £540 on a story about it (lower than I expected but still not in one plus 3/LG G6 territory)
  2. It's not that I'm dissatisfied, as a phone it works fine. I just like to try out lots of different phones and I never really keep them that long, whatever I buy next will be kept until my contract is finished though so I need it to be slightly future proof.
  3. I've actually already had an iPhone 7 plus and Galaxy S8, I didn't like the 7 plus and I gave the s8 to my dad because I felt he deserved a nice phone. I was considering the LG G6 or waiting for the v30 to be released, what do people make of LG phones?
  4. What phones would people recommend? I currently have a Galaxy S7 but want to upgrade. I use my phone mostly for media consumption (YouTube, Netflix, Spotify) and social media (Twitter and Instagram). Price isn't really an issue I don't mind saving the extra money if it's worth it. I'd prefer the phone to have micro SD expansion or at least 64gb of storage. A headphone jack is also essential. After that I'm open to all suggestions, thanks guys!
  5. Who cares what looks you get? Shouldn't even be a factor when you're considering buying something
  6. Nexus 6p looks like a bit of a media monster, it's a bit dated now but giant screen and front facing speakers would be perfect. Plus it's stock Android
  7. Anker and aukey are decent brands with nice cables
  8. if wifey doesn't like you gaming and makes you stop shes a dreadful wife, you arent a child haha
  9. nova launcher and shorten the animation speed in developer settings
  10. I'm not seeing the issue here apart from the fact you don't like his accent and took offence to the fact he's not that fussed about specs (he's right too, nowadays it's more about features than specs), last bit is a bit of an exaggeration as well
  11. note 8 is being announced on the 23rd, it'll go on sale in September
  12. If you can wait a few months the new iphone, note 8 and lgv30 will be releasing relatively soon
  13. unless the phone has microSD expansion I'd always recommend getting the 64, 32 isnt a lot anymore
  14. iphone

    If you like customization (and I'm assuming you do) do not switch to iPhone. I made the mistake of spending over a thousand euro on an iPhone 7 plus that I used for all of 2 months before selling, it's great as a basic phone for running apps but if you're like me and like your launchers/customizing home screens it's not going to be the phone for you.
  15. I have an s8 but there are a couple things that annoy me, the bixby button. I have it disabled because it was a pain hitting it by accident but now I have an even more useless button that does literally nothing. The other thing is video playback, because of the screen ratio if you dont expand the video (cutting off a bit at the top and bottom) you only have 5.1" of usable screen for video. They might sound nitpicky but they have to be because its such a great phone (surprised wireless charging hasn't been mentioned yet).