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  1. Radioactive Snowman

    a lady asked me out for a drink/movie. (ladies help please)

    No more bloody noses? Sounds like it was a success!
  2. I don't think any reasonable person believes he has anything to do with it. It's just unfortunate his name had to be mentioned before such a vile act of ignorance
  3. Radioactive Snowman

    Trade in iPhone 8 for XS?

    Unless you need to upgrade it's always better to wait. The 11 is rumored to have a ultra wide angle camera and hopefully get rid of the notch so that would be a pretty nice upgrade if true
  4. It depends what condition it was in before the refurb, if they replaced the screen or back glass they may not have used a sealant thats up to par. Its hard to know but id be cautious around water just to be safe
  5. Radioactive Snowman

    So uhhh, Galaxy S10e or iPhone XR?

    The difference between 5.8 and 6.1 is pretty marginal, I dont think .3 of an ich is going to sway many people. Battery life on the XR is likely to be better but you get a fast charger with the S10e so I think that makes up for the slightly worse battery life if you need to top up during the day (I use a regular S10 and battery life has been great so I have no concerns about the S10e). Speaker quality on the S10 is about the same as it was on my old iPhone XS, the S10 might be slightly louder but theres not a huge difference. Cameras on both phones are great, I do find I enjoy samsungs style a bit more and the wide angle camera is a lot of fun to use. I've had no issues with it. I cant comment on the side mounted fingerprint reader as I havent used it but the power button on the S10 is in a comfortable position for me personally so I cant see the fingerprint reader on the S10e being much of an issue. FaceID on the other hand, while it might be more secure, is no comparison to a fingerprint reader for convenience. There were so many nights I had to put in my pin as the iPhone couldn't tell that it was me. It was a hassle to use. Apple are without doubt better at software updates but I've been pleasantly surprised with the new OneUI on samsung phones. It feels fast and we wont know how it fares for at least 6 months as it is so new. I still dont think the XR is a great deal compared to the S10e but if it was a bit cheaper it would be a good deal.
  6. Radioactive Snowman

    S9 FRP unlock

    Return it. Dont be a piece of shit. Dont steal other peoples phones.
  7. The hipsters final form is fueled by cassette tapes
  8. Radioactive Snowman

    Galaxy Buds

    I redeemed mine but didn't get an email for about 36 hours, give it a few days and see if you receive any email. You have the month to redeem them anyway
  9. Radioactive Snowman

    Wireless Power/Charging

    In 10-15 years, maybe? We used to think wireless charging was impossible so whos to say they wont find a way
  10. Radioactive Snowman

    So uhhh, Galaxy S10e or iPhone XR?

    The only reason you would buy a XR is if you absolutely need to have iOS. The screen, camera, charging speed, overall design are significantly better on the S10e. I use an s10 currently (switched from iPhone XS) and the iPhones arent even in the same league. If they ran android they would be mid rangers at best. If youre anyway at all interested in using android get the S10e, its a vastly better phone
  11. Radioactive Snowman

    Let's play devil's advocate: How do you defend anti-vaxxer?

    We wont have a population issue for long because all of the anti vaxxers will be killed by the common cold
  12. It should be fine, I've never had an issue with Samsung phones in this regard
  13. Radioactive Snowman

    Which case should i buy for my S10

    Did you receive your s10 yet? I picked mine up about an hour ago and so far its pretty great.
  14. Radioactive Snowman

    Which case should i buy for my S10

    Neo hybrid is always a great option
  15. Radioactive Snowman

    LG V40 vs Samsung Note 9

    I didn’t even know the V40 was out yet so yeah.. note 9 gets my vote. LG are consistently a year behind on phone releases and pretty much fail with every release