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  1. Why I hate Android and how do I fix it?

    Come to the dark side and buy an iPhone
  2. What phone do you use ?

    iPhone 6s Plus, wasn’t too impressed with this years iPhones so waiting for the X plus or whatever they call it before upgrading
  3. Plea for help, I need names for my computers

    Big Bertha Ol' Tessy
  4. What's your favourite shoe brand and model?

    I just bought these the other day, I've never bought anything like them before so it'll be interesting to see how they look
  5. Leaving phone overnight with no screen time out

    whats the benefit in leaving the screen on if you're asleep?
  6. Can i buy from amazon for someone as a gift?

    ........ dude
  7. Quick charging... Is it safe? Should I use it?

    This is why apple reduces the clock speed on iphones with degraded batteries
  8. New Phone under 400$

    I'm not a fan of LG, and the A8 looks like a cool phone. It's similar to an s8 but with the fingerprint scanner in a better place
  9. New Phone under 400$

    I'd go with the A8
  10. Out of the options you gave the macbook but its no good for gaming. Avoid rgb for pro laptops
  11. Android: Allow peek but don't vibrate

    Keep your phone on silent without vibration? My old android phones let me do that
  12. New Years - What are you doing?

    If I was the worker and I had to deal with you I'd make you wait longer because of how entitled you were acting, doesn't hurt to have manners and be patient
  13. New Years - What are you doing?

    You sound like an asshole.. no offense
  14. apple slowing down phones

    Completely blown out of proportion and not as big an issue as its made out to be, I've had random shut downs on plenty of android phones but never on an iphone. I have no doubt that my 6s plus has been throttled but it still feels better to use than my old s7. Apple are the golden standard for supporting older phones, I have yet to see an android manufacturer apart from google come close
  15. New Years - What are you doing?

    Nothing, I was meant to be going to a family party but my mental health hasn’t been the best the last couple days so I stayed home alone