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  1. What Phone Do you have

    All except the 6s plus and s8 are sold 😂 I gave the s8 to my dad
  2. What Phone Do you have

    Exactly, this year alone I've bought an s7 edge, iphone 7 plus, samsung s8, samsung s8+ and an iphone 6s plus
  3. Android Text and Email App suggestions?

    Inbox is a better email app imo, it's so much more convenient
  4. new phone

    Galaxy s8?
  5. Hella secure

    Samsung phones have the secure folder, unsure how secure it actually is though
  6. What Phone do you own?

    Is that not a downgrade?
  7. Pixel 2 XL vs Razer phone

    That's me sold on it then
  8. What smartphone is for me?

    The iPhone X is meant to have an incredible display and it's an overall bullet proof phone
  9. Which Phone has the nicest camera

    The iPhone is the only one to support 4k60 video recording so theres that, pixel 2 has a great camera as well and the V30 if he wants a wide angle lens
  10. Pixel 2 XL vs Razer phone

    If the Razer phone is 16:9 it gets my vote
  11. So what do people think of the OnePlus 5t?

    S9 will be double the price though
  12. So what do people think of the OnePlus 5t?

    I actually miss the customisation and variety, I prefer iOS but the actual phones are so boring, with android phones theres a million and one to choose from
  13. Is it worth buying a used S6 Edge Plus in 2017?

    Flatmate suggests you've moved out, why do you need to justify it to them?
  14. So what do people think of the OnePlus 5t?

    Battery drains far too fast for my liking, I charge it twice in the midddle of the day. I have no interest in just changing the battery because the phone itself is scratched and dented to hell and I'd prefer to just buy something new. Does it though? Quadruple the ram of the iPhone with one of the lighter android skins available should keep it performing lag free for quite a while. I've used both an s8 and s8+ and they both didn't feel as smooth as they could and the curved glass annoys me because of the glare watching videos outside (I do that quite a lot). That's like comparing apples to oranges, if you're looking for an android phone it's unlikely you'll end up with an iPhone.
  15. I don’t think they could have made more of an incremental upgrade if they tried, it’s really just a oneplus 5 with a prettier front at the end of the day. What do other people think about it? I’m considering buying one just because it now looks modern and my aging 6s plus will be needing an upgrade in the coming weeks