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  1. Samsung Gear S3 or Apple Watch

    WatchOS 5 introduced nothing I need or want in a watch
  2. Samsung Gear S3 or Apple Watch

    Don't agree with the second half of that, I switched from iPhone 6s+ and apple watch s3 to note 9 and galaxy watch. Both watches have the same level of functionality in my eyes
  3. Samsung Gear S3 or Apple Watch

    Depends which phone you use
  4. Looking for New Phone with IR Emission

    Pretty sure the huawei p20/p20 pro and mate 10 both have IR Blasters
  5. Phones that still have a headphone jack?

    Samsung s9+ or note 9 get my vote
  6. Note 9 or Wait?

    €1050, and it's worth it
  7. Best smart watch for 2018?

    I got a galaxy watch a couple hours ago and so far its pretty great, cant comment on battery life but so far its only gone down 8% after 6 hours on full brightness with a lot of notifications going through it
  8. Note 9 or Wait?

    I own a note 9 and it is f*****g spectacular. It is the best phone you can buy with absolutely no compromises. I have no negatives about it
  9. Should I buy the OnePlus 6 or wait for the 6T?

    6t will be out October/November time so unless you absolutely need a phone now I'd wait.
  10. Can i charge my usb C phone with my usb C laptop charger?

    If it's the same connector people are going to do it so they would have prepared for it. MKBHD uses a MacBook charger for his phone and had 0 issues
  11. No screen protectors on my phone (personal preference), Whitestone make a really good one called the dome but because of the curved display it's difficult to find a good one outside of that, pretty much all of the cheap ones are straight garbage, they come off way too easily. I think if you did buy the s9 plus you'd be very happy with it. The only issue I have with Samsung phones is Bixby but that can be disabled very easily. The display, camera, stereo speakers and performance are all amazing. Plus the small luxuries you get over phones like the OnePlus 6 like an always on display (massively underrated feature)
  12. Phone stabilizer

    Just look for an iPhone gimbal with decent reviews
  13. It's always better to wait if you can but as a note 9 user I can definitely recommend the s9 plus (not the smaller one). It has the same specs as the note 9 and so far performance has been exceptional, it's feature packed and a far more enjoyable phone to use than a pixel which I find quite boring
  14. is this a good time to buy Snapdragon 835 phone?

    My issue with that phone is the lack of an oleophobic coating, it just screams nasty and for someone like me that hates screen protectors it’s a deal breaker
  15. Question about Samsung S8 /S9 Dex with typeC to HDMI?

    Note 9 can do it because of the new heat pipe in the phone, all previous phones need the dock