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  1. Which smartwatch to buy?

    Still only rumors at this point, Evan blass tweeted about Samsung employees being spotted wearing gear watches running android wear. He’s a reliable leaker so there’s some truth to it, no idea when an official announcement would be made though, maybe alongside the note 9?
  2. Which smartwatch to buy?

    Samsung are actually working on that for the gear s4
  3. Which smartwatch to buy?

    I’d recommend another gear s3 frontier being completely honest 😂 maybe the classic version if you want it to feel like a new watch
  4. Need help picking a new phone for my girlfriend

    I might have swayed her to the s8 with the orchid grey colour
  5. Need help picking a new phone for my girlfriend

    I need a strong drink
  6. Need help picking a new phone for my girlfriend

    Not a mainstream brand so she won’t even consider it, I’ve been trying to get her to invest in an s8 but she won’t
  7. Need help picking a new phone for my girlfriend

    She’s wary of oneplus because of warranty/repair and pixel phones are quite rare in Ireland but I’ll have a look and see what I can find
  8. Hey guys, I’ve been trying to recommend phones to my girlfriend but she shoots down every phone I suggest. She’s currently using a note 4 and the parameters she has set so far are: has to be a mainstream brand for warranty/repairs €400 max no glass build (too slippy) no cases no skins (sorry dbrand) Doesn’t like the s7 or a5 2017 The only thing coming to mind right now is the iPhone 7, if anyone has some other recommendations I would really appreciate it. I’m at the end of my tether and about to lovingly strangle her (metaphorically not physically) 😂 thanks guys
  9. Travel the world OR save money for house deposit?

    I’d save for the house, mostly because I love decorating and buying a house allows for lots of it
  10. lotteru

    Who wouldn’t go for the money? No cpu is worth 30k
  11. Considering buying AirPods for an Android phone

    I love mine but I use them with an iPhone, I can’t see them being as convenient with android phones simply because of the pairing process. Android just doesn’t have it sorted out as well yet
  12. Suggestions on how to convert the shown area into a wardrobe/clothes storage area

    There actually used to be a wall there, when we first moved in my dad took it out to make the room feel more open. I’m trying to avoid having to build walls because it’ll involve painting, plastering etc but I’m struggling to find ideas that don’t involve building one
  13. Hi guys, I have quite a small bedroom which makes having lots of furniture a bit of a problem. At the minute I’m using a standard wardrobe but because I own quite a lot of clothes it’s at the point of overflowing and I need to make a change (getting rid of clothes isn’t an option, after gaming fashion is my biggest hobby). I had the idea of converting the space in the picture into a wardrobe because it’s a decent size and it’s pretty much useless for anything else. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could execute this idea that would be great. (I know buying a bigger wardrobe is the obvious solution but I don’t have the space for it) thanks guys!
  14. Which one of these shoes are better?

    Definitely not black, way too boring in my opinion. I’d actually tell you to get the blue and red ones! Way more interesting to look at
  15. Why not sell the X and get a pixel 2 xl or whatever other Android phone you want? Between those 2 I’d recommend the essential phone though