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  1. Google's Pixel 2

    The XL is the one with the disgustingly crappy screen though
  2. Huawei

    Someone that understands the average consumer. The issue is that cases and brands go hand in hand. All the big case companies usually only stock the typical apple and samsung with the occasional pixel or LG case. My girlfriend refuses to buy a phone if she can't find cases she likes, could be the best phone ever made but if there's no nice cases she's not buying it. She's more than likely one of thousands with that mindset.
  3. Should i get an xbox one s/x

    Xbox exclusives are on pc now for the most part so I wouldn't recommend an xbox for that reason
  4. Smartphones with great batteries?

    I get about 6-7 hours on my s8+ with the screen set to 1080p. The s8 active has a much bigger battery with the same specs, I'd recommend that.
  5. Smart watch suggestions

    I think the gear s3 frontier is the best smartwatch apart from apples offerings.
  6. Samsung wireless charger

    The top one can be either a pad or a stand, I own one and it's pretty nice. The second one is just a stand. As far as I know they both charge at the same speed
  7. Ideas to improve grip on a phone? (without using a case)

    Glue the phone to your hand Problem solved
  8. Looking to upgrade my S5 Mini for Christmas

    Free and apple don't go in the same sentence
  9. Phone or Tablet

    Note 8 with a dex for when you get back home? You'll have a desktop like experience as well as the ultra portable note taking device
  10. Average battery life and SoT

    I get about 8 hours of SOT on my s8+ with the screen set to 1080p, I stopped using 1440p since it was killing battery and I couldn't see a difference
  11. Should I replace my laptop with an ipad?

    My sisters school started using ipads with the new students that joined in September and I can see where the issues are coming from. If the child's parent couldn't afford an iPad they had to use books which lead to bullying etc.. I don't think the person that brought it in got fired though
  12. How to stop caring about women?

    stop looking for a girlfriend and you'll find one, seems backwards but if you're thinking of every female friend/female in public as a potential girlfriend it's going to really f*ck up your chances with them. Just be yourself, do what you want to do with your life and when the time is right she'll come along. Worked for me
  13. iPhone 7 or OnePlus5

    True, thats the trade off. Optimisation or customisation. I'd choose optimisation but I can see why others would choose the latter.
  14. iPhone 7 or OnePlus5

    Iphone 7 is still a great phone too if you dont need wireless charging or 4k 60fps.
  15. iPhone 7 or OnePlus5

    I'd still recommend the iphone, I had a 7 plus and loved it, I have an s8+ now and it won't be a long termer I don't think