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  1. Hi guys, Basically I wanted to address why Linus raves so much about the Razerblade 14". He loves it so much that he even gave it his coveted editors choice award. Upon researching more about it on the internet though I found that it has received a lot of criticism. Do you agree with linus? or do you think the Razerblade 14" is a pile of garbage? If you are with one or the other I would like to hear your opinions on the laptop and as to why you think it is good or bad. Thanks!!
  2. ahhh i see. Thank you for all the help it is really appreciated ^^. ill mark this as solved and if it happens again ill make a different post
  3. okay sounds good. i wasnt getting any horizontal or vertical lines my screens just turned solid colors. I haven't overclocked anything yet because of this problem so I should be good on the bsod department
  4. okay i successfully updated everything. hopefully everything will work well from here on out. is there anything else i should check for?
  5. yes.. when the problem usually happens I'm usually just browsing the internet or watching youtube videos. I dont think it has ever happened during gameplay. i also sometimes get nvidia driver stopped responding and has recovered from time to time but when i check my drivers they are up to date
  6. Could you explain to me how this would be a RAM issue? sorry I don't know that much
  7. both are reused from a previous build of mine. Do you have any ideas how i could trouble shoot this?
  8. So i recently build my computer about a month ago and I have run into a recurring problem. After powering on my computer and using it for a varied amount of time (browsing the internet, playing league of legends) both monitors turn different colors (red, pink, purple, blue) then become unresponsive. not bsod. my computer specs are as follows. intel i7 4790k gtx 770 corsair hx750 corsair vengence ram 16gb ddr3 1600 samsung 128 evo ssd wd 2tb green drive asus maximus impact VII noctua NH-D14 HWMonitor says my cpu is running 32-33 degrees and my gpu 29 degrees celcius. Any help would be greatly appreciated. this has been a problem since the computer was build but has been occuring more and more often
  9. would be cool to have a media pc
  10. I would probably use it to build a computer as i have all the parts for a intel based build but am waiting for a reasonable price on a cpu
  11. I am a long time fan and supporters of linus tech tips, I love you work and hope that your channels keep growing over the years.
  12. My favorite thing about the HTC M8 is the extended battery life, the huge screen, and its amazing looks
  13. in one of the last two livestreams he said he was excited to get his htc one back and was going to install cyanogen mod on it. hopefully he makes a video on it :]
  14. http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/CyanogenMod_Installer this is the list of phone current supported by the installer
  15. http://www.cyanogenmod.org/ this is the installer, they have instruction on how to get the app... on the wiki it says you dont have to have your device unlocked or rooted it will do it for you Hoped this helped
  16. i was wondering do i have to root my device doesn't the installer do it for me?
  17. I remember that last live stream Linus said he was gonna install Cyanogen Mod on his Htc One. Do you guys think he will make a video on how to install it? if not do you guys no any good tutorials i could follow?
  18. i tried that website but the gigabyte gtx 770 4mb isnt there
  19. Hey i just got this : http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4647#ov and i was wondering if anyone knows a good waterblock for it