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  1. Hi guys, This is something interesting that hopefully @LinusTech, @Slick and the team could explore. The link below lists 7 different software that capitalizes only your CPU power for their projects (apparently undisclosed) and in exchange they are paying you real money. Since @LinusTech has so many cores (64 cores, 128 threads), and some of the payouts starts at USD$1 to paypal which is technically achievable within 8 hours for you guys, perhaps a video can be done on whether is it worth for us to try it out. Its a good experiment anyway. Theoretically, it sits between Folding@Home and BOINC that runs for charity and a payout mechanism that is not crypto currency but apparently actual money via PayPal https://financialwolves.com/get-paid-for-leaving-your-computer-running/ Writing this at the moment, my laptop seems to run really smoothly with the LoadTeam software at max performance settings with the calculations shown below (https://www.loadteam.com/calculator): I'm using an i7-4700 MQ that has 4 cores and 8 threads that boosts up to 3.2 Ghz. Though, the calculations above is based on 2.38 Ghz when CPU is max at 100%. Let me know whether any of you used any of these softwares before. Looking forward to hear from you all. Thanks =D
  2. At least its a cool concept! MKBHD like concept if I would say....
  3. yea, good point actually. Thought that since it could remove rust, it could do the same in this case.
  4. Taking the liquid cooling options to the next level? A Facebook video shown below has been going around where he replaces the usual water cooling liquid solution with Coca Cola. Makes sense since Coca Cola is corrosive proof. I don't know. What do you guys think?
  5. Well, it will help if you are in an area that is hot all the time. If not, then the standard heat pipe ones are enough. Also, if you have plans to overclock for some reason like editing or other CPU intensive work, then the cooler master is worth an investment. At least it helps to increase your CPU life in the long run if it stays cooler than usual most of the time. That's my logic!
  6. Main difference I see is that Dell can run up to 1440p while the Asus is max at 1080p If your system can run 1440p and you would like to run it on 1440p, then go for it. Otherwise a 1080p is adequate. Plus with the Asus monitor, you have USD 85 to spend on other upgrades and aesthetics!
  7. And I assuming to avoid the downtime following power outages previously in one of the WAN show and as far back as Scrapyard Wars 4
  8. Hi everyone, I was watching some of the LTT content that Luke aka @Slick focuses on which is VR content. Its more immersive than a regular 360 degree video as we all know. It reminded me of my YouTube channel that I have been working on for about a year now and would like to share the videos that I make. Hopefully I can get feedbacks and comments from the community on improving it. So the channel name is Minecraft 360 Degrees where all are in 360 only and are made in 4K at 60 fps. A number of builds are done by me and the others are by my friends and the Minecraft community. The mod that I used is the Replay Mod done by Marian aka Crushed Pixel. So combining the mod and the builds plus some planning on the story telling gives an cinematic immersive 360 degree video that is close to a VR content. Again the credit of the bits of the video goes to the Minecraft community. Without their builds and the mods these videos will never exist. There are two recent videos that I made listed below. Please have a look and if you like it you can find the others in my YouTube channel. I would love the LTT admin in particular to comment as well. This hobby of mine is kinda in a limbo with mixed interest in multiple platforms that I have uploaded to. Just wanted to see if its worth putting more effort into the channel! Many thanks guys!
  9. Has anyone thought of combining FoldingCoin with F@H? And has anyone been doing it lately?
  10. Please pick me as your lucky winner! Thanks: Keep Up the Good Work! JayzTwoCents: Console Gamers vs PC Gamer! - How to use a Keyboard and Mouse on a Console - www.youtube.com/embed/C8Jep24S600 Techquickie/LinusTechTips: IPXX Waterproof and Dust-proof Ratings as Fast As Possiblewww.youtube.com/embed/g9SaSd-JVCs?list=UU0vBXGSyV14uvJ4hECDOl0Q Sorry, I cannot get the video to embed for some reason......