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    ~YouTube (watching, posting)
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    intel Core i5-4690K @ 4.3Ghz
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    16 GB CORSAIR Vengeance Pro (2x8)
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    GIGABYTE GTX 970 (Overclocked)
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    Cooler Master Storm Stryker
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    Western Digital Blue 1TB
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    SILVERSTONE Strider Gold S Series ST75F-GS 750W
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    AOC "E2250Swdn" 21.5in x2
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    CM Storm Devastator
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    CM Storm Devastator (mouse)
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. So i'll be getting a higher paying job, and down on my "to buy" list is a better setup, and audio is a aspect of that, so i had PLANNED to buy the: -Schiit Valhalla Headphone Amp -Schiit BIFROST Dac -Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms However from what i've heard the 770's aren't good for gaming. So can anyone please share some, closed back, Over-ear, No attached mic, Gaming headphones? [Gaming as in they are Good "For games"] (I will be listening to music also, and movies/etc, But i'm just curious on the gaming headphones aspect for now) (Price doesn't really matter, but i want to be blown away by the upgrade >.> As to date, My "best" headphones have been the Philips Performance SHP9500, as long as the new headphones aren't like.... $1,000)
  2. 1- I guess i should say, the only "Required" would be it needs to be outside/weatherproof. (So the c920 woulndn't work) 2- That look is fine too. (to catf)
  3. So i like to buy things, and if a Burglar ever went into my house they'd have a heyday. So i was thinking of sometime in the future, Replacing my windows for Camera's. [Camera on outside, A nice monitor/tv on inside showing what the camera see's] The camera's don't need to record, Don't need to be night vision, or motion,etc. I want it to be LIKE A REAL WINDOW. So there are 6 or 7 things that would be PERFECT, however i am fully aware what i'm wanting is impossible atm. 1- 180° (FOV) 2- 4k (I want it to be very clear, i don't want the general "you can tel that's a security camera look) So higher res is better, but 1080p is fine too i guess) 3- 60 FPS (I want it to be Fluid, like i know their are 4k 15fps camera's out there, but that's pretty choppy) 4- Needs to be Outdoor/weather proof. 5- Would be nice if it was it's own unit that isn't POE or needs to be connected to a DVR (or whatever their called), As i don't know if it's a thing, but i'd like to be able to just hook it up to the nice monitor [through USB] where the window would be. as i don't want to set up a DVR or run Cables everywhere) 6- Up 24/7 (If i had it like it was a window, the camera and monitor/tv would be up prob 24 hrs a day all the time) 7- HDR (would be nice, As if it's a window, having a Black-black is more realistic) So, if yall know any camera's or whatever that fits a few fields (Or all fields would be nice, but that won't happen, lol),But anyways, PLEASEEEEE Share if you know of some~? (Please try not to comment "Yeahhhhh, That's not going to happennn, We're many years away from a camera like that being a thing"..... LIKE I SAID.... I know it's prob impossible, but it doesn't hurt to ask)
  4. So i keep all my images nice and tidy with tags, But when i tried giving tags today, almost everyone of them gave me the same error message? Extra Info: -Drive their on - 970Evo m.2 -Did the sfc /scannow and nothing strange was found.
  5. I tried them both, It looks like they both download/see what's already loaded in the page somewhere. [I tried all the options, but part of it is Japanese, so i had to translate part]
  6. lol. Nah~ (If it's *that* important to know, It's Nekos. I want to snatch up "ace catgirl" bot" "anime neko girl" bot, catgirl" bot's Images. (so around 134,000 images. [I *could* go and individually save each one...but i'd rather look for alternatives, lol ]
  7. I collect a certain category of images, and i am always seeking to expand my collection. (Is what i'm trying to achieve) I'm not knowledgeable at all with anything coding/programming, but i could prob pay someone on FIVER to make something like that for me~ (Thanks~
  8. Hi, I was wondering If anyone know's ways of downloading EVERY SINGLE image off a twitter page? As i follow some daily picture bots that i want the bulk of (40k - 70k images) I have tried some already, "Sone image downloader" has a max of 3,200. While other programs i can't get to detect the twitter page. Chrome Extensions can only go so far (Trying "Twitter media downloader" Stops responding at around 10k pics. Fatkun and BID only download what you have loaded on the page, so 600 is around their limit. Any and all help would be appreciated~
  9. I *should* be fine if it's ping, as this is my ping atm (Image), but this would be for a business instead, (So i'm not sure if the business plans pings are the same as the residential for my ISP) [It's all fiber, so i would think the ping should be fine]
  10. I see, Thanks~ (So my Options are 10 Mbps, or 100 Mbps, do you think the 10 would be too low?) [$20 difference]
  11. Hi, I'm curious if i were to get 6 Xbox 360's, What would the Average and max Mbps they would all use together be? (lets say they were playing Multiplayer games, like payday 2, GTA V, portal 2, etc)
  12. So i just got tunnelbear 3 days ago, and atm i'm installing GTA V, and since i hear sometimes VPN'S can significantly lower the download speed, i looked at my Task manager; And i noticed the significant difference between the processes tab, and the performance tab. Is there a reason for this? Is it only showing the "Send speed" in the Processes tab? etc? (Side note, i seem to lose like 1.5Mbps to 15Mbps) (In steam at least, my Peak is 10Mbps below what i pay for) (I'm not a network aficionado, so that's why i blurred the two lines in the task manager image)
  13. okay, i was just confirming I did set it to that 100 full thank you very much :3
  14. ahh sorry, i meant i uninstalled it, and it reinstalled, lol...i didn't mean disabled and okay, if i set it to 100 full, does that mean my internet should always be at that 100? (sorry for all the questions)