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    Michigan, USA
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    rapairing computers and component level repair


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    intel Core i-5 3470 (delidded ) @4.0Ghz
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    ASUS P8P67 Pro (REV 3.0)
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    (2x8Gb) Crucial BallistiX Sport DDR3 1600Mhz @1866
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    Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti WindForce OC 4GD
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    DIYpc J180-BL
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    Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB HDD
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    EVGA BV 500w 80+ Bronze
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    element elefw328
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    CryoRig M9i
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    Perixx LED keyboard
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    Zalman ZM-GM4
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    Logitech Z313
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    Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

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  1. if u find that u cannot overclock on z68 chipset (ie: missing settings in bios) take a read it will save you time in order to fix this your goin too have too buy a new bios chip on ebay and i suggest also getting a ch341a- spi eeprom usb programmer so u can copy the new bios chip onto the bad bios chip the z68 bios chips tends to corrupt the "intel management engine" block when updating from a sandy bridge only bios version to a ivy bridge supported bios....... why does this happen the motherboard cannot access every memory block on the bios but and usb programmer can. hence why asus tells u to flash multiple times when trying to get ivy bridge support.... there is no software solution for this i have tried multiple bios flasher and even MS-DOS bios flashing program non worked only made this worse but a new bios saved me and the usb program allowed be to make a backup on my corrupted bios chip now i have 2 working chips but MAKE NOTE OF UR OLD CHIPS MAC: ADDRESS and if you also acquired the usb programmer make a copy of the new bios chip and find a software that can edit the bios file without changing the file size so u can flash the edited bios onto ur old chip soo u can have ur original MAC: address i have yet too do this so current mac address is a bunch of #8's and a single #7
  2. but in all honesty you were zero help in my original question so have a great day
  3. i have a saphire r7 260x single fan that i have repasted multiple times because it was hitting 160F - 180F between 2 different conventional thermal pastes i LMed and it droped the temps to 140F - 160F a dual/triple cooler will always make LMing seem pointless since theres more thermal mass to compensate for the thermal insulator known as conventional thermal paste the accelero is a crappy cooler since it relies on excessively long heat pipes plus my question was related to other premade 1050ti's heatsinks and whether they would fit my gigabyte 1050 ti windforce OC and if i got this gpu 5 to 8 F cooler i would be able to play D2 with a sustained coreclock of 1974mhz @ 134F for hours confirmed this worked and is stable because i opened my window and the ambient was at most 50F cold winter air confirms my theorys i atcually hit above 2000mhz during the testing because cold wins
  4. thermal grease has a thermal resistance the gpu die can only be cooled as fast as the heatsink can cool the thermal grease LM is 3 times more effective
  5. this video is a bad representation of liquid metaling gpus greg did not know how much pressure and rubbing in is required to make the LM properly adhere and the contaminants that rubbing removes in the process, plus theres to much LM on that gpu die
  6. im soon to be running a 3770k and the results ive experienced from LMing most definitely allows for more stable OC's its risky but if u know what ur doing its worth is my i5 3470 is LMed and runing @ 4.3ghz and never reach's 150F if i were to LM this 1050ti i know it will drop my thermal max atleast 5F and reduce the gpu die hotspot even more stabilizing my +165 core boost
  7. its because i also want it to be pleasing to look at i have rivatuner running all the time so yes... even at the lower +140 core boost if it gets above 145 F i get reduced clock speed the gains i get from stock speeds tends to be 20 - 30 fps and my fps target is 1080p 60fps im also incapable of affording a better card
  8. its to remove the hotspots that normal thermal paste doesnt help with... i can run games like warthunder, csgo, and ring of Elysium with a voltage of +70/ a core of +165/ memory of +850/... but i cant with games like destiny 2, insurgency sandstorm and shadow of the tomb raider for these titles have to reduce my overclock to a voltage of +70/ a core of +140/ memory of +700/ liquid metal would reduce the thermal delta between the die and heatsink allowing me to maintain my higher overclock without crashing because the gpu hit 145 F even though the heatsink is capable of keeping the temps below that if i was able to liquid metal it i dont want too use the arctic acceleros because there designed for the gpu die to be off center but my gpu die is dead center of the pcb which is why i need to know what other 1050ti makes, have a heatsink that has a copper/nickle plated base plate that will fit on my gigabyte 1050ti windforce OC gpu
  9. i have a gigabyte gtx 1050ti windforce oc dual fan gpu but it does not have a copper base plate thats preventing me from liquid metaling it i need ur guys help finding a cooler from any gpu that will fit my card and it must have a copperbase plate and require no modding since i dont have a drill press
  10. still cant get the logon/logoff/shutdown/ sounds to plat though
  11. fixed it by installing Audacity and converting the file "format:: 16bit pcm and project rate (Hz) to 44100"
  12. now ive run into a new issue for some reason win10 doesnt want ti use my UAC sound file but its fine using the one from microsoft ive even replaced the normal file with my custom one FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  13. would love to have the method you used ive already made a clone of my OS so im safe to destroy this install though its weird that when u enable the play startup sound it plays the win7 startup sound instead of win10's startup sound that i have found on youtube (disappointed)
  14. ok i dont think anyone will have a solution to this. since microsoft thought it was a good idea to remove this feature after windows 8, but come on all they had to do was have it disabled by default and let users re-enable it at are own discretion. i have tried the registry hack that lets you see and change the logon/logoff/shutdown/ sounds in win10, but i cant find anyone who has fixed this without some crappy workaround. i think its time someone actually fixed microsoft's stupidity and get this feature back! since from what i have read LEGALLY BLIND people need this feature. not to mention I and many others would love to have are anime girls speak to uswhen we power of and power of are mechines, since my wifu is my computer. my god microsoft your so lazy and greedy jerks, since you continually fail to go over your work and let us suffer because of it. info: registry hack doesnt work just let you mess with the settings and .wav file selection. "play startup sound" does not enable the logon/logoff/shutdown/. everyone citing the old and failure of a solution are bloody incompetent all in all we needs a modified build of WIN10: build version 1803:17134.950 so i can keep my anime them working since Enji Riz Lazuardi has appeared too have gone on a 50 year hiatus
  15. fixed by buying a used bios chip from ebay ialso got a usb bios chip programmer to copy the bios from the new chip to the old one