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  1. Upgrading on this MOBO is a bad idea isnt it? anyway i really want a to get a GPU to play as least good games
  2. Hello im looking to get a graphics card because i never had one, the main goal is to play BF4 at 720p decent graphics 60 or more FPS or at 1080p med graphics above 30fps, wich graphics card would be great in this case? BUDGED BELLOW $200 This is the motherboard i am using http://sishardware.com/imgs/a/a/c/y/j/dell_cn___018d1y__lga_775socket_system_board_for_inspiron_560s_560_3_lgw.jpg and this is the case im using (I CAN CHANGE THE CASE) preferentially if not. it is an album of photos, dont tell me about the dust becuase i clean it almost every week or so also about the PSU because i cant move it anywhere because the cables wont reach http://imgur.com/a/HuSGj
  3. I had the exact same problem my pc used to froze like 15~30 seconds when i was multi-tasking (opening a lot of tabs in Chrome or playing a game and trying to open a web browser or listen to music) then i changed the PSU and in was still the same but only 10~15 Seconds and then later i bought 4Gbs more of ram and my pc still slow but it DOESNT FREEZE LIKE BEFORE, but i had 2 Gbs of ram and you have 8!! maybe is something in your hard drive thats causing the problem if you cant solve the problem try to use another hard drive and see if still the same
  4. But im using 1333Mhz RAM not 1600Mhz, i dont get it could send me a link explaining everything about frequency or type it here please?
  5. Hello i think i have some problems with my DDR3 RAM memory in cpu-z it shows it runs at 339.X MHz instead of 667 MHz (I know its DOUBLE DATA RATE so it doesnt display 1333MHz i have some screenshots, if someone can help me it would be awesome SLOT 1 AND 3 AND SLOT 2 AND 4
  6. I was playing League of Legends ATM. Thank You. I disabled it and now i get almost full 2.8 Ghz gaming and it stills goes to 1.1~ when doing nothing Thanks now its all good Edit. This post is solved, thanks for the replies.
  7. Hello in new to this forum and looks like i have a problem with my pc its a Dell Inspiron 560s. The specs says it runs at 2.8Ghz but when i look at CPU-Z it says its running at 1.1 when in doing nothing but when im gaming(kinda) it only goes to a maximum of 2.3 Ghz i heard Intel has a Power Saving Technology but i want to get the most performance from my pc because when i play some games it feels so slow sometimes, here are some screenshots IDLE SPEED GAMING SPEED SORRY FOR BAD ENLGISH AND GAMMARS
  8. the dust proof!! i need that because there is a hella ton of dust in my house, and the skin looks awesone with that fancy orange color
  9. Jayz Video Linus video hope to get the card it would be a dream come true in mexico importing is very expensive the 4gb ram cost me like 80dls