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  1. pey5531

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Sure, basically I download Pop OS 18.04 with proprietary NVIDIA driver, update, install Steam, load dota 2 and run the game and play. and steam in linux also have support for windows only game also. for I just wanted to play dota2 at max setting. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.
  2. pey5531

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    I am not sure about ubuntu because you have to install nvidia proprietary driver manualy. I use Pop OS 18.04 with nvidia driver preinstall.
  3. pey5531

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Pop OS 18.04 with nvidia driver
  4. pey5531

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Hi Have you considered gaming in Linux? Good news in Linux it just works, mod necessary for P106-100 card and it also works for intel 3rd gen and below also.
  5. pey5531

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Hi Guys Good news for mining graphics card that want to game. If you are into or wanna Linux gaming you just install Pop OS with Nvidia driver pre-installed, download steam and after that everything just works with any mode at all. I test with Dell Optiplex 9010, i5-3550 and P106-100 from taobao. I got to play Dota 2 at 1080p absolute max setting around 100+ fps.
  6. pey5531


    Definitely the Blade so I can game on the go.
  7. pey5531

    Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Keyboard Giveaway

    I am using a laptop keyboard LOL.
  8. pey5531

    DNS Effing Up/Hijacking?

    Yes, you are correct. a more permanent solution would be for you to resolve this issue with the ISP directly or get a new ISP. Oh and did you check your host file?
  9. pey5531

    DNS Effing Up/Hijacking?

    Use a VPN then, problem solved?
  10. pey5531

    DNS Effing Up/Hijacking?

    What I meant is the DNS setting in windows not on your router.
  11. what motherboard you are using? download the driver for the storage controller and put it in the thumb drive and load during the installation.
  12. pey5531

    HP 450 G0 no bootable image after drive change

    just do a clean installation of windows it will save you the trouble.
  13. I think that is due to the Windows 10 always download updates and install it automatically in the background. Just restart let it finish update and you are good.
  14. pey5531

    DNS Effing Up/Hijacking?

    You can setup DNS manually to use google one or opendns. that use solve your problem.
  15. pey5531

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Nice work Intel and LTT team.