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  1. Is the H80i even gonna fit in the case? If I can fit 2 fans I'll do push-pull on the H60 but I don't think the H80i with both fans would fit, one probably would. And yep I've already got the wireless adapter for the Xbox controllers.
  2. Well I'm so happy everything seems good, we shall see how the build goes once I get everything but I'm stoked.
  3. Thanks! I plan on doing a minor overclock to the i5 and the Elite 130 is really meant for water cooling. I know I could probably get a cheap ATX case and a larger motherboard but I have had the case for going on 3 years (still NIB) and I just like the form factor.
  4. So I just won an auction on a good GTX 1070 on ebay so I guess its time to build a computer. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Stiggy_5/saved/vQkMZL My budget is around $800, and I already own the storage, case, and now PSU/GPU. I'm located in Tennessee so sadly no local electronics places. I use a really sub-par monitor right now but I'll be gaming on a 4K TV, mostly racing games and emulators. I will be upgrading my monitor after the build is done and proven. Any recommendations?
  5. I would like the SSD to speed up my archaic 2008 macbook,I would be very happy if I won!
  6. Hey Linus, you wanted to know why I started watching your channel and have stuck with you ever since? Well it all started back in the early days, I wanted to see older PC hardware and how it stacked up, around the time Sandy Bridge launched I had a need to go and learn about older CPU's so I first saw your Retro AMD Sempron video ( ) and have been hooked ever since. Thanks so much for being the best YouTuber ever Linus and keep up the good work. Oh and you should do an outdoor unboxing like you used to! One last time to commemorate 1 mil!
  7. My favorite thing about the Z2 has to be the front facing speakers, I love watching YouTube videos but hate having to use headphones to be able to hear anything. My favorite thing about dbrand has to be the quality of their products, a friend of mine has a skin for his iPhone and its amazingly durable. It won't save it from a drop but it's been on there for a year and is still rocking hard! Also obligatory "Linus you rock, will you fire me?!"
  8. What I love most about this laptop is that its powerful but more importantly stylish. It looks amazing with the red accent line and how slim it is for the power it has!
  9. My favorite thing about the LG G3 would have to be the buttons on the back of the phone. I always hit the buttons on the side of my Note II so having them on the back would help with that so much. Oh and thanks to LG for sponsoring this giveaway!
  10. Intel and Gigabyte rule! Well so does AMD and all your other sponsors! So does this post have to be about anything or can I talk about how I almost fell into a pile of dog poop? No... Oh well too late :-P