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  1. narrdarr

    Slow Loads and Boots

    not downloading the chipset driver because windows already has is like saying dont dont load a gpu driver because windows has. you can find all updated driver from the manufactures website. https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z97S-SLI-PLUS#down-driver
  2. narrdarr

    Slow Loads and Boots

    Chipset driver updated?
  3. narrdarr

    Slow Loads and Boots

  4. narrdarr

    Slow Loads and Boots

    How full is your sad?
  5. It's fine its just not thermal throttling anymore
  6. narrdarr

    Low FPS on fortnite with rtx 2070

    What is cpu and gpu usage like? Does it even really matter with your 75hz monitor?
  7. narrdarr

    Low FPS on fortnite with rtx 2070

    Post processing hits your cpu hard. Turn it down. Is vSync on?
  8. narrdarr

    Brand new pc lagging and freezing

    Windows button and type event viewer
  9. narrdarr

    Brand new pc lagging and freezing

    Check event viewer in windows
  10. narrdarr

    Games crashing

    Can you run 3.9ghz on your cpu instead and see if you still have problems?
  11. narrdarr

    GPU recommendations... please

    Used r9 390
  12. narrdarr

    What is the best position for duel monitors?

    Whatever works best for your needs is the best position
  13. narrdarr

    will AIO work in this case ?

    I believe it should. It should also fit in the top.
  14. narrdarr

    Logical Upgrade or de-bottlenecking possibility?

    Your monitor supports 240hz with g sync. I think a used 1070 would be a better option. They are only like 200- 220$. Or skip everything and start getting ahead of the curve and invest in a 2060 or 2070. Yes your cpu will be the bottleneck if you do that. But then you will be setup for next upgrade. Rather than trying to balance that build then having upgrade the whole system in the further.
  15. narrdarr

    Logical Upgrade or de-bottlenecking possibility?

    Gpu upgrade is the best choice for now. That cpu only boost 1 core 3.6ghz. The rest at 3.3ghz. Unless its on a z170 mobo. It still run fine. I have one running with a gtx 1080 push 120fps on 1440p
  16. Sounds like your fine . I wouldnt worry about it.
  17. narrdarr

    Opinions on build

    a k sku cpu. 1 tb firecuda Sshd instead of the hdd
  18. narrdarr

    this big fan...

    does it do what you want it to do?
  19. narrdarr

    Is my processor running too hot?

    Can you use the software with sensors only? Post pics again please
  20. narrdarr

    Are these cable mod RGB strips compatible?

    Not going to be able to get get a controller for independent addressable rgb leds. It's all software based. I say get the PH-DRGB_SKT from phanteks. It has a basic controller with many lighting features and once you upgrade your mobo you can plug into the rgb header and control it via software. The kit solid ive been happy with the one bought
  21. narrdarr

    What 2080 gpu is best

    are you going to upgrade your monitor? any 2080 is overkill for 60hz at 1080
  22. Run high settings. Except post processing ,Bloom, and or motion blur. Check for frame caps setting and v sync setting. Make sure window power setting are set to preformance. Same in nvidia setting under 3d settings. You can use smartclose software to ensure all background apps are shutdown.
  23. If your running 1080p low setting it going to hit your cpu harder. Mixed ram might be causing issues too