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  1. Accelero Twin Turbo II can fit with some compromises. Just wondering if there are other options..
  2. Is there a aftermarket cooler the Zotac 1070 mini? My fans are making noise. I can replace them for like 12$, but if there is a decent after market cooler i might pick it up...
  3. relaunching the program as admin over a number of time
  4. So i have been trying to screen mirror or cast to my roku. However windows does not see my roku device.
  5. Even tho it doesn't match disk number it seems to be working now after switching sata ports on the motherboard
  6. i think i found the issue just don't know how to fix it. bios shows ports 1 2 3 4 5 6 windows see disk 0 1 2 3 4 5 software see 1 2 3 4 5 6
  7. @Skiiwee29 ran into a problem got an error 8 clone failed. Cannot find disk. I think the problem is window see the ssd as disk 5 but the software see it as disk 6......?
  8. Can anyone help me with finding a free software to clone win 10 boot drive from 500gb hdd to 350gb ssd please? i thought easeus was free but i was wrong.
  9. nice work. Although that cable management can use some work. If you want better cooling the front fans can fit inside.
  10. im switching from z170 to b450 how to transfer my windows 10 key after fresh install?
  11. would prefer to have debug leds but guess i can live without
  12. Gen 5 will most likely be used in data centers and stuff.
  13. True, but new nvme storage can use it. And probably future gpus maybe able to to utilize it. Also I would hope that x570 would be a better fit for future cpu. Then again it could end up like z270. And be a 1 time thing
  14. Do to current issues with my cpu. I will be jumping to ryzen 3000. Should I go with x570 or just grab a b450 or x470 mobo? The features of pcie gen 4 do sound nice for future upgrades.
  15. Your mobo doesn't support quad channel. A 2x8gb kit in dual channel will be best
  16. I run 1440p I5 6500 oc 16gb Gtx 1080 I usually run early access games which are cpu insensitive as they are not optimized and I can tab in out of games watching yt I usually dont this issue
  17. I guessing your using Chrome? Try Firefox My gf system has the same problem it happened to be an issue with chromes html5 and hardware acceleration. Switching to firefox fixed it.
  18. dns is like contact list if we use a phone for example: you say call john doe. the phone translate john doe to a number like (555)555-5555 then calls the translation part is what the dns handles but for the internet aka you want google.com( a domain name) . when you press enter to call for google.com dns looks ups the ip address then calls for the ip. i was wonder if you have a problem when calling for the ip directly. but i'm leaning toward an isp issue as your isp dns, google dns, and open dns should all be stable, but all are giving trouble. _________ connective of the wireless device i believe is a secondary i had this issue once a long time ago i think setting the static ip inside the dhcp range worked. which i found weir, but whatever works right. _____ some other things you can try without get ahold of your isp. namebench its a dns testing software try a different router or if you have a system with 2 or ethernet or more connections you can use something untangle (should run a like a linux livecd from usb or smoothwall) then you can use you pc hardware as a router and custom firewall. of course for you it would just be for testing proposes .