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  1. Hi, I have been asking this question in other forums , but i haven't got many responses. I am building a new system with gtx970, and i am looking for a gaming monitor for less than 350 dollars. I have found BenQ XL2430T suits my price range. Are there any others that are better?
  2. the device has been leaked by different names: kinzie, which is the first leaked name bounce, and Motorola X Force (international version) And the droid turbo 2 which is the Verizon version Specs of the device: I would like to see Linus's comment on the battery, since the previous version had a bigger battery and he chose it as his daily drive. Original article with some leaked photos of the device: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Motorola-Droid-Turbo-2-to-be-released-in-October_id73653 (unfortunately, the source's twitter account was removed recently.)
  3. I would say: Selective Focus since it's a part of the new firmware, but if i would choose a feature that is not listed, i would choose the camera api since they put manual mode
  4. Most of the big companies like Google and Microsoft are trying new things this year, but i don't think that it will get the people attention so much. Also, what's wrong with smartphones in this year? Most of them have the same Chipset and RAM and the only difference is the battery and the style. I have few questions here: Why is USB-C taking so long to be launched? (I mean the current USB connector is causing a lot of problems especially the micro USB) Also, When is the estimate time to see it widely spread? And in Norway What is going to happen to the Radio towers? Why don't linus use linux for the server instead of the windows 8 or server?
  5. What an awesome build linus Just a silly question: can you give it away to me?
  6. Can anyone tell me what the name of the screwdriver is so i can buy it? i really like that screwdriver, and it's the only thing that i can effort :lol:
  7. Luke: click all the buttons But..but... I don't want to click the dislike button, do i have to?
  8. i have never heard of vessel, but since you recommend it Linus, i dont care even if its bad. i certainly like the video of the recovering the wet laptop, it was a good experience i want to try https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl also i really really like the joystick review because i only had an old Microsoft joystick that was released with windows 98 https://www.vessel.com/videos/fuPdK5xgs My Username : thexvital I really wish to win i am in need to stop using my laptop and get into the reality
  9. I don't think i would be able to resist not running the laptop to check when its all wet. and it have been a long time not seeing the orange screwdriver (i don't remember its name), do you still have it? Also, what's the best screwdriver set for opening a laptop? because i think there are many types of screws in a laptop especially on an the old one
  10. I think Zotac is becoming bigger company now. their Coolers are much better than the others also their overclock. in general the 900 series is a good series but think they needed to wait more to make them better. But the most thing that i like about it and i think its different is the power efficiently
  11. wooooow, i dont know how i found linus tech tips channel, but i know that i subscribed when i saw a video of him immediately (maybe from 2-3 years). i dont remember which video, but what i like about linus is how special is he. he make too much effort for us in all the channels. the most thing i like and i am really glad that linus thought about is the techquickie. i did two accounts in youtube one was banned from line 3 years for no reason, and the other account i made it instead of the first one to make it the default. i believe the first thing i did is to subscribe to linustechtips channel. however, i don't want only to thank linus but also i want to thank the crew who have been working with linus , especially luke with his voice. i dont think i will win again, but i am here to support linus, but if i win i would be really happy.
  12. i like the z2 because one of my friend has the z and he still use it without any problem my favorite thing about the dbrand is the easy to use website. i know i wont win but i will give this a shot
  13. Hi, i am looking for a good gaming laptop for around $1250, i know asus has a good gaming laptops but i want to know if there is a better gaming laptop
  14. Okey what about the grip ,, i the m65 or the g502 better than the deathadder? I need a comfortable grip .. When i used the mamba i had some problems with the grip, my hand sweat a lot, and sometimes i couldn't get use to its grip