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  1. Turns out one of the potatoes were defective and exploded.
  2. I just ordered the Corsair H100p to cool the CPU (Central Potato Unit) so just waiting on that.
  3. Guh... don't make me call the Grammar Police.
  4. This is a shit post I am typing.
  5. Well, you're better off with eleven potatoes considering the noise they make. The normal twelve or thirteen potato setup can cause a lot of noise disturbances. I try to keep it real.
  6. Don't thank me, thank the wonderful people at Intel - Potato Division.
  7. Is this a pretty common issue? I was looking to buy one for my build.
  8. So far, I only have the finest high-end potatoes from Intel.
  9. Well you should get more budget. You'll impress all the ladies.
  10. Havn't you seen Infinite Solutions? They have a great trick to recharging batteries.
  11. What about two SSDs in raid 0? Would that increase the boot time?