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  1. I don't know if I enters... Just making sure, please delete if I have
  2. Gib me plz Seriously, on how AMD is handling this, they should take over the low end, pound it to the ground and make it awesome, plus GPUOpen has been looking awesome so far and the Vulken support as well, I'm itching to try the Vulken API on N64 games
  3. This is one Ballin projector! I don't usually like them cause alot of them are just blarg in light but this can be a good TV replacement for the bedroom if you can get it aimed at the ceiling
  4. I'll take a keyboard, though I'm using a "gaming" membrane keyboard that's a Logitech G510s, yeah... That big honking thing, as for mouse I got a EVGA TORQ X10 owo
  5. Well with a ssd you don't need to fully worry losing your data! You don't have moving parts and such!
  6. Hey Nick! How's things going? Anyway been using a Driverless iHome mouse, it's actually ok but the model been dead for a year and no way to replace the one, would like to have a nice hard upgrade or just buy G502 spectrum or something
  7. i can try more! one i LOVE to do is that one guy's Bruce Campbell! but noone really got a accurate one! specially since you cant really push the chin out there, though once those mods come out as someone makes a tool for making your own char have a unique voice...i will SURELY ask Linus to do ALL OF THE LINES and i'll update this to include the ESP of his voice to put into the game
  8. Need to start a new save to do that sexy Melee Build you see? *BREATH* well look no further than the AWESOME Linus save i have that is saved RIGHT when you exit the Face Customization! *BREATH* DL: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3250/? have fun Linus! *BREATHS*
  9. This can be a very nice little backup and little consoled PC! Specially the desktop 960 all bent it's abit weak but for what it's worth... This is nice since it has a M.2 ability I think and full 2.5 storage can be a plus if I know where to look :3 this will be a great addition to my home
  10. I like that bigness there And liked ;p
  11. NVM!!! wrong 4 pin *gets gibbs slapped on my head from my dad* it posted and windows showed up
  12. i have upgraded to a GTX 970 and a Corsair CS550M and i put everything in that is needed, i even cable managed i made sure all cables were properly connected to where they are needed the GPU was easy as i also already ahead of time DLed now i try to turn it on, everything turns on but there is a beep somewhere, and i found it from the either the motherboard or the PSU i need help as i am getting NO picture from any of the out puts Edit 1: yes, i did ground myself, i washed my hands and touched the faucet
  13. yo linus, the givaways havent really got me till this dat PSU doe
  14. we look into the say and the clouds part.... the light blinded us for a few seconds, as our eyes adjust to the light and we can hear a voice....and it said.... "OIE!!! GIGABYTE IS MAKING A m-ITX TYPE GRAPHICS CARD THATS THE NEW GTX 970 THATS OVERCLOCKED OUT OF THE BOX!!!!" ........................oh my GOD O3O