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  2. dgsddfgdfhgs

    970 EVO running slow, advice?

    you are copying from 970 (fast) to 850 (slow) drive , right?
  3. Oalei

    I7 6700T

    idk much about Xeons, can i get a 6 core and oc to 4ghz or more?
  4. _Syn_

    Authentication fail #9

    Possibly because you don't have native 3.0 support? try using a USB 2.0 port
  5. norvad

    Authentication fail #9

    PC is detecting the phone and i tried to troubleshoot the phone and it says usb composite device can't work properly with usb 3.0 Trying to figure out what it means
  6. How do people wear in-ear headphones? 

    1. They are kinda gross

    2. It's like wearing a stethoscope whenever anything touches the cable

    3. They hurt my ears

    4. You can't hear anything around you which is a safety hazard

  7. _Syn_

    Authentication fail #9

    yes exactly, then it seems like your PC is not recognizing the drivers correctly, not sure how to fix that it's a whole other story
  8. gbergeron

    Questions concerning a purchase: MSI GTX 1070 8GB Gaming.

    YES YES and YES to 3 querstions
  9. I didn't say the m50 is "better" for lows exactly. The m50 has a very exaggerated FR curve in the lower frequencies, meaning it is tuned to provide a higher SPL at "bass frequencies," to a point where the bass sounds bloated and unnatural. The m50 is for bass heads who just want to hear bass. Someone could argue it's a "funner" headphone of the two. But the 770's bass is much more refined and subtle by comparison to the m50. I have heard some music where the 770 was slamming bass into my ears. I'm not saying the 770 is perfect... I would get roasted alive if I said that around here. But in terms of audio quality, comfort, and accurate bass reproduction between these two headphones, the 770 is the clear winner. Especially the 250ohm pro version with the velour ear pads. Civil engineer
  10. *UPDATE* I reinstalled Windows 10, and it fixed it.
  11. Ankerson

    Looking for a 24 or 27" display for photo editing.

    An IPS screen would be better for that due to the better color.
  12. _Syn_

    970 EVO running slow, advice?

    I think it's just the cache filling up and you're seeing the actual speed of the drive when for example you transfer large files, you could turn off your PC to clear up the cache and test again and it should be faster, but it will fill up again and go back to 400-500 like i stated before I'm assuming the read speeds are fine?
  13. Ankerson

    New monitor

    ASUS VG245H 24" 16:9 LCD Gaming Monitor https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1271940-REG/asus_vg245h_24_16_9_tn.html I have one and it is a very good Monitor for the money. Using it currently on my main PC because my 1440P Monitor is in the shop for repair..
  14. Hello. I have an opportunity to to purchase a brand new, still still in the wrapper MSI GTX 1070 8GB Gaming graphics card for $260. I was wondering a few things: Is this a good deal for this card? Is it good enough to push 1080@60 for a while? Should I hold off and save some cash for a newer RTX 2060/2070? I think that is about it. I may upgrade my monitor, but for now it is 1080@60. The rest of my rig is capable, so the last thing I need is a GPU. Thank you in advance for your help and responses!
  15. I'm looking for some recommendations on water resistant wireless earbuds anybody got any recommendations?
  16. shouldnt op be getting a gpu upgrade first?
  17. norvad

    Authentication fail #9

    Its installed. screen on my phone says Firmware update I guess thats the Download mode (Volume up button)
  18. WhiteWolf_

    970 EVO running slow, advice?

  19. dgsddfgdfhgs

    AMD a6 7400k gpu upgrade Radeon rx560

    i mean what are you doing with new gpu? gaming ? target resolution/ fps / ultra quality etc
  20. Joke? Slower than RX 470, from 2016... Yeah... save up for a new mobo/CPU/RAM before you upgrade GPU. Zen 2 is coming out in July, perfect!
  21. handymanshandle

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I really need more RAM for my desktop. 8GB of single-channel RAM is NOT cutting it. The DisplayPort to VGA adapter is gonna become relevant in the near-future.
  22. This past week, my Ps3 slim started to act up. When I turn on my Ps3 from standby, it turns green and the fans, disc drive and HDD run, but my TV recieves no signal. It did this yesterday a few times but it managed to boot up normally and I played Fall of Cybertron and motor storm smoothly and shut it down before hitting the hay. This evening, I noticed that the stanby light was off; so I tried to turn on the system, however, it only runs for 10 seconds then it turns completely off. When I press the eject button, it beeps. I have tried unplugging the console and waiting a few minutes to turn it back on from standyby. The system does not make wierd noises and the fan operates. The disc drive even works. I cleaned my console 2 days ago by spraying it and activating self cleaning twice. There in no ylod or triple beeping. What could be the culprit? Fyi, the system was manufactured 2012
  23. _Syn_

    970 EVO running slow, advice?

    how are you testing the speed of the drive? transferring files? or something else?
  24. LienusLateTips

    My Sub-$500 PC Build

    Yeah. Cases don't exactly have price/performance, since they're highly subjective, past the initial "is it a hotbox" testing. Go for one of the SSDs I linked though, preferably the Intel 660p.
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