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Project M13



TEJI Designs™ Kingsley Wong. - Custom case designer & builder.

My feature assets

Case - Primary materials :

  • Aluminium, Steel


  1. Structural rigidity (Metal frame and Support) Finish (Automative/Wrinkle) White (Large size + 9PCIE + more)
  2. Removable/retractable motherboard tray (Rotatable/Pivot offset 90 degrees)
  3. Angled GPU cut-out at 320-355 degrees instead of 270 degrees or upright at 0 degrees.
  4. I/O Flip up. Similar to Silverstones Temjin-10 (Dust + Air filtering)
  5. Water-cooling radiator pump placement like the Corsair 800D (One way is best) 900D (Multiple places) SSD/HDD Rack
  6. Graphics.


  • Glass (Plastic)


  1. Frosty/Clear
  2. Cable management brackets


  • Rubber/Noise foam


  1. Vibration/Noise isolation for components like the (PSU, SSD,)
  2. Spacious volume


Convection of air flow...

Wait till Haswell-E/or Broadwell -- 8 cores native (Broadwell hopefully 6core microprocessors)

Custom Motherboards White (ASUS : RAGNAROK MSI : INFINITY GIGABYTE : ?)

Main power 24pin/28pin, Dual 8pin or 8pin+6pin for CPU.

Socket 2011-3 Compatibility only (Haswell-E potentially Broadwell-E) I must find out the Intel PDF Spec for 2011-3. (2011 Sandy-Bridge)

DDR4 2133mhz - 3XXXmhz?

Support for Quad SLI or CrossFire X (Nvidia/AMD multi-graphics support)

PCI Express lay out (physcally). How many slots will be necessary? (Most graphics cards are engineered to a precision that they'll fit within a physical PCIE slot of 2. Mutliple of 2. -> Quad4 = 8PCIE slots / Triple3 = 6PCIE slots / Dual2 = 4PCIE slots / Single1 = 2 PCIE slots.

4x, 1x. 16x. -0x, 16x. 1x. 16x. 1x. 16x, 8x, 1x.

New size and form factor for a motherboard.

Three Universal Serial Bus headers ports running at 3.0

Three Universal Serial Bus headers ports running at 2.0

SATA 3 6/Gbps x8.


alphacool nexxxos xt45 triple 180mm, ut60 triple 140mm & another dual 180mm.

Planning to maybe add another triple rad 360/420mm. If not go all crazy with xspc white edition ax480.

In addition to that I'll add another system in my case.

My inspiration for doing what I do .....best...at least one part

Steve Jobs

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

"If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. You have to be willing to take whatever you've done and whoever you were and throw them away."

"Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the project, or service."


This has taken me a while and might take more time to finalize the concept + 3D render please be patient & hope it turns out well.

Been working & when I come back from work I sorta have time but not too much to contribute to my own project.


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