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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to James in No, THIS is the CLEANEST Setup.   
    Buy Akitio eGPU:
    On Amazon: http://geni.us/n2V2JH
    On Newegg: http://geni.us/wJD2R
    We build a desk that transforms your laptop into a full gaming desktop workstation using a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to JR23 in PARVUM FTW - Z170 FTW 1080 FTW SLI   
    This is a build for my friend SniplerXLS in the second Parvum Systems R1.0 ATX prototype with a custom watercooling loop for the CPU and GPU, of course also the obligatory bespoke MDPC-X PSU cables and a unique frosted blue, frosted clear and black color scheme for the case. The theme of the build will be continued throughout with predominantly black hardware, blue coolant and all Bitspower silver shining fittings.
    EVGA GTX1080 FTW x2
    EVGA Z170 FTW
    Intel Skylake i7-6700K
    HyperX Predator 4x8GB
    Samsung 950 PRO 512GB
    Samsung 850 PRO 256GB x2
    Western Digital Black 4TB x2
    Silverstone Strider Titanium 800W
    Parvum R1.0 ATX Prototype II
    EK-Supremacy EVO - Acetal + Nickel
    EK-FC1080 GTX FTW - Acetal + Nickel x2
    EK-FC1080 GTX FTW Backplate - Black x2
    EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM - Acetal (incl. pump)
    EK-CoolStream XE 360 (Triple) x3
    Bitspower BP-WTP-C47 Multi-Link Adapter x34
    Bitspower BP-90R 90° Rotary Extender x10
    Bitspower BP-WTP-C39 90° Extender x8
    Bitspower BP-WTP-C04 Pass Through x8
    Bitspower BP-WTP-C06 Stop Fitting x4
    Bitspower BP-WTP-C60 15mm Extender x4
    Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 LT
    Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 Passive Heatsink
    Noctua NF-F12 IndustrialPPC 2000RPM PWM x9
    Noctua NA-SAVP1 Chromax - Blue x5
    Already we have had one day working on the build, unboxing all of the hardware as well as assembling and post testing the main components. Here are some pictures from along the way!

































    Thanks for checking it out, the fittings will be arriving from Taiwan very shortly and we can begin to simultaneously build up the case and the cooling loop in the next update!
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from DerakDerantick in VR On The Eyes?   
    The VR headsets presumably uses biconvex lenses so you're capable of looking at a magnified image mirrored to both eyes (the smidgen in the middle is overlapped due to the way the human brain processes visual images/livefeed)
    When wearing something like Cardboard, I would agree that due to the low fps of current smartphones that headaches/or motion sickness with be a consistent disadvantage of using your smartphone display as a competitive comparision to a dedicated VR headset like the Rift or Vive. Typically it's advisable to take a 20-30 min break & allow your eyes to look at objects in to the distance say 20+m to enable your eyes to recuperate from long periods of short distance viewing (blinking in different sequences can helps the eyes adjust in a number of ways).
    What are you using to look at VR videos from .09 of an inch? that's not possible 0.09 in = 0.2286 cm
    Are the images blurry or crystal clear?
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to MetallicAcid in Origami - An S-Frame project by MetallicAcid   
    An In Win S-Frame project   By MetallicAcid           Project made possible by following sponsors: ASUS    ||    Nordic Hardware Intel    ||    Inet Kingston    ||    Ocaholic In Win    ||    SilverStone Carplus.se    ||    Dremel Modding Stylz    ||    Gosumodz V1Tech    ||    Bitspower             Final photo shoot - Project Origami is finished!!!       Hello once more to my latest and last update to my beloved project Origami - my modding project featuring an In Win S-Frame with custom pearl white paint!   This project has been a wild ride, and very enjoyable as well. It has been a challenge of both skill, and my patience and I believe that I have grown as a modder because of the experiences I have had while working on this project.   With this update, I am proud to present the Origami - in all of it's completed glory.                                                                                                                          
      As a small teaser for you guys, I am already finished with another PC modding project using a Fractal Design Define S with a redefined internal layout and custom water cooling. A build log for this project will be created when it is finished after the end of January.   I will also be starting a new project from February featuring some of the latest hardware from both Corsair and ASUS, so stay tuned for that announcement here on the forums.   So thank you all once again for following my project. I really hope that you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have creating it. Please leave a comment with what you think of the project, and how I can improve my work for any future projects   With best regards, Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to OddsCrazyStuff in Project Frost Dragon   
    I finally have my multi-monitor setup. Now I just need to make sure the PC can keep up.
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from Wiflare in Hilariously Cheap PC   
    Well definitely hello back buenos dias senor!
    With a budget of 100-150 USD; to spread across the majority of the components like a cpu, power supply, motherboard etc I'd probably inform you to take a look at barebones style pc's. They probably have limited expansion which goes both ways depending on how you look at it, reasonable quality psu for a single decent graphics card (your mileage may vary depending on what configuration), included hard drive(s) if you don't own one yourself.
    Buying a pre-built pc without the gpu could be a likely scenario but not sure if it'll be new, most likely used parts.
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from strin6w1z4rd in choices for LGA 1151 mATX form factor Gaming Motherboards   
    Hello @strin6w1z4rd , you have definitely posted in the correct segment of the forum  
    Unfortunately the majority of Intel's higher/mid tier processors utilise 20 PCI-E lanes but thankfully they're all Gen 3.0 with that said any motherboard vendor manufacturing/supporting the LGA 1151 will split the 20 lanes 8* by 8* for either Crossfire or SLI configurations.
    Best guess is to choose from;
    Z170M-E D3
    Gigabyte's GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5
    Couldn't really find an M-ATX form factor motherboard from MSI which is pretty unusual since they did produce great small form factor motherboards.
    Regarding how much you want to spend is up to you but I will inform you that there are some motherboards with support for DDR3(L) specifically so you can save yourself so money instead of investing in a newer more expensive product such as DDR4 unless you feel like the cost is necessary.
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to DakeDravis in FINALLY . . . it's finished!   
    So, today I finally finished my new build. I would love to have some honest feedback! Specs and pictures are below.
    Case: Corsair High Airflow 540 (It's Cube-iful)
    CPU: i7 6700K 
    Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Formula 
    GPU: EVGA 980 TI SC w/Stock cooler (Now featuring a sexy new backplate!)
    RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (2x8) 
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX
    PSU: Corsair HX1000i (Yes, overkill, but I couldn't resist.)
    SSD: Samsung 950 Pro M.2 256 GB
    HD: Western Digital Black 1 TB
    Fan Controller: NZXT Sentry Mix 2
    Fan Placement: 3 Corsair AF120's in the front panel, 4 Corsair SP120's on the H100i GTX on the top of the case sporting a push/pull configuration, 1 Corsair AF140 as the rear exhaust.
    I would have included a picture of the back of the case where the PSU lies . . . but I thought I would spare you the horror of seeing what I did to those cables.

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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to Nineshadow in Only 32GB Galaxy S7 in US and (some) European markets   
    Why Samsung , just why? Last year you wouldn't release the Note 5 in Europe. Now you will only release 32GB models in the markets that make up for most of the sales? God damn it.
    And yes , I know that the S7 comes with a microSD slot , and I think that 32GBs is fine for most people and it's not going to be a problem. But I see no reason for Samsung not making higher capacity models even an option in these markets. It's just greedy.
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from Johnmakuta in MSI Godlike Waterblock?   
    Unfortunately there still isn't a listing for the exact date of the waterblock yet. On their site it does state that it is in stock & you'll have to contact them.
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to Johnmakuta in MSI Godlike Waterblock?   
    But I don't know why it's still only for preorder. It's been out for quite a while it seems.
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from sushisharkjl in Tell me this doesn't look straight-up beautiful...   
    I'm pretty sure this'll get sued over by Apple. I don't think it looks bad but at what cost of aesthetics?
    For instance; the incident regarding Thermaltake Taipei copying known brands like Caselabs & Fractal design.
    If you look very closely & hear their product speakers, everything sounds like Apple Apple Apple.
    Last and not least the colour scheme....you legitimately have got to be kidding me.
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from Johnmakuta in MSI Godlike Waterblock?   
    Well that is true, but to be honest as a regular consumer it's hard to get a confirmed date since the industry is constantly going to perfect their product.
    I'd hope for your sake it'll release before April if not sooner but contact them *Bitspower rep* about it and see if you can get a some info about a month on when it could be released. No harm in trying.
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to Hanshin in [Scratchbuild] The Hikari Project - Full aluminium ATX case   
    Time has come for the final update guys!

    I would love to start by saying a big thank you to my sponsors: Corsair, EKWB, Hardware Labs, Cooling Lab and Pexon PCs! . It have been a fantastic project to work on, and I couldn't have been able to do it without your support! 
    So after many hours working on the Hikari Project, the build is finally finished! Like I said in previous updates, I had a very short time left to finish the build, but I was finally able to do it  (minus the power switch, but I have been waiting for Dimastech to send it to me for more than 2 monthes....). 
    But more than words, let me show final pictures of the HKR Project.
    Let there be light!
















    And, in bonus, my setup before we move. 

    Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard, Corsair Scimitar RGB mouse, Corsair Void Wireless headset and Dell U3415w monitor (I will make some more screenshots of those awesome peripherals soon).
    I'm really happy with the result. It's very close to what I had in mind the first time I imagined the Hikari project.
    There will surely be a V2 (and maybe a mATX version) though!
    Thank you too guys for following the project, your comments and nice words have been such a fantastic motivation!
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to Denned in Denned's Project Lava Flow (CaseLabs S5)   

    It's time for a new project. I promised myself that I'd get a CaseLabs case within this year. So with winter and long dark evenings coming, I thought it would be the perfect time to do now!

    The color scheme is going to be gunmetal-grey and orange. I like to keep it simple, so it's going to be orange coolant, and a mix with orange sleeving on the cables. And everything else will be gunmetal-grey or black.

    I don't have a completely thought out plan with the case. It's probably going to be somewhat "average" to begin with.
    This time around I want to work with hardline tubing. Didn't feel like my old Corsair 600t was sturdy enough to handle hardline. So with a solid case like the S5, now is the perfect time to do that.
    I'll also once again make my own custom cable sets using Teleios Sleeving.

    Originally I wanted to have a pedestal, but for the time being the budget is already tight enough. So hopefully that'll happen at a later date.

    The specs will be the following:
    Caselabs S5
    Intel Core i7 6700k
    Asus Maximus VIII Gene
    Hyperx Predator 4x4 3000 MHz DDR4 RAM
    Asus GTX 980 4GB
    Corsair AX860i
    Corsair Force 120GB x2
    Samsung 850 Evo 500GB

    EK Supremacy Clean CSQ
    EK FC980 Clean CSQ
    EK xtop D5 pump top
    EK res x3 250mm
    Alphacool NexXxoS XT30 360mm
    Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 280mm - I intended to order a 240mm. But it'll cost me the price of a new radiator to ship it back.. Oh well!
    D5 Pump
    Primochill Revolver hardline fittings
    Primochill PETG Tubing
    Bitspower fittings for the drainsystem.
    And some EK 45 or 90 degree fittings if that's needed.
    Mayhems X1 with orange dye.
    Noctua NFF12 and NFA14 LTT Edition fans.

    I'm using some parts from my previous build. Mainly the 980, pump, waterblocks, SSD's and the 360mm radiator.
    Final Pictures
















    Build Log












    That's it for now!
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from dabestofdabest in Feenix Collection Giveaway   
    Man...look at that headset! bling bling* Looks pretty stunning
    I could've mistaken their Mousepad for a monitor
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to Maki Role in AETOS by Maki Role - Finished!- Update 29/07/16   
    Hello again!
    This project is going to be run parallel to Argentum, it's a tiny ITX, air cooled build that aims to make the most of what the form factor can offer.
    So a while back AMD approached me and asked if I'd like to do a build for them as part of the launch for their upcoming R9 Nano card.  Given how Argentum is shaping up to be a beastly, giant of a rig, I couldn't help but feel drawn to the idea of building something at the opposite end of the spectrum at the same time.  The brief was simple, make it small and make it powerful.  I'd like to offer a big thank you to AMD who are fully financing this project along with allowing the opportunity to begin with!
    So in lieu of the brief, I chose the following components:
    CPU: Intel i7 6700k
    Motherboard: EVGA Z170 Stinger
    RAM: 16GB Kingston Fury Black 2400MHz
    Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i
    Storage: 2TB Samsung 850 Evo
    GPU: AMD R9 Nano
    PSU: Silverstone 450W Strider Gold
    Now some of you may be thinking "why no M.2" or "How come not that X99 Asrock board".  Well those would be sensible points to make.  A HyperX 480GB Predator drive is on the way, but I made a mistake.  It turns out the Stinger has a near useless Key E M.2 port, which means no Predator unfortunately.  So that's being shelved for the next build (spoilers...) instead.  As for X99, well for a start I think that board is hideous, but even if it looked good I'd have an issue.  Something doesn't quite seem right about using a CPU with near as dammit the same TDP as the dedicated GPU.  One of the key points about the Nano is its low power usage, which would be completely nullified by some mahoosive 150W+ CPU.  There's also the matter of cooling the things.  X99 CPUs need hefty cooling, meaning I'd need a bigger cooler, which would have cut my options down significantly.
    And as usual, here's a batch of renders of what the build should look like.  These are sans components as they haven't arrived yet.  The files are being sent off to the printers and Parvum Systems on Monday, fingers crossed we can get things done during the week on that end.





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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to TheProfosist in ThePylon 5.5 - Supporting the Future   
    Log 00 - Starting from the end. | 2015.08.24
    Since this build is already complete I though I would give everyone a treat and make the first log the completed project. I know it takes some of the mystery out of the build but you will know where this is headed in the end and can keep that in mind as I push the other updates out.
    I did notice something right away when I was taking pics. I really should have painted the cart I made for it. It was really never supposed to be in any picture and just be a utilitarian piece to move the computer around on. But the added height actually helped greatly for taking picture due to the slight additional height and easy mobility for different angles.

    Click on image for full size view, or middle click to view in new tab.

    Additional Angles:

    Side Panel:

    Front Access:

    Modded Moduvents:

    Please remember to to receive update notifications automatically!
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to nicklmg in Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Giveaway   
    We partnered with Collective Digital Studio to give you lucky people the opportunity to be the owner of a new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ as part of their "Your Fest Foot Forward" campaign!

    They brought Snapchatter Shaunduras and Viner Ray Ligaya out to a few outdoor music festivals this summer and let them demonstrate how you can step your social media game up a few notches with the camera features on their new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge & edge+ smartphones. Check it out:

    How do I become the lucky new owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ smartphone?
    Entry is super simple:
    1. Watch the video series linked above.
    2. Hit that "like" button on the videos in this series over on Samsung's channel.
    3. Comment below letting us know what your favorite feature that they highlighted in the series was.
    One entry (comment) per person. This is a worldwide giveaway. The winner will be selected on EDIT: due to the issues experienced last week, we are extending the deadline to 9/28 at 12pm PT. Best of luck all.
    Thanks as always for being awesome
    EDIT: The winner is @Maddalol! Congrats, and thanks again to everyone who entered
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from Dr_Curry_MONSTER in Chibi PC 1.0 - Everything I Always Wanted But Never Needed   
    Static ZAP ZAP ZAP Chicken fried processor
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to MODZERO in [Build Log] MODZERO FORTY - HEXGEAR R40 (Finished 3rd Dec)   
    Hey Guys, I'm back with another slice of build log goodness.  This time thanks to sponsorship from HEX GEAR and E22 I'm going to be building in the all new HEX GEAR R40. I'm over the moon to have been given the opportunity and can't wait to get stuck in.    So HEX GEAR provided me with the 'Black R40 Premium Micro ATX case' and a 'R40 accent pack' (reserve in black).   E22 sent me a world of modding supply goodies which I'll post once the photos are done.    Currently all hardware is being provided by me with 99% of the stuff all bought and ready to go. These are the current planned specs. Although these may change as the build progresses.    SPECS:
    Intel Core i7-2600K Silverstone Strider Plus 1000W R40 Premium Micro ATX case - Reverse Black on Black! ASUS ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z68 MATX KLEVV Genuine 2400mhz 16GB (4 x 4GB) 1 x Asus GeForce GTX 980 DirectCU II OC Strix    WC:    
    EK Water Blocks EK-DDC 3.2 PWM EK Water Blocks EK-DDC Heatsink Housing - Black EK Water Blocks EK-Supremacy - Nickel EK Water Blocks EK-FC980 GTX Strix - Nickel EK Water Blocks EK-FC980 GTX Strix Backplate - Black EK Water Blocks EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel - Plexi DarkSide - Dual LP240 Extra Slim Radiator  DarkSide - Dual LP360 Extra Slim Radiator  Bitspower DDC Top - POM Version Bitspower Premium G1/4" Black Sparkle High Flow 1/2" Compression x12 Bitspower BP-BS30R G1/4" Black Sparkle Rotary 30-Degree IG1/4" Extender  Bitspower G 1/4" Black Sparkle Rotary 45 Degree IG 1/4" Adapter x6 Bitspower G 1/4" Black Sparkle Rotary 90 Degree IG 1/4" Adapter x4 Aqua Computer Aquatube Delrin Reservoir - black Tygon R6016 Neoprene (1/2 - 3/4) Tubing Mayhems X1 - Dark Red 1ltr    MISC:    
    DarkSide - CONNECT Dimmable Rigid LED Strip White - 12" (30cm) x2 BitFenix Spectre PRO 120mm Fan - All Black x7  
      -----------------------------   The HEXGEAR R40 case.   ...   The case is shipped flat packed requiring full assembly. The parts are very well packed with each component wrapped separately and all nuts/bolts bagged and labeled. The instructions are very clear making the build process a breeze and a pleasure.   ...   The design is well engineered and once assembled it's a unit! very solid! It's packs some weight which really adds to that premium fit and finish. The Hexgear guys should be really proud of themselves, their first case on the market and it's a goody. :rock:   ...   The 'Accent Packs' are simple to swap out and they are all you need if you want to flip the orientation. The case I went with ships with white front/rear accent panels and I opted for the black reverse pack. I built the case stock, then swapped them out.    ...   The case sits on two pieces of clear acrylic which make it appear as though it's floating (in the right light). You can also get rubber feet if that's more your thing.  I'm hoping to have some lights escape the bottom of the case to amplify that look of levitation.    ... ...   I enjoyed how all the bolts are hex and it came with the tools you'll need. The instructions invite you to send in photos of your build to add to the gallery on their site, it's a nice touch. The little details really show off how much time and effort has been put into the design.    ... ...   I didn't get into the internals as I plan to touch on that as the build progresses. Plenty more photos over on the Imgur album if you want to check them out. Next update I'll show the parts E22 sent over. I don't think this will take me too long to complete. I'm busting to get my teeth into it so expect updates to come thick and fast.    Thanks for checking it out. Let me know what you think.    J.
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to PeggersXtreme in Custom Desk Build (Project Yellow Panther)   
    Hey guys hope you like the desk so far I have uploaded some pictures now some parts are in all I need now is the reservoirs from Scan they take ages when expecting stock in but hopefully they will soon be here so I can finish this desk build.
    Thanks @PumaXCS for the tip to rotate the motherboard combined with my idea to put the power supply at the bottom is has solved a major issue I was having.

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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to FlashEmirald90 in Project Green Together with Nvidia [Monsterbuild - The dream of an 18yr old modder]   
    Maybe you remember the big project a 15 years old Lucas planned some years ago.
    Too great visions and to much confidence about that future sponsors would come.
    I really put myself in a bad position, which I have regret so many times
    There I was, with one of the biggest cases I've ever seen, what was I supposed to do?


    I have built some mid-sized systems, some smaller ones, and some even smaller. To be able to decide what fits me the most, why not try something extreme?
    With an SMH10 from Caselabs, it can't go wrong. I can promise that not only will the looks be awesome, but also the power of it! During fall I will also host a modding-series at Nvidias youtube-channel which I am very hyped about!

    The computer is called Green, which is a part of the project, although the project include a much more. I want to create my dream gaming-cave! 
    Below you can find the specs of the computer, and what I am supposed to do.

    Case: Caselabs SMH10, double window edition!
    Motherboard: MSI X99 SLI PLUS
    CPU: Intel i7 5960X
    GPU: Tri-SLI Nvidia GTX980Ti
    PSU: Evga 1200W Platinum
    Storage: Intel 730 Series, 240 + 480GB

    Fans: 16x BeQuiet
    Block: Bitspower
    Reservoirs: XSPC Photon 250
    Radiators: Alphacool monsta 560 + Airplex 480
    Coolant: Mayhems Pastel

    The inside

    Let's do this!
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    wng_kingsley7 got a reaction from matwoodson in Rate the mobile device specs above you   
    I'd rate it as unrealistic, love to be optimistic but it'd be nice but at the same time wouldn't expect it to happen.
    I have a G4 as of recently, but runs kinda sluggishly (even though the 808 is more #Optimizied for this phone)  compared to my 3-4 year old htc one x
    Hopefully the next/upcoming generation of smartphones will be more feature rich like Oneplus recently launch of their second generation smartphone which already is a big hit EVERYWHERE
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    wng_kingsley7 reacted to flix29 in Caselabs SMA8 - Monochrome   
    this is my first worklog here at linustechtips.
    I want to introduce you one of th builds I'm working on at the moment.
    I will mod a Caselabs SMA8, it is a dream case for me since I've seen it.

    There is not that much to say about the case, except that it is one of the biggest and priciest cases on the market.
    The qualitiy of it is a dream.




    CPU: Intel 5930K
    Mobo: Asus X99 WS-E
    memory: 32GB Klevv Crass 2133Mhz
    VGA: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked+ ACX 2.0+
    Powersupply: EVGA SuperNOVA P2 1200 1200W ATX 2.3
    Storage: 2x Samsung Evo 850 500GB
    CPU Block: EK-Supremacy EVO
    VGA Block: EK-FC XXX
    pumps: 4x Alphacool VPP 655 PWM
    reservoir: custom
    tubing: hard tubing
    fans: Noiseblocker Black Silent PL1, PL2 & PK2
    fan control: Aquaero 5lt

    The case:

    I've chosen Gunmetal Grey, I think its the best looking Caselabs color.

    You can easy remove the tray, I like this option a lot.

    Enough space for two power supplies :cool:

    a lot of room for hardware.

    I will use a 560er and 280er radiator in the bottom section.

    In the Front would be enough room for another radiator but i will just mount fans there.


    I love that case!

    Big thanks to:

    I'm very happy for supporting this project. GamingRigs is an official Caselabs Reseller in europe.

    They support this project with some nice Black Silent fans.

    He builds awesome custom parts. This project is get an awesome slight.
    A big thanks also goes out to ModdingStylez, he provides some nice sleeved cables. Check out his Facebook Page, there you can win 1 out of 3 custom cases.

    They support this project with some nice parts for sleeving, thank you.

    Thank you for a nice discount

    Thank for supporting this project with some nice waterblocks and liquid.

    Thank for supporting this project with this awesome memory.